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Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
My new 36.76 run (black bike) against 6 of my best failed runs that made me want to crush my Treo with a mallet.

Red bike comes close but that's the one where I got horribly robbed with a tire straight through the red flag after the yellow truck.

Yellow bike had a fighting chance for a bit too. This is pretty cool to watch

 Vega vs. 6 others
Vega's game on Jurassic Parking Vega
36.76 (black bike) against 6 of my best completed runs that would all qualify for bronze.

Interesting to see a couple bikes come from behind to catch up to the pack.

Also interesting to see how confidently the black bike pulls away from the pack in the final stretch.

 Vega vs. 6 others
Vega's game on Downhill Madness Vega
Well folks... (yes, the massive audience that frequents this forum ) I am now the only person to hold a place on the first page of every level in the Standard Pack. That is to say... a TOP 10 rank.

Now, it is worth noting that this level is my worst rank at #9, but I get bronze points since everybody and their grandmother is tied on this silly map.

My worst points on any standard level is equivalent to 7th place at 103 points.

And I am not even finished...
Andrew A's game on Sinus Mountains Andrew A
Mystical.. (though a bit of a slow start)

No I haven't been playing this level all this time! Just been very busy with other things.

Having said that - when I have had the odd moment to play at all - it's been this level I've played.

Will catch up on the plethora of posts this evening.
Andrew A's game on Sinus Mountains Vega
Very nicely executed AA. I always figured a high 29.xx would be the stone cold nuts on this map.

I've never played Sinus Mountains with a ghost. Even if (someday) I do, this will be a very difficult run to best.

Mystical indeed, sir.
Andrew A's game on Underground Andrew A
Pretty sure I can better this

Interesting doing a H2H with Oliver - our front wheels overlap almost exactly at the end, when he finishes, but mine slides on for a few more frames (4).

Olivers start is very slow. I am 0.2 -ish ahead of him early on.

The Gold time can definitely be beaten, though not sure by how much. I'd probably settle for 3rd spot on this map right now..
Andrew A's game on Underground Andrew A

Slid past the top of the flag for about oohhh - 3 seconds .. Otherwise almost a cert Gold.

Will have to check in Edge (where I can do a fullscreen replay, but not comment - the opposite of Chrome).

Just checked and 16.46-.50 looks about right. When my bike actually 'finishes', I'm nowhere near the flag anymore..
Andrew A's game on Underground Andrew A

Just the one.

But super annoyingly smug...
Andrew A's game on Underground Vega
16.4x! Incredible. I figured you might land a 16.5x but you took it one step further. I think this could be the eternal gold here.

Even if I revisited this level, I'm not sure I'd play it competitively enough to best this run.

Bonus points for toppling another longstanding gold of mike flips. Any day you do that is a good day.

Quite nicely done, AA.
Andrew A's game on Underground PMD
Wow, 10 years since the previous best run. This is a tricky trick. Smooth!
Vertical Avenue Time Trial Kamirashi
Huh.. my time is listed as 0:30,30, a 10th place on this map on my times page, but not on the leaderboard? weird
Kamirashi's game on Riding School Kamirashi
It works! Now let's see if I can get a good time on this level
Kamirashi's game on Riding School Kamirashi
funny thing, the more you improve this level the more room for improvement you see
Kamirashi's game on Big Cheese Kamirashi
Only other public run using Cirenco's start Otherwise a pretty slow run.

I can get 1st if I can figure out how to avoid bouncing after the drop
Kamirashi's game on Big Cheese Kamirashi
So close to the sub 50, still feels slow, I probably lost almost a minute getting on the slope to the final jump at around the 38 second mark But I'll leave it for now, it feels really good to get a gold again
Kamirashi's game on Big Cheese Andrew A
Ha Ha ha haha. Brilliant!

I haven't been back here in ages. Just been very busy building studios, focussing on art, music, old motorbikes and doing other, similar irrelevant stuff.

I do need to get back to the important, life affirming, time draining obsessions...

This game ehh?

It is seemingly pathetic to not complete my goal within this game. Problem is - it's not the only - or even most important thing I have to accomplish at this point in my life.

however. HOWEVER...

Kam. You are back. Welcome bro - you have been missed. Now - where is BB, and that flash in the pan Vega?

I will find the time, at some point.

Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
Filled to the gills with bonhomie at the return of Kam (and - ahem - myself), I was about to make this public. Then I watched it and realised it was vulnerable.

Not by a lot, though..

I could be persuaded...
Andrew A's game on Riding School Kamirashi
pretty please?

I'm done with this pack for now, I'm going after my easiest improvable levels, don't have the time to play very much though, but expect bursts of submissions

I see how this level can probably go below 26, but I don't have the patience to grind any level for thousands of attempts, not until I've at least completed all of them on my new old iPad (^_^)y
Kamirashi's game on Big Cheese Kamirashi
I know the feeling of being busy.. all too well

Been getting into kickboxing lately and doing kinda good as well, so it's a balancing act between life, work and training for me atm, trying to fit in some games where I can

Time draining obsessions are the meaning of life man, the more you can do them the better life is

Thanks, feels good to be back yet again. Few things beats the joy of getting a new best time in this game, so I hope I can keep doing it and getting some competition for some time! Let's keep this game alive
Kamirashi's game on Big Cheese Vega
Flash in the pan? Them's fightin words, brah.

I have a couple things to post. Nailed some unexpected best times here and there.

Like you both, I don't have any time for this silly game. I gotz 2 kiddos and I run a ridonkulously busy risk management group for a bank. Ah but what a fantastic silly game it is, eh? Amazing.

My Palm Treo must be on it's last limb. The buttons squeak hilariously when I play. It restarts randomly at will. But what a champion.

Bought that sucker in oh four and it literally sat in a drawer untouched, drained to oblivion for 7 years. That's when I made an unplanned snap decision to plug'er in one day!!

Anyway I'm still fiddling around in Standard levels. Have a few more tricks up my sleeve in here. In fact, on the brink of a couple more new golds and on one level I've moved up 5 spots.

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