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"Next Generation" in the Hall of Fame
Today, another new levelpack was added to the online competition -  Next Generation

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"Bike or Die!" v1.4b
This version fixes a bug in loading extremaly complex levels - like the Kristopher's "Infinity" from the upcoming "Scary Files" levelpack.

Nate: I've figured out that freezing problem on Tungsten E2. It freezes when you push hard on the up button. I can be quite annoying after getting the 1st flag on the Red Sox 1 level on the Old School pack.

I would like updates on this problem. Thanks.

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New Hall of Fame Levelpack!
"Old School" is the new official levelpack in our online Hall of Fame. 15 new gold medals are waiting!

 Old School
Zoso: That's good news !
New website features: Chat and FlashTool

  • For everyone: easy to use Chat (visible as one of the forum sections)

  • For webpage owners: FlashTool - this thing can create swf files from your recordings (including your own unofficial levelpacks). Great way to show off your riding and design skills (the idea comes from   MacGuru)
  • bones: i have a better idea for this. we could have the last comment on each page who said it and when they said it. then it could update itselfwhen you go to a different page or something like that

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    Bug fixes
    I managed to fix some bugs at last:

    Bike or Die v1.4a:
  • Updraft didn't work well in big levels. This was first discovered by Kristopher in his  Maze Mission #05, and perhaps this is also the same bug:  Updraft bug
  • Fixed the problem with card levelpack names not matching the internal levelpack names (this prevented from loading such levelpacks automatically on startup).

    Bike or Design v1.2a:
  • No longer crashes 320x480 Palms (LifeDrive, T|X, etc.)
  • Loading large levels does not move the view outside the level area
  • Nate: That Bug I had on the previous version hasn't been fixed.

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    "Bike or Design" v1.2 released
    Finally, you can create your own levels with updraft and variable friction!

    "Sketch mode" is another new feature introduced in this version , drawing levels was never easier:

  • Download "Bike or Design" (this links is now updated to point to v1.2a because of  Bug fixes)
  • "Bike or Design" online User's Manual (including the detailed list of changes)
  • Austron: Great program, except it crashes my lifedrive every time I clear the editor or test the level. I dont know if this has been fixed sence-- oh, no it hasn't. I downloaded it in november, so, if these bugs could be fixed, that would be great. My problem is just like that of alexes

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    v1.4: New features, new levelpack, more fun!
    The previously announced "Bike or Die!" v1.4 is ready!
    Download link:

    This version is the biggest update so far, adding a lot of gameplay features and technical improvements (ghost bike, updraft forces, slippery surfaces, external card support, and more!)

    Along with the new version, the  New Deal levelpack entered the official Hall of Fame (the first levelpack featuring the updraft and slippery surfaces).
    Nate: Yeah, my Crash Pro software use to just say "Fatal Exception," but it changed (to that one) after I had a problem (not BoD related) with some software and I had to restore everything.

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    Bike or Die v1.4 is coming!
    Download the first public beta here:
  • BikeOrDie - New Deal.prc - levelpack utilising 3 new gameplay features, described below

    New in gameplay:
  • Updraft (can work as an elevator, trap, create effects like reversed gravity, weightlessness)
  • Variable friction. Certain surfaces can be marked as "slippery" or "reduced friction"
  • Selectable number of mandatory checkpoints (can increase the number of different ways a given level can be solved)

    Technical improvements:
  • Ghost bike. Race agains your best recordings! It's almost like multiplayer
  • Improved map
  • Levelpacks on card. Levelpack selector can be used to move levelpacks between internal memory and card. When installing manually, place them in /Palm/Programs/BikeOrDie/Levelpacks
  • Recordings on card. Just switch to "Card" in "Recording Options" and all your recordings will be moved to external memory freeing a lot of space in your device. (The full exaplanation of this feature and its benefits would not fit here, i will describe it later)

    Bugs/Compatibility issues resolved:
  • No more annoying pause when dying (experienced on NVFS devices like Lifedrive, Tungsten 5, Treo 650)
  • Better power management (does not run on full power when not needed, eg. in pause, map)
  • Pause automatically when the device is turned off
  • Sz: filenames: i don't remember which beta version did that incorrectly, but the filename should be always "BikeOrDie - New Deal.prc", "BikeOrDie - New Deal_Results.pdb", and that's what the final v1.4 does. tested on treo and zodiac in "BoD-free memory" configuration (recording location: card, keep in internal: none). by moving the single card between these two devices i had the same recordings and results on both.

    oh, and maybe we should now move to the new thread as v1.4 is already released
     v1.4: New features, new levelpack, more fun!

    recent games: yeah, i remember, but the updated level editor will come first

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    Total Race, Golden Club and more!
    The Hall of Fame database was reorganized, this allows me to add more sophisticated rankings, like  Total Race and  Golden Club.
    Ranking history is now much easier to extract so I have placed it in the profile. And you can proudly display your BoD achievements on the web using the new image button ( like this:
    Cirenco: Gracias Sz, estaba esperando la actualización de las posiciones de los niveles. Sólo falta ajustar algunos detalles del tiempo en Total Race y la asignación correcta de medallas y quedamos todos contentos

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    2 Years On Bike!
    Yesterday was the second anniversary. I have prepared the traditional ranking chart
    This time it begins where the previous one ends (the picture would be too big in a single piece).
    Enjoy! Part 1 (2004-2005) and Part 2 (2005-2006)

    I'm also working on a number of new features for the site and the game itself, stay tuned!
    Borszczuk: Is there any chance to keep recorded tracks on SD card? Now it takes ages for PowerRun to copy all these files on launch...

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    Video Jigsaw
    The new Toyspring toy is not yet released, but you can try the beta version here.

    Edit 12-Feb-2006:
    And now it is official v1.0 - download and enjoy!
    Sz: oh, i forgot to update the "news" here, but yes, it is now official v1.0 on palmgear and handango

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    "Bike or Die" Birthday
    Yes, this game is one year old. Actually it was on 12th July but the usual ranking chart preparation took longer than expected. Click here to see the chart. This time it is really big! (0,5MB)
    Can you trace your Hall of Fame history back to the first day?
    DavidKing: Rachman! Really an amazing king of BoD!
    He is respectable,the status can't be replaced either.

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    "Bike or Die" in Spanish
    At last! This translation was started by Alexis Sánchez from and finished by   Ricardo. I'm sure the spanish speaking players appreciate their work! Download

    Update: v1.3c on pdassi
    PrayeR: but when it was made? because Aleksey at 12th Juli was 3rd
    as i remember

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    Video Review!
    James Steel from has just published a video review of "Bike or Die!". See it here!
    This site is definitely worth visiting even if you already know "BoD" because of several other Zodiac/Palm game reviews and independent movies!

    Summer Pack in the Hall of Fame
    16 levels from the existing levelpacks were selected to form the new Hall of Fame levelpack. Most of the Summer levels are noticeably easier than other levelpacks - now everyone can earn the Time Trial Competition points!
     Summer Pack

    Czech Translation
    Marcel Dopita made a Czech version of the game. Download it here!

    Levelpack Explorer
    Finally, there is a place where you can find all "Bike or Die" levels! Enter here: Levelpack Explorer
    In addition to the usual comments you can also rate all levels - let the world know your opinion. I hope this will help us selecting the best levels for the Hall of Fame, but will be also very convenient for everyone looking for news levels .

    New levelpacks are always welcome
    Sena: Amen to that!

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    Monster Level List
    See all levels on a single page! Here (warning: 300K)

    You Qi Levels in Hall of Fame
    New medals are waiting!
     You Qi Levels
    Dags: Wow! Nice one You Qi! These are not for the faint hearted though

    The new  Forum grows on the old Hall of Fame commenting system. It allows for better organized talks (with threads). For now there is no notification on new messages, but you can easily spot new messages on the initial "All messages" page.
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