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5 Years on Bike!

It is hard to believe it has been 5 years already!

Here is the last year's ranking chart, showing all good players who managed to reach top 50. Congratulations!

Past charts: year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4

"sigh"...if only my phone hadent goofed I would be on the chart to the left..."sigh"
It looks like I'll be in the Top 10 for at least another year.
Yay I'm in!!!!
sweet, nice flukey timing on my behalf, im in the small pic ^^
Crap forgot this was coming up so soon. I would have actually played. Ah well, at least I'm top 10.
Congrats to you, Sz.
Here’s to 5 more
So, Mr P. , was the 'plan' to submit all those games just in time for the 5-year chart?
cos you're still #18 on there, so it seems like you missed the cut-off by a few hours.

double post, sorry!
yeah I woulda missed it anyway,but still anoying..
aww I wasn't in the top 10 at the right time and SOMEONE HAS TO KILL THAT STRAIGHT LINE AT THE TOP lol
I loved this game... too bad I don't have a Palm anymore! =(
My best place was 20th at that time! =P
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