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4 Years On Bike!

Today is the 4th anniversary of Bike or Die!

I made the traditional ranking graph showing the top 50 players changes during the last 12 months.
Congratulations to all who managed to reach top 50 this year

Past charts: year 1 year 2 year 3

umm i dont see the big chart... just the top ten then and the top ten now
follow the link named traditional ranking graph
THats awsome!theres a thick line of chaos where me cody,biker brian,and spence ect wer passing each other like every day it looks sto cool like the whole second half of the chart has squiglgly lines going higher and higher from me and brian,I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
ah yes the thril and exitement of my graph line thingy and the dul and boring ness of mikes......
The Top 10 hasn't changed too much; the current Top 5 were in the Top 8 a year ago!
exept laser....

ya know looking at older onese cirinco came in as 3rd place!
mike flips
Cirenco played for about a year before he came in.

And sorry for having a dull line
1055 half hidden behind xxx
well weather he played a year before hand or not,it stil is cool!I love dramatic entrances...I was tempted to try something like that when I started playing but I dident want to bother...
ya know biker brian got lucky here he got into the top 10 right when sz made the chart,he may not evan stay there much longer(if I can manege to get some playing time in....)
Nice. It is easy to ahve the graph anitaliased, just have the GD code make the image twice as big on each dimension, and then resample it down to the normal size. That would make the graph look really good.
Carl China
 Jirka on Clay Serpent
Carl China
 Rbrt on Clay Serpent
Carl China
 mru on Floors
Hey I'm on there this year!
Hmm...Since this was on the 12th of july, I am going to need to submit on the 10nth or so, I want to be on the top 10 section of the chart you know
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