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Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Vega
Yah sure 1:29.xx is possible but on these long levels, extracting every frame is very difficult. This is a good play.
Andrew A's game on Die or Die! Andrew A
Bit quicker again.


By which I mean I'm still getting used to this new bike.

The grips are all wrong and the derailleur needs tweaking
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
Well folks I see that my Photobucket images are no longer working (this... with no warning.. after literally YEARS of using them as a host. And they pull the rug out from under their user base.

So I log into my account to see what all the fuss is about and to seriously consider upgrading their silly P500 program.

$399.99 PER YEAR!!!!!!!

Well Photobucket you can take a giant FLYIN LEAP.

So... anyway sorry bout all the lame images all over the forum board. Nothing I can do about it since we can't edit posts on BoD. And there ain't no way on this planet I am paying that much for any website on the entire internet.

You mark my words, folks... PB will go out of business if they don't reconsider.
Andrew A's game on Something Different Andrew A
First submission in a while

Not spectacular, but it's a bit of a random response level that you 'surf'.

Can maybe improve a bit - when I have time.

How y'all doin?
Andrew A's game on Something Different Andrew A
Did this this morning, having been much quicker on resume (I'll stop mentioning that from now on. Getting v boring!). Have just beaten Kams gold. Just wanted to mark this run.
Andrew A's game on Something Different Andrew A
Messy run, and abjectly rubbish ending but good enough. I've been much quicke... oh - sorry.

But I have (nearly 2 seconds)

My 50th Gold.

Oh gosh - yes thankyou, yes - oh it's nothing, really; you're too kind. Please stop with the tumultuous applause already...
Andrew A's game on Something Different Vega
Ah. 50 golds. I remember when I had 50 golds at one point.

An then I woke up.

No but for real that's an amazing accomplishment Andrew.

I am applauding. I think I am literally the only person, but still...
Golden Club Vega
Congrats on making page 1 Andrew! By my math you'll pass 5 more people in less than a year.

It will be slow going from then on but you'll push toward the top faster than anyone else. Great job man.
Golden Club Vega
Correction: Actually you'll go from #10 to #6... so 4 people in less than a year. 5 people in less than 2 years

And then you'll pass Laser in about 4 years (give or take) depending on how many golds you and I take from Laser and how many golds you take from other players
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Had a quick go at this today.

I think it's one of those levels that takes a looong time to get a good time on.

BB and Tyler are probably way out of sight for the amount of time I can put in, but maybe Kams time is beatable. Maybe.
Golden Club Andrew A
Thanks for the kind words Vega

Yea - Golden Club has never been that big a deal for me really. I started way too late, gave up for years and didn't get good till relatively recently. However - another 40 or 50 Golds would certainly hurry things along nicely

Still raining, still dreaming..
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Well - that was quicker than expected!

Have to decide - am I going to try and get past Tyler. Or even BB!
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Just managed to sneak past Tyler
Time Trial Champions Andrew A
Also just snuck past the 26,000 points mark. By 1 point!
Andrew A's game on Glasses of Water... Andrew A
Equal Gold, and this is my first completion of this route!

Had a quick go in my tea break to start learning the moves, and about 15 minutes later - this pops out.

Thing is - can I improve or did I get very lucky with a run I can't beat?
Andrew A's game on Glasses of Water... Andrew A
Well - done it!

Bit behind with my project now - best get on..
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Have to say - just kicking back with a beer before bed, after a manic day, and looking at this for the first time (since the first time..). It's a very elegant and pleasing run. Just a bit clueless along the bottom section.

Points for Artistic Interpretation would have been a nice addition to the game way back - no?

Can you imagine the mayhem.

All those schoolkids (make your own list) - totally bamboozled (WTF is Artistic Merit?. Fast is fast. More is more. Yngwie beats Jimi. etc..).

Would have been great - though who would be judge?..

Andrew A's game on Chambers Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Everchanging Hallway Andrew A
Not very fond of this level so quite happy to leave it here
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Just managed to pip you here BB!
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