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Bike or Die! is going to be easier!

Most people who play the game for the first time complain on the very high difficulty level so i decided i have to do something.

The change is small but very influential: ability to save and resume the game. So now you don't have to play the level from the very beginning each time you die (this was the most frustrating for newbies!).
There are 2 ways to use this: the autosave algorithm saves the game after collecting a red flag or at any place considered "safe", so in many cases you don't have to do anything to benefit from the new feature. Those who want more control can also save the game anytime they want be pressing and holding the "pause" button.
But there is one catch: you still have to complete the level in one go, in order to submit your best score to the online competition. Changing this rule would be unfair to the people who already played long hours to get their Hall of Fame medals!

Very interesting.... one could use it to practice one part of a level over an over again though which is both good and bad. BTW i think you should explain better on the app store about the website rankings and such.
Great work Sz
Wow... I am so very glad that I kept reading on. For only a second, I could not believe what I was reading. I thought sz had just ruined the competition. Granted... there are many many (thousands) of times where I had been doing very well in a run, only to accidentally hit a button and cancel me out of the app, or only to lose grip on my palm, or only to make some super silly mistake and ruin a gold run. Truly makes you want to light your device on fire and watch it burn. So I have often wished there was a way to re-open the app and begin your run where you unfairly screwed yourself out of the killer run... BUT!.... after lots of pondering, I have yet to come up with a fair, viable, uncheatable way to do this. So I have just accepted the fact that it happens.

With this new feature, it will allow players to play certain pieces of levels over and over to perfect it... which will (no doubt) increase best times and create new golds (no doubt whatsoever). BUT AGAIN! this feature is partially already available. Anyone can go into the BoD design and start the biker at any part of any level and do the same thing for practice. This new feature will just increase this tactic by a boat-load because of the auto-ness and ease of it.

So overall, I think it's a positive.

To Sz, I am so glad that you included the end catch. Nice job
yes,the end catch makess it not hurt anything.

@Vega, it is new for the iphone\itouch players, theres not bike or disign for them yet
I too thought this would affect HoF but now I see gladly that this is a good feature, so that many more players get to enjoy the game, specially in iPhone/iTouch.
I'm in the movie!
I'm in the AppStore Screenshots (and the movie)!
I dident even know there was a movie there:-\ due to my computer being slow..I will check it on a faster computer sometime I gess...
Excellent idea. I thought of similar concepts a while ago, but I didn't suggest them because most software devs wouldn't bother doing something so seemingly complicated. I forgot this was Sz we were talking about .
hey, i'm in the movie too!
somebody tell me if I am in the movie! lol

SZ, can we still submit games that we saved the game in the middle of, as freestyle? I think I could make some pretty sweet freestyle games with that.
I think a game is either submitted or it isn't; so these games won't even get to the server.
Well,it owuld be cool if you could submit them as freestyle.
well one of my comments is in the video lol.
As an iphone user, Its sort of useful, as you can figure out your route, not of huge benefit as a glance at the replays online can offer a bit of a hint! Theres always someone who has done it faster.

Id still like to see a way of us apple users easily seeing our rankings against other touch/phone players.. ( of course as well as the more seasoned players.

Keep up the good work!
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