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All comments about results and games gathered in a single place.

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Andrew A's game on Glasses of Water... Andrew A
Well - done it!

Bit behind with my project now - best get on..
Andrew A's game on Pathland Andrew A
Have to say - just kicking back with a beer before bed, after a manic day, and looking at this for the first time (since the first time..). It's a very elegant and pleasing run. Just a bit clueless along the bottom section.

Points for Artistic Interpretation would have been a nice addition to the game way back - no?

Can you imagine the mayhem.

All those schoolkids (make your own list) - totally bamboozled (WTF is Artistic Merit?. Fast is fast. More is more. Yngwie beats Jimi. etc..).

Would have been great - though who would be judge?..

Andrew A's game on Chambers Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Everchanging Hallway Andrew A
Not very fond of this level so quite happy to leave it here
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Just managed to pip you here BB!
Andrew A's game on Ant Hill Andrew A
Not a lot of time to play recently, but just managed to snaggle enough points to take the pack.

Will try and round up a few more here and there.
Andrew A's game on Ant Hill Andrew A
A bit better
Andrew A's game on Four Things Andrew A
Just managed to take this

Not a great run, but it's a very inconsistent beginning so you don't get to the finish section very often! A BB class ending takes well over a second more off.
Andrew A's game on Welcome Dungeon Andrew A
Managed to get this Silver yesterday, taking the top spot in the pack in the process

May play a few other levels in the pack before moving on to Standard levels. The only pack standing between me and (BOD) world domination..


That will be an incredibly slow grind I think. If even doable.
Andrew A's game on Welcome Dungeon Vega
Nice play here. Extremely close to taking gold. I actually have completed the entire BikeForce levelpack but on my computer (desktop PC).
I think BikerBrian or maybe someone else helped me get a PC copy a while back. Wasn't a fan of how it played though.
Didn't seem to have the same command/control as with my handheld. Watching this reminds me of playing this years ago.
Andrew A's game on Bike or Pi Back Andrew A
Not really been able to play for the last week or so, and a bit undecided as to what I want to do anyway. Feeling a bit jaded with the game at the mo tbh, but had a go at this and took a fair chunk off my previous time. Only one place and 2 points though! (Boo!)

on the plus side - only 3 frames from Bronze, and I can say tha the Gold is beatable by a fair margin! (Huzzah!)

Maybe a weekend riding round Wales on a selection of Norton Commandos, Triumph Bonneville's. BSA Rocket 3's - and a sprinkling of Italian same period exotica, will rejuvenate the Mojo.

It's great having a brother with immaculate bike taste, and the wherewithal to have the collection.

Kick , Kick , KiCK,... KIICKK - RRoaRR!! Crobba, crobba, crobba... (that's the brit bikes.. )
Andrew A's game on Infinity Pretzel Andrew A
Just noticed that this was secret - not deliberate - open.
Andrew A's game on Bike or Pi Back Andrew A
Back after a mini break, and surprised myself with this after only about half a dozen attempts. Not the quickest start - a bit bouncy, but the rest is mostly ok.
Andrew A's game on Fire Cavern Andrew A
A hugely frustrating level... I'd forgotten.
Andrew A's game on Fire Cavern Vega
Makes me wonder if you play if it more aggressively like Laser... maybe it becomes less frustrating.
Andrew A's game on Jump Over Vega
New Gold after almost 10 years!! Nice job AA
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
The quickest going back past the finish flag for the first time (by a decent margin), but seriously over gas it!!

Re-learning the level, and can maybe do a bit better. Or maybe not..

Who looks the newbie idiot in the head to head...

The Arse-End Charlie
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
OK - the H2H doesn't show up..

Chrome stopped doing full screen replays a while ago (downloading them as swf - or whatever - files, and then telling you they could damage your computer..), and you can't do comments on H2H's in Edge now. You could a couple of months ago - as I remember. And neither seem to now save on the BoD site. Could be me not paying attention to easily fixable glitches, but no time to check atm, as very busy.

For the record - just do a H2H of the top few against me.

It should amuse you and explain my previous comments.

Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
It's down to Flash becoming increasingly unsupported now, of course. Not a bad thing, per se ( it was always a flaky tech - and much hated by Steve Jobs, as I remember.. ), but not good for BoD replays going forward, for us guys..
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
Ok - it now shows up in Edge.

Point being - I get devoured by a shoal of bloody piranhas @ 20 seconds..
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