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Andrew A's game on Triangles Andrew A
Well - having said I was done with this level - here is my final, final run!

I thought I could maybe take Silver, but the climb up to the flag is a bit slow and safe. I have beaten Mikes time (on resume), but there's just far too much luck involved to pursue this further.
Andrew A's game on Triangles Andrew A
Yes well - really, no more. Really really this time.

Just no.
Andrew A's game on Triangles BikerBrian
You're cracking me up! You just can't seem to leave it alone. On the other hand, why move on when you've obviously learned this level well.

Amazing job on the drop and smooth climb! Any ideas about how to shave another second?
Andrew A's game on Triangles Andrew A
I really am leaving it at this now.

The big bounce back after the descent is where a lot of time was lost on this run, particularly, which is down to how you land (especially with my 'throw yourself off the top and avoid as many steps as possible then deal with the consequences at the bottom', approach..).

Even when I've beaten Mikes time on resume, it's only been by a few frames, so there really isn't much slack to be had - unless you get a really freaky landing/bounce that starts you on the climb without a run up. I've had that happen once, but you then have no momentum, so the climb becomes painfully difficult.

This level really doesn't warrant so much attention - so it's getting no more.

Really, REALLY really!!!

I did a H2H with Spence's run, and despite his relatively slow drop, he actually starts the final climb before me, down to him not needing a run up, but it's at least as random going slower, and even less fun.

Not that there's any fun at all to be had in this level - which is pretty damn poor given that it's a game!

So - enough.

Absolutely no winking emoji...
Andrew A's game on Piece Of Cake Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Eruption! Andrew A
Not sure it's worth pursuing Gold here. Smalls run looks pretty flawless - maybe room for a bit more rotation at the end?
Andrew A's game on Piece Of Cake BikerBrian
Very nice run! You pulled a bike length ahead of me with your turn-around at the second flag.

I remember enjoying this level.
Andrew A's game on Eruption! BikerBrian
Of course it's worth it! What else do you have better to do?

The only thing to improve on your run is the drop.
BikerBrian's game on Cablecar BikerBrian
I'm back!
BikerBrian's game on Cablecar Andrew A
Wow! Very nice run!

Really good to see you back buddy!

I thought you would have overhauled me at the turnaround, as mine is a bit extravagant - shall we say, but you do it just after with a nice wheelie boost. That's quite hard to get right (I haven't done it in a legit run - yet ) - well done!

So - did you go the old iPod Touch off eBay route?
BikerBrian's game on Cablecar BikerBrian
Thanks Andrew, it's good to be back!

Yes, I got a refurbished iPod Touch (4th gen) off of eBay. I logged into the app store on it and found BoD in my "Purchases". I then went to the BoD website and downloaded my best times.

After a 4-year break, I figured it would take longer to get back up to speed, but it was just like riding a bike.

It did take me a few thousand tries to beat my best time and took quite a few more to finally take gold back with this run.

Our runs are very similar - the wheeling boost made the difference. Gaining and keeping momentum on the way back is more difficult than it looks.

Thanks for taking this gold, which is what it finally took to give me the drive to jump back on the bike!

Hmm... now what??
Kamirashi's game on Shelf Kamirashi
dusted off the old gen 1 ipad and got this run thanks andrew for discovering this! feels good to no longer be #106 here xD
Kamirashi's game on Wishbone Kamirashi
First gold in a looong time!
Kamirashi's game on Sharpener Kamirashi
There seems to be a slight blemish on your meagre, paltry Gold stash there Andrew
Kamirashi's game on Sharpener Andrew A
Oh for goodness sake!!

Put upon and viciously attacked on all sides by marauding yoofs.

Not even as if I can do anything about it at the moment - but I shall...Probably.
Kamirashi's game on Sharpener Kamirashi
itís going to be years until I can realistically challenge your position, so for now Iíll enjoy gold in this pack at least before you start getting serious again ^^
Kamirashi's game on Hall of Mirrors Kamirashi
I spent way more time on this than I should, but it was worth it in the end
Supernatural Kamirashi
Not by a safe margin, but a gold is a gold!
Kamirashi's game on Double-back Jumps Kamirashi
A good second to last jump gets me far enough ahead of Brian to barely clutch the ending
Newbie Pack Kamirashi
Seems I won the lottery and gained the gold, even if Andrew got the score first ^^
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