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Bike or Die v1.3g

This update fixes the long standing bug in the submission procedure. It means that you may be able to submit your recordings directly from your palm even if it always failed in previous versions - try it!

Other improvements since last official release:
  • "Bike or Die" now supports proxy servers, which may help when your operator or ISP only allows for proxy web connections. (See: Menu -> Options -> Hall of Fame -> Set Proxy)

  • Treo 650 "Home" key can be disabled to prevent accidental quitting ("disable other buttons" in Control Options). You can still quit from menu or use the Home key after the game is finished.
  • Fixed "stuttering" on Tungsten T|X (using sampled sound caused the game to pause for a split of second whenever the "free-wheeling" sound effect was started)

    Still I wasn't able to upload from the Palm. And the game now, ocassionally but still, crashes my PDA
    SZ, Thanks for fixing the sound on the T/X.
    oh, i was so sure v1.3g was perfect
    what message do you get when submission fails?
    and where does the game crash?
    Crashing is random (and luckily, quite seldom). Uploading fails with the message: "Upload failed (stage=0, wait=0, err=4688)". Using Orange GPRS, no proxy.
    err=4688 means: netErrNoDNSServers (bad network configuration? can you access any other websites from your treo?)

    as for crashing, i can't recall when BoD last crashed my palm, but recently i don't play as much as earlier. can anyone else confirm that v1.3g is more/less/equal prone to crashing?

    on the other hand, there may be some very old bugs that lived unnoticed since the begining and were exposed by the NVFS architecture of treo 650, T|X and lifedrive... i believe NVFS (the root of all evil ) is also responsible for delaying the crash scene (quite long on lifedrive, short but still annoying on treo 650).
    I'm still using 1.3a, and I've had the game crash 5-10 times now. That's pretty efficient compared to other games, and I've even had Zuma freeze once. Most of the crashes happened when I selected a level pack to play, probably because the results PDB was missing. But I had one crash a few weeks ago: I was practicing my button mashing, pressing buttons on the Zodiac as fast as possible, for two minutes straight on Finding Mice. That's when I got that old looking error screen and had to reset the Palm. I haven't tried it again because it's probably not too great for my hardware.
    The newest version (h I think) has only crashed (freeze) once but it was a level pack issue (I think). I have yet to try the upload thing, should I type anything on the proxy thing if I have it on direct?
    Carl China
    Download Link:
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