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Bike or Die 2 Released Here comes the new Bike or Die...
7 Year Itch Who would have thought? There ...
7 Years On Bike! BoD is 7 years old and I'm sti...
Become a star in Bike or Die 2... The new Bike or Die is almost ...
Bike or Die v1.3g This update fixes the long sta...
A small update - v1.3c It is only relevant for the Li...
Bike or Die v1.3h Only one new feature in this v...
6 Years On Bike! Bike or Die is 6 years old - w...

Confessions of A BOD-aholic fo... What is it with this game? ...
15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
Need my BoD fix I haven't had a Palm device in...

Bike or Die - Android Sz, Do you have plans to port...
Upvote comments BikerBrian brought up an idea ...
If This Game has PC Version This game will HOT.

iOS 8.0 problems I just upgraded to iOS 8.0. Wh...
new ipad. how do i get my stuf... hi there. i've got an ipad and...


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Bike or Die 2 Released
Here comes the new Bike or Die!

Download: Bike or Die! 2

The most important difference is graphics - now it is possible to design levels using multiple textures and there is a nice 3D effect making everything look more real than ever.

Summary of version 2 changes:
  • Improved level design, more textures, 3D-like effect
  • Background music
  • High contrast mode
  • Customizable bike appearance
  • "Player Profiles" for storing multiple configurations, especially useful when playing with family or friends
  • Variable zoom
  • "Map mode" is no longer static, you can even play on the map screen (as long you can manage to steer a tiny bike)
  • Commonly used menu commands can be assigned to buttons

    Note: V1-> V2 upgrade is not free
  • BikerBrian: I have a BoD install file that is cracked. You should be able to put it on your iPhone and not need a password. Give me an email address and I'll send it to you to try.

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    7 Year Itch
    Who would have thought? There is a new Hall of Fame levelpack
     7 Year Itch
    Thanks must go to   BikerBrian and   Alpha who compiled the pack, and of course the level creators:   thedudeguy   _alex_   Bg   Champ   Ergo
    SPiDeR: Thanks for feeding my addiction. I can't get enough of this game.

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    7 Years On Bike!
    BoD is 7 years old and I'm still alive! (even though I am now focused on some other projects... but who knows, I might come back to BoD then )

    Anyway, here is the season 2010-2011 chart, showing the some interesting changes, most notably the new Champion!
    Congratulations, BikerBrian!

    Past charts: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
    Mr.pickle.: So is the new pack still on the way? I am out of the loop

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    Become a star in Bike or Die 2!
    The new Bike or Die is almost ready...

    ...except for one thing: it lacks a nice intro movie. Freestyle champions needed! Submit your best ride to  Bike or Die 2 Intro and win the eternal fame!

    How to submit:
    1. Download the BoD 2 Title level:  Bike or Die 2 Title
    2. The title level cannot be finished - there are no flags. It means you have to abort the game by selecting menu "Save The Last Game" (or you could crash and then save)
    3. Make sure you select "Freestyle" when saving, so it is easy to locate your game later
    4. Submit your game
    5. Find your game in your Freestyle games list, click "View" and submit it into the competition using checkbox

    Note: The new Bike or Die v1.6a does not need registration to play the BoD 2 Title level (look for level #26 in the builtin levelpack)
    Carl China: Download link:

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    Bike or Die v1.3g
    This update fixes the long standing bug in the submission procedure. It means that you may be able to submit your recordings directly from your palm even if it always failed in previous versions - try it!

    Other improvements since last official release:
  • "Bike or Die" now supports proxy servers, which may help when your operator or ISP only allows for proxy web connections. (See: Menu -> Options -> Hall of Fame -> Set Proxy)

  • Treo 650 "Home" key can be disabled to prevent accidental quitting ("disable other buttons" in Control Options). You can still quit from menu or use the Home key after the game is finished.
  • Fixed "stuttering" on Tungsten T|X (using sampled sound caused the game to pause for a split of second whenever the "free-wheeling" sound effect was started)
  • Carl China: Download Link:

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    A small update - v1.3c
    It is only relevant for the LifeDrive and Tungsten X owners - the old version failed to recognize the Left/Right/Select buttons. The BIG update with some new features taken from  Ideas is planned before Christmas.
    Carl China: Download Link:

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    Bike or Die v1.3h
    Only one new feature in this version:
  • By selecting "Other..." in Control Options you can configure any button to perform the given action, even if it is not listed in the popup, like the alphanumeric Treo keyboard. This should work on all devices having additional buttons not known to "Bike or Die".

    And 2 small changes:
  • Menu key is also blocked by "disable other keys" on Treo 650 (but shortcuts still work)
  • Menu+Q shortcut for "Quit" (very useful on Treo 650 with Home key disabled)
  • Carl China: Download Link:

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    6 Years On Bike!
    Bike or Die is 6 years old - which means today is the top-50-chart-day

    See the 2009-2010 chart

    Congratulations to all the awesome bikers who managed to get into top 50 this year!

    Past charts: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
    Carl China: 2 days after.

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    Spring Revival
    And yet it moves! Play the new Hall of Fame levelpack, gain ranking points, win gold medals and crush your competitors.
    It's the  Spring Revival time!

    Direct download link:  Spring Revival

    The levels of Spring Revival were chosen from the levelpacks created by
      thedudeguy,   Champ,   Bg, and   _alex_
    Thank you!
    Bike or Die for iPhone!
    Bike or Die is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!
    Bike or Die in AppStore

    The game is basically identical to the Palm version. The main difference is that there are no buttons - everything is touchscreen-controlled.
    See YouTube video

    iPhone users play the same levels as Palm users and compete in the same Hall of Fame. However, it is not clear yet if the touchscreen control will prove good enough for the real world class champions. There is only one way to find out - play!
    Mr.pickle.: "Politics anyone?"


    Anyhow, yeah I sort of stopped checking in everyday, more like once a week but still pretty regular.....TDG thats interesting..I havnt heard from sz in forever tho

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    New feature: Restore your recordings
    It is now possible to redownload your best recordings by clicking a button in your player's profile (in "Games on-line").
    This allows you to regain your best times, ghost bikes, and open all previously available levels, after losing your files or switching to a new device.

    After installing the files in Palm you have to rebuild the results database manually. Start the game, type "rescue" (without quotes) + enter. Repeat for all levelpacks. (Omitting this step only restores the recorded games without marking the newly installed files as your best times)

    iPhone/iPod users have to log into their player account in the mobile safari browser and use the "Download" button from there. Yes, this is also a way you can transfer your Palm recordings to iDevice
    ackmondual: Anyway to transfer your Palm records over on an ipod touch (3rd gen) without going through Safari, like say going through a desktop component instead? I suppose I could pay a visit to a coffee shop sometime soon, but it's always nice to have the flexibility of a connection through a computer. I wish bluetooth were an option.

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    5 Years on Bike!
    It is hard to believe it has been 5 years already!

    Here is the last year's ranking chart, showing all good players who managed to reach top 50. Congratulations!

    Past charts: year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4
    Thiago: I loved this game... too bad I don't have a Palm anymore! =(
    My best place was 20th at that time! =P

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    Scoring method changed
    Time Trial Champions and Levelpack Rankings are now calculated differently.
    In general, the new method gives more points to average players. Until now, only top 99 players in each level could win more than one point in a level. Most players only gained 1 point and there was no difference between players below top 99.

    Old method

    Under new rules you always gain some ranking points by improving your position in the level. First 50 players get 1 point a rank, and each next 50 decreases the points/rank factor by half.

    New method

    See also:  Improving the global ranking calculation
    chalob: Thanx but I ment a list of all times in a level which I relized can be done by clicking on your name in HOF and then clicking on levelpack then level

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    4 Years On Bike!
    Today is the 4th anniversary of Bike or Die!

    I made the traditional ranking graph showing the top 50 players changes during the last 12 months.
    Congratulations to all who managed to reach top 50 this year

    Past charts: year 1 year 2 year 3
    Mr.pickle.: Hmm...Since this was on the 12th of july, I am going to need to submit on the 10nth or so, I want to be on the top 10 section of the chart you know

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    Introducing "Introduction" + updates
    The new  Introduction levelpack becomes the starting pack in new BoD releases - easy and nice levels demonstrating basic gameplay features should help new players learn basic biking skills.

    By the way, the following enhancements have been added:
  • "Need help? Click here!" hints how to complete a level and offers to replay the tutor ride (instead of starting the replay immediately)
  • Ghost bike uses the tutorial recording if a given levels was not yet completed
  • (Palm only) "rescue" can now handle multiple players' recordings
  • (Palm only) new "Go To Hall of Fame" menu option opens the Hall of Fame listing for the currently played level (or its Levelpack Explorer page if the level is not in HoF). I forgot to include this in the iPhone update, will be added in the next one.

    download Bike or Die 2.1b

    Bike or Die in AppStore (the above changes are added in version 2.1.3, will appear in the store soon)
    Bike or Die - Lite Edition (recently released free version)
  • Sz: bones: you can disable "AutoRotation" in menu to keep the current orientation no matter how the device is rotated physically, it will however always start in landscape mode (even if it was previously "locked" in vertical mode)

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    New in Hall of Fame: Winter Pack and One Wheel Fun!
    The 14th Hall of Fame levelpack is  Winter Pack, containing 14 amazing levels created by the best Bike or Die players!

    If you downloaded the Winter Pack before, please delete it and download the current version, otherwise your scores won't be accepted into the Hall of Fame!
    Players using the old Bike or Die v1.6, should upgrade to the most recent version 1.6b, earlier versions contained a bug that affected the radial gravity levels, which was not an issue until now - as the Winter Pack is the first Hall of Fame pack using radial gravity (see  Planet Time Trial).

    Do you prefer freestyle over time trial racing? The new competition has just started:
     One Wheel Fun - "Save rubber, ride on one wheel!"
    Is it possible to complete a level using just one wheel? Probably not, but can you go farther than anyone else?

    More about Freestyle
    the_hintern: this really looks amazing!!
    immediatly going to download it

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    Bike or Die! 2.1
    I thought the iPhone version will appear first (it has been sent to AppStore few days ago) but the delay is longer than expected. I managed to compile the new Palm version in the meantime

    And here it is:
    Download Bike or Die! 2.1a for Palm

    - introducing "Save & Resume", as shown in the previously published video
    This means the game will be easier and less frustrating for new players - you don't need to play the level from the very beginning each time you die. However, you still have to complete the level in one go in order to submit your score to the Hall of Fame.
    The new "automatic Save & Resume" feature is ON by default, which means you will experience it just by playing the game as usual. This might be not what you want if you are the experienced player struggling to get the best Hall of Fame score - read the Hints below to learn how to tame Save & Resume.

  • Note the "R" icon in the bottom right corner. It reminds you the current game has been resumed (so you won't be surprised you can not submit it later)
  • Restart the game twice in a row to get back to the beginning (making the game HoF-able again)
  • You can disable the automatic saving completely (see Control Options)
  • Even when auto saving is disabled, you can still save manually, anytime you want (press and hold Pause, or define a button in Control Options/Function)

  • The "R" icon is also displayed in level selector if a given level was only completed by resuming.
  • As a "side effect", the game is now also saved on quit (and resumed on the next start). Such feature was requested long time ago - after all, this is the standard Palm application behavior.
  • Palm only: Manual camera movement is now more usable - it stays in place after releasing the pen so you can look around more comfortably while playing. Wait a few seconds to shift back to normal. (iPhone version worked that way since 2.0)

    Bug fixed in 2.1a (Palm)
  • levels completed by resuming did not unlock further levels
  • Tyler: make sure you download your games from the site..

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    Bike or Die! is going to be easier!
    Most people who play the game for the first time complain on the very high difficulty level so i decided i have to do something.

    The change is small but very influential: ability to save and resume the game. So now you don't have to play the level from the very beginning each time you die (this was the most frustrating for newbies!).
    There are 2 ways to use this: the autosave algorithm saves the game after collecting a red flag or at any place considered "safe", so in many cases you don't have to do anything to benefit from the new feature. Those who want more control can also save the game anytime they want be pressing and holding the "pause" button.
    But there is one catch: you still have to complete the level in one go, in order to submit your best score to the online competition. Changing this rule would be unfair to the people who already played long hours to get their Hall of Fame medals!
    feral: As an iphone user, Its sort of useful, as you can figure out your route, not of huge benefit as a glance at the replays online can offer a bit of a hint! Theres always someone who has done it faster.

    Id still like to see a way of us apple users easily seeing our rankings against other touch/phone players.. ( of course as well as the more seasoned players.

    Keep up the good work!

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    "Time Trial Champions" Changes
    The ranking has been just updated, according to the new rules agreed in this thread:  Medal Bonus Points Voting.
    Top 15 players in each levels are now given special bonus points.

    #695105 +10
    #893101 +8
    #109197 +6
    #128983 +4
    #148789 +2

    Most players are not affected.
    Top gainers are:  Sirinx (#559 to #529),   ZAX (#353 to #337),   DavidE (#450 to #435),   Vega (#181 to #166),   magnus (#374 to #359),   Martyn (#571 to #561),  oh my god (#576 to #561).
    Loses are not that spectacular, with the biggest change of 4 ranks ( Kap #570 to #574)

    CSV file is available for detailed analysis if anyone is interested
    ceci: I'm very happy cause today my rank is 173 !!! I never thought it could be possible...isn't the best enough...but the begining of a great biker career... this game is really fantastic !!! For all BEST PLAYERS CONGRATULATIONS!!! cause make an spetacular time of 16:38 in CEMETERY(master KO's level) is really AMAZING...IŽll try to do the same !!!

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    Multiple Head to Head!
    Thanks to   Xuzz , who enhanced my replay routine, it is now possible to view more than 2 players simultaneously!

     rachman! vs. 4 others
     Kristopher vs. 6 others
     Shane vs. 7 others

    Additionally, the Head-to-Head links will no longer become invalid after making some games secret - now the page displays normally, just hiding the secret items.

    Another improvement suggested by Xuzz is displaying links to other commented games in the "Related" section. This helps finding older comments for HoF games replaced by later submissions.
    Vega: Oh boy... we're gonna have fun with this

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