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Time Trial Champions Champ
It is true. L4gger625 has put in a substantial amount of work into the Bike or Die: Revival project. We are a team of Bike or Die veterans and visionaries here to resurrect the legacy.

Legends never die.

Happy 18th anniversary of Bike or Die's 1.0 release Thank you for being a part of the Bike or Die family for all these years and many years to come. Feel free to join our Discord server for frequent updates and to connect with other Bikers!

We're always looking for new talent to help Bike or Die 3.0 come to fruition. We can't do it alone. Happy biking, my friends.

(if you're reading this, Sz... please come home )
Time Trial Champions Vega
Gotta chime in here. I frequently check in on BoD. A truly serious tragedy to see this amazing game flounder into basically oblivion. Champ - I dunno what this new site is, but I'm very happy to see some die hard BoD'ers doing something [anything] to keep the game alive. I have commented publicly on this forum and attempted to reach Sz on other platforms that I would love the opportunity to buy the ownership rights to Bike Or Die outright. I don't know what the game is worth monetarily. (maybe zilch at this point?) That has nothing to do with my interest. I am neck deep in managing a wildly successful mortgage channel for a Top 5 bank and have no material dreams of striking it rich in a defunct game of yesteryear.

No. The real truth is that Bike or Die is in my blood por vida. I simply want to be an Ambassador of Bike or Die, and would be grief stricken if BoD ever went dark/offline for good. I believe this is the one of the most incredibly complex and fantastically challenging games ever created, on any platform that exists. The possibilities are virtually endless. I know I am not alone. And that lends credence and clout to confirm that there's something special, something different about this crazy game.

Champ/Laser/Bones/the dudeguy/BikerBrian/Pickle/AndrewA/PMD, and I suppose newcomer L4gger625... (and dozens and dozens of other long time comrades of BoD) whatever happens, whoever has connections, please keep me in the loop. I would love to find a way to keep BoD alive and personally be involved in some kind of substantial capacity if possible.

Kamirashi's game on Zip-Zap Kamirashi
I was not expecting a medal here, it's such an awkward level to get a fast time on.
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Hey everybody

I am not going to pretend that I would be of any use at all whatsoever in helping create a new game when it comes to the technical details. That being said, I did bookmark the revival website you guys made and if/when you get to beta testing I am more than happy to help if that would indeed be helpful.

If anyone ever does manage to get in touch with SZ I am 100% on board with helping to fund a purchase of the website/game from him. I keep hoping I will log on here and find that he in a spout of nostalgia will have logged in and seen all of our comments and gotten in touch with someone to give or sell the game to us but so far no such luck.

Anyways, all this to say I hope you all are doing well and if there is anything I can do to help I am happy to do so but I am afraid anything regarding game design is outside my skillset... See you all next time I log in (Probably something like 6 months from now I will find myself wondering if anyone saw my last post haha

Its kind of depressing logging in here but also just so so nostalgic
BikeForce Mr.pickle.
heh, I remember when this pack first came out and everyone had their minds blown by how good the graphics looked (Which is funny in hindsight). Gosh we gotta find some way to play this again!
Kenn's game on LaserTag Mr.pickle.
The limits people pushed this game is just nuts. I really dont think anyone plays games to nearly this level of (almost) perfection anymore. Most mobile games now are basically idle games designed to keep you playing long enough to watch ads and/or make purchases. There is just nothing out there that is a one time purchase and is then THIS engaging long term trying to do a specific trick.

Its kinda like looking at one of the original Mario games and comparing it to Mario Sunshine, its not even close to the same thing. Some of the game is infinitely better but there also is something that never really got recaptured since the original. I feel like there is almost nothing on the app store today that recaptures the original feel and addictiveness of the games on Palm OS back in the day (Big ones that come to mind for me are BOD, Tradewinds and Warfare Inc.)
Kamirashi's game on Zip-Zap BikerBrian
Great run on this one. I'm glad it wasn't just a touch faster .

It is tough to keep enough momentum on the climb to reach the finish flag.
Champ's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Pinchies
There are now finally nice ways to emulate bike or die.
The easiest way is to search for "Bike or Die PalmDB" and then to click the link to "try it now" at the bottom of the page.
Kamirashi's game on Jump Over Kamirashi
This could be so much faster, but I'm happy with gold
Kamirashi's game on Bike or Pi Kamirashi
Got the best possible beginning and just played the rest of the level really safe.
Kamirashi's game on Lifeboat Rescue Kamirashi
That was really unexpected, was aiming for top 10 and clutched this run!
Kamirashi's game on No Escape Kamirashi
The 2nd 14 year old gold beaten in a few days, still seems like it can be improved a bit with the new beginning. This takes me to #1 in the pack and #2 on the leaderboard
Kamirashi's game on Planet Kamirashi
Keeping up the theme of 1 frame
L4gger625's game on Glass L4gger625
Kamirashi's game on No Escape L4gger625
My God, how can you guys have such sky-high precision half-consistently?
Kamirashi's game on No Escape Mr.pickle.
Its not a case of practice… its better explained by obsession. Once you get the bug it doesnt go away, here i am popping back over here and its been almost a decade since i last was able to play & #128514;
Kamirashi's game on Sixpack Kamirashi
New route apparently, can maybe go below 24.50 if properly optimized
Kamirashi's game on Playground Kamirashi
One more gold for the pile.
Kamirashi's game on Draco Kamirashi
Thought the beginning was the best part, but turns out I gain it all with the end, not smooth, but apparently faster
Kamirashi's game on Piece Of Cake Kamirashi
This run had an insane middle part, I can't believe how much it beats the previous gold by
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