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6 Years On Bike!

Bike or Die is 6 years old - which means today is the top-50-chart-day

See the 2009-2010 chart

Congratulations to all the awesome bikers who managed to get into top 50 this year!

Past charts: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Ooh - look Laser and Biker Brian managed to get their successes saved for posterity!
first time on this list............. feels great............
And what an entry too Harsh - I did note your entry, and a few others have smashed up into the top 50 too.
nice one!
thanx i appreciate ur comments.....
How did I miss this being posted exactly?
GO CANADA! ;D rooting for ya mike
mike flips
Did someone say my name

Now all we need to do is get back some golds and reach #1 by country.

A funny side note - me, you, and laser all live within 20 minutes of each other. One city has produced all these results, but the Americans need people all over the country to get their golds
It's all about the Toronto pollution, though it must be noted that I got many of my golds during trips to the U.S.

Someone really needs to buy me a new palm or iPhone so I can take back some of my lost golds.
May I suggest the marvel of Ebay? You can get an itouch off there for 20 bucks or so.
i've never liked ebay. i don't use it to sell and i don't like shopping on the site. it seems confusing to me and difficult to find things. the search feature is lame, and searching by category usually brings up things i'm not interested in. personally, i like shopping locally through craigslist. and i can post anything i need to sell, and it's usually out of my house in less than 24 hours. back in the day... if you wanted to swap out a piece of furniture or something, you had to post an ad in the paper. what a joke. or just give away your tv and go get a new one. now, you can offset the cost of new items by quickly selling yours. it's really great. ok sorry for the diversion. as you were.

Ebay is handy for selling things, and you can occasionally get things ridiculously cheap too. I personally dont mind taking the extra trouble searching for a few dollers off, but thats jest me... If you want simular prices, with less trouble I would suggest amazon, its a bit more consistant.

I know alot of people who use craigslist but I havnt ever tried it..
Carl China
2 days after.
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