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Andrew A's game on Fire Cavern Vega
Makes me wonder if you play if it more aggressively like Laser... maybe it becomes less frustrating.
Aleksey vs. Laser Vega
Just watched this several times very closely, and I think you are right Andrew.

If you visualize Laser doing Aleksey's trick as an "alternate reality", he would have maintained a huge lead.

I visualized his alternate reality bike all the way to finish and by my estimation, high 33.x is not unimaginable here.
Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Laser does very well here to keep contact with the ground (mostly) and continuous drive, after collecting the tail flag. The thing about the 'Hoick' move is that you always get an optimum drive on the way back (from a slower start - admittedly), and it gives you a decent head start.

Laser is just gaining on me a liiittle bit, before the final move (which he does about as well as poss), but it's not enough.

The Hoick can be done better, but Laser has pretty much maxed out the standard ending - imho.

As to your view that a high 33 is poss, Vega... Hmmm. I was pretty shocked to watch this and see Laser level with me at the end of the tail. I get a (deliberate) push off the last 'rib', and there is no braking done at all before hitting the step halfway along the tail. Not much to be gained there - seems to me. Maybe poss to go into the Hoick really fast, and get a big stretch and return, and the same at the finish, so - maybe possible. I'm not going to do it though - over to you buddy?..

Procrastination - working hard at avoiding effort...

Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Finally - Laser really pushes the ending to the max(ish). that ending on my run would get you about halfway to your prediction, Vega.

Go on - you know you want to..

Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Finally finally. Not to forget - there are 2 runs between mine and Lasers!

Given Kristophers comment, I would guess that his at least is a hoick run..

Andrew A's game on Jump Over Vega
New Gold after almost 10 years!! Nice job AA
Laser vs. Andrew A Vega
Yah 33.xx is possible here... all it would take is to avoid boinking your rear tire on the point of the cliff at 24.xx combined with a Laser push at the end and 33.xx is in the bag.

Yah so as for your "over to you buddy" pass of the baton... you can rest easy brother. I have never played these levels and don't even have the pack downloaded onto my Palm Treo.

Perhaps if I get a new Apple toy I can play some of the other levelpacks someday.

Laser vs. Andrew A Vega
Hey you already had 54 golds before posting this new one. Why still 54 golds? Someone swipe one from you recently??
Laser vs. Andrew A Vega
um. right.

perhaps I should practice toward a higher level of observance.

I had assumed (without looking at the submission date of your run) that you submitted this today based on all the fresh commenting.

at any rate... still... good job on swiping one of mike's longstanding golds
Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A

Sorry to waste your time Vega - but that is quite funny.. Very funny, actually...

Yes - a lot of blabbering and not much playing coming from me, atm. Hence my procrastination comment..

I'll knuckle down to it again soon.

Do get yourself an iPod 3rd gen. Ideal tool, and cheap as chips on eBay now ( not that that is of major concern to a corporate dynamo like yourself, I imagine ). A bit of a learning curve, but certainly a revelation in controllability, especially (in my case) after a T3 with a broken away from the PCB board button contact, which moved around and made accurate timing impossible (I thought it was just me - not good for a musicians confidence ). Didn't find out until I opened it up to fit a new battery. I'd given up BOD by then, thinking I was just not very good.

And now - Look at me Ma! I'm on top of the world!!! BOOM!!!

I want to avoid that particular ending, though.

I would say name that film, but prob way too easy.

Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Very very, VERY funny - the more I think about it.

Glad I'm not paying for that time of yours... ...

Good for the soul - fun like that.
Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Still giggling..

Laser vs. Andrew A Vega
lol. You're too easy AA. Actually, to be technical, all of my comments on this are still quite relevant and apropos (just a wee bit tardy, that's all )
Laser vs. Andrew A Vega
Ok so the top 2 players in this game are AA and BB.

If that isn't the strangest coincidence then ain't nothin' is.
Laser vs. Andrew A BikerBrian
Congrats AA for being on top of the world!!

Nice observation, Vega!
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
The quickest going back past the finish flag for the first time (by a decent margin), but seriously over gas it!!

Re-learning the level, and can maybe do a bit better. Or maybe not..

Who looks the newbie idiot in the head to head...

The Arse-End Charlie
Laser vs. Andrew A Andrew A
Hey BB (from AA ) - nice to hear from you again, buddy.

And the quote is from?

If not film, then actor. Of course you could cheat and Google will provide, but you wouldn't do that - either of you.

Heaven forfend..
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
OK - the H2H doesn't show up..

Chrome stopped doing full screen replays a while ago (downloading them as swf - or whatever - files, and then telling you they could damage your computer..), and you can't do comments on H2H's in Edge now. You could a couple of months ago - as I remember. And neither seem to now save on the BoD site. Could be me not paying attention to easily fixable glitches, but no time to check atm, as very busy.

For the record - just do a H2H of the top few against me.

It should amuse you and explain my previous comments.

Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
It's down to Flash becoming increasingly unsupported now, of course. Not a bad thing, per se ( it was always a flaky tech - and much hated by Steve Jobs, as I remember.. ), but not good for BoD replays going forward, for us guys..
Andrew A's game on Riding School Andrew A
Ok - it now shows up in Edge.

Point being - I get devoured by a shoal of bloody piranhas @ 20 seconds..
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