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Champ's game on Easy Peasy Champ

Just uploaded bronze on Loop 1.
I've also been working on an alternate route similar to Steps. It should be doable on Tricky (OrR's Levels).
Great Wall Time Trial Champ
This level is a slot machine.
Andrew A's game on Pipe Universe Andrew A
1 frame
Standard Levels Vega
Wow Andrew your worst rank in Standard pack is #6! That's bonkers man.

You and I are the only players with top 10 in every level of Standard. Nice job Bubbs.
Andrew A's game on Pipe Universe Andrew A
Very scruffy.
Andrew A's game on Pipe Universe Andrew A
Bit quicker, bit less scruffy.

Slow beginning and end. Middle ain't great either, M'lud.

I think sub 45 is doable. 44.50ish on a flyer, sub 44 - a real blinder.
Andrew A's game on Pipe Universe Andrew A
Rubbish ending, but hey - it's a Silver!

Will do for the moment.
Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Yup - the ending..
Champ's game on Cave Dweller Champ
Super fun level. Colors are an eyesore
Laser vs. Andrew A Champ
You had the advantage at the bottom right! :O
Such a close race.
Champ's game on Cave Dweller Andrew A
Ha - very well done!

You pipped me on this one

BB and Kam had a real back and forth ding dong going, on this level, and I decided to stay well out of it.. Kam burned himself out actually, and didn't ever really get back into the game properly again (yet?).

I did enough for Bronze and moved on (different agenda) - but obviously not quite enough

Best of luck if you're going to try for higher!

I did get involved in a similar battle with BB on Die or Die! - where I finally prevailed - but only because BB had finally managed to kick the habit by then....

Tough competitor that BB. Don't know when he's beat, and just won't bloody well stay down!

I do miss him..
Champ's game on Cave Dweller Champ
BB come back! You can blame it all on me!
Fruits Time Trial Champ
Happy Thanksgiving, BoD family
Champ's game on Alien Sculpture Andrew A
Hey - extremely well done on This!! Only just spotted it

I tend to quickly check the forum board for new messages to see if anythings changes, but you don't seem to flag up new medals, so I'll have to keep a more careful watch.

Well done mate - keep going!
Andrew A's game on Shelf Andrew A

Didn't like being No66 (messed up my profile), so found a tweak-ette. Might be a bit more left in this yet...

Now - if I can uncork Bottle.....
Andrew A's game on Shelf Champ
WOW! Seriously WOW Andrew. You broke a 12 year old 'Bottle'. Speechless.. X.X
Andrew A's game on Shelf Andrew A
Just the one frame at the moment though.

I can get a good bit ahead of this, but it's getting sufficient height, speed and the right trajectory on the final flip, to go through the wall, that's the difficult part.

Those things come as a matter of course in the standard way of doing it. All you have to do is time the push correctly on the right hand curve (and keep pedaling when your back wheel hits the platform leading into the final flip - the folk who didn't get the top time failed to do that, I think). Which is why 106 people had 7.74 (105 now.. ).

Not sure if I'm going to keep after this - but it would be nice to have a properly decisive time gap.
Andrew A's game on Shelf Andrew A
A more impressively decisive time gap - 1 frame is still 'proper'
Andrew A's game on Shelf Vega
Mind-numbing that you would even think to pursue this and mind-melting that you actually achieved a new gold time here.
Golden Club Kenn
Hello again everyone! I just recently thought about this game again because a similar physics-based game was brought up among my classmates in university. I'm glad to see that I've achieved #10 in Golden Club after 5 years of inactivity. Unfortunately my iPod touch is long since dead (or lost) and I have no other Apple devices so I can't start playing again.

On a personal note: I remember one of the first things I said to this community was that I loved physics (See game.php?g=258410& cp=0). I've followed that through with a passion and begin teaching high school physics next fall. Maybe this game could be used for something there.
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