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7 Years On Bike!

BoD is 7 years old and I'm still alive! (even though I am now focused on some other projects... but who knows, I might come back to BoD then )

Anyway, here is the season 2010-2011 chart, showing the some interesting changes, most notably the new Champion!
Congratulations, BikerBrian!

Past charts: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

What a great surprise to see a post by Sz! We missed you. Thanks for coming back to create the graph.

Would it be too much trouble for you to implement a new pack is some of us put it together from existing levels?

Good luck on your other projects!
We stalk you all the time sz, if we can find a product out there with your name on it, we will have your back all the way! Glad to see you still exsist!
sure, we can have another new pack in the hall of fame if anyone is willing to prepare it
Carl China
Sz backs finally.
no glitchy shortcuts!
Anyone have any initial ideas for levels to include in a new pack? Alpha and I organized Spring Revival and will volunteer to put the new one together too, unless there are other takers.

What should it be called?
Sweet Sixteen
The High Road
Aligator Glory
Trigger Finger
Face Off
Grand Master's Challenge
Jumbled Jargon
Dead On Arrival
You'll Never Make It
Smash Bike
Motor Mouth
Beyond Limits
You Killa My Father, Prepare to Die
Since there haven't been very many new packs recently, it might be a bit of work to search through old packs for quality levels.

That said, once we would be going through the trouble to do so, we might as well try to make a larger pack than usual to make it last, let's say 25 levels.

I'm very willing to help out with the selection process, and we can make use of the chat room to talk over ideas.
PM me any time to get on (with the exception of right now because I'm busy ).
Going through some older levels, I found a lot that needed some work in terms of smoothing or flow, but definitely had potential.

Using Kris' Extreme Files pack as an example, look here:

Others had some good components that could be used to make better levels:
 The Payoff

And this one seemed to have been created with portals in mind, and can be turned into a much better level with added features:
 Maccaroni and Cheese
There are so many interesting things that the physics engine of this game can do that very few levels allow for. As Vega mentioned I would not like to see any 'glitchy shortcuts' like I personally abused on Fear of the Dark and that many others have abused on Shelf, Cactus, and others.

Fortunately I think the community as a whole would agree with that, and that it has learned it's lesson on what causes them and thus would be able to prevent them on newer levels.

I have never owned a device capable of running Bike or Design, but I would be willing to help select from older levelpacks and possibly design levels in paint for someone else to put together.
I would under normal circumstances be all up for helping make a pack, but as is, I have just sold my ipod touch to a friend, so I am not capable of even testing out levels unfortunately, nor will I be able to play the new pack until I get an iphone (Aprox another year) and who knows who will still be around at that point? Point being, I suppose I actually need to sit one out.. *sigh*
Well, I'm back out of the shadows, and would love to help on arranging a new pack... although I have no ability to design or texturize anymore...
This one looks pretty cool:

 Your Downfall

Not sure how difficult it is though.

Still looking to see what else I may find.
i'm really happy to see a new pack coming up!
So is the new pack still on the way? I am out of the loop
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