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Upgrade your bike!

All registered user Bike or Die who purchased version 1 before the Bike or Die 2 was released (May 30th 2008) can upgrade to version 2 for just $5.95 (the regular price for new users is $14.95).

You need to supply at least 2 of the 3 following items to confirm your original v1.x purchase: email address, hotsync id, or the order id.

Here is the procedure:
  • Purchase the upgrade - this will add "Bike or Die - upgrade to v2" to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and after finalizing the transaction you will get the upgrade ticket link
  • Follow the link, which opens the web form asking you for the email address, hotsync id and order id of the original v1.x purchase
  • The web form verifies your data and generates the new registration code
Note: The automated procedure may fail because your original purchase confirmation cannot be found in the database (or you don't have all the data). If it happes, I might still be able to recover your v1.x purchase confirmation if you have at least some data I could use for searching. It also depends on what data was provided by the reseller. Contact me for help.
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