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Introducing "Introduction" + updates

The new  Introduction levelpack becomes the starting pack in new BoD releases - easy and nice levels demonstrating basic gameplay features should help new players learn basic biking skills.

By the way, the following enhancements have been added:
  • "Need help? Click here!" hints how to complete a level and offers to replay the tutor ride (instead of starting the replay immediately)
  • Ghost bike uses the tutorial recording if a given levels was not yet completed
  • (Palm only) "rescue" can now handle multiple players' recordings
  • (Palm only) new "Go To Hall of Fame" menu option opens the Hall of Fame listing for the currently played level (or its Levelpack Explorer page if the level is not in HoF). I forgot to include this in the iPhone update, will be added in the next one.

    download Bike or Die 2.1b

    Bike or Die in AppStore (the above changes are added in version 2.1.3, will appear in the store soon)
    Bike or Die - Lite Edition (recently released free version)

    hey sz. my ipod isnt really working right no but so i know does bod have the option to keep it permanetley sideways or vertical?
    it is really cool to have a free version for iphone, i think alot more people will buy it now
    bones: you can disable "AutoRotation" in menu to keep the current orientation no matter how the device is rotated physically, it will however always start in landscape mode (even if it was previously "locked" in vertical mode)
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