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Kamirashi's game on Hill Marathon Kamirashi
A gold to get some activity ^^ anyone else still able to play this game?
Time Trial Champions Kamirashi
I've played "impossible road" not "super impossible road". I guess I'm too much of a cheapskate to pay for apple arcade ^^ but if they're anything alike I definitely need to check it out!
Kamirashi's game on Hill Marathon PMD
Love it! What kind of device are you playing on? I'd probably play some, but my only device that I think I can play on is a Palm Treo which is beat up and doesn't hold much of a charge.
Kamirashi's game on Hill Marathon Kamirashi
I bought a gen 1 iPad a few years back specifically for this game ^^ the software on them is old enough to run the game with no issues

Iím not sure if itís still possible to get the game from the app store though. Might be possible if you already bought it..
Kamirashi's game on Steps Kamirashi
Really messed up the ending, but at least I didn't die xD
Time Trial Champions Vega
Whoa! Iíve been trying to sign in for over a year on pc but Iíve been locked out because Iíve completely forgotten my login password But I just tried on my iphone and (to my surprise) somehow my pw was autostored in the browser. Crazy because I have no recollection of ever logging in on my iphone

Honestly all this time I thought Iíd never be able to get back in!

Anyway Hiya everybody

I donít know how, but Iím able to view all public runs on my iphone? How is that possible if flash is no longer supported?

Well Iím very glad to be ďinĒ. Iím seriously shocked.

Guys how can we get BoD truly active again? Is there ANY way to resurrect the game? We need to figure out how.

Where are you Sz? You are the FATHER of BoD. This is your baby!

You created a SPECTACULARLY amazing game here. It will never be matched. Please come back to us Sz!! Bike or Die FOR LIFE

Time Trial Champions Laser
Agree with everything Vega wrote.
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Best lead I have been able to find on finding SZ is the youtube channel of the guy who he made framsticks with all that time ago (see my post in 15 years on bike for more info). I would bet given the circumstances sz would sell us the game for a relatively small amount of money. But that doesnít do any good unless we can track him down and get in contact with him. Has anyone tried to send an email or contact his old business partner to see if they have contact information for him?
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
I dont even know how to send a message to a youtube channel. The fellow speaks english though, based on a few videos, they made a program together so I would think it feasible he would have an email or even a phone number.
Time Trial Champions Vega
Several years back I found another game Sz was active with and reached out via email. Offered to buy Bike or Die in full with the intent to breathe life back into the game, this websiteÖ the whole kit and caboodle. Never heard back.

Iím not looking to run a gaming business. I just want to see BoD revived like it deserves to be.

Ten thousand other games will come and go, but they ainít got nothiní on Bike or Die. Nothing can touch this game.

Vega's game on Me vs. The Gravity Vega
Landed this run almost 3 years ago. Have had the file just sitting on my pc all this time. Broke into 21.xx
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Well - here we are again!

Just had a go at this after a long break, and managed to pip BB. Though not Champ!

I got given a first gen iPad a while ago and I can actually (sort of) view replays on it. The bike has no wheels though!

Will catch up with the forum later - I see there are a few posts since I was last here.

We Bike but we don't Die. So not dead yet then - ha!

Laters innit....
Vega's game on Me vs. The Gravity Mr.pickle.
To just forget you have a gold for 3 years... xD
Vega's game on Me vs. The Gravity Vega
Never said I forgot, pick. Couldn't log in.

I completed this run Jan 8, 2019. Haven't played BoD since. Palm Treo has been collecting dust
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Hey guys! I was so happy to see Vega's comment about being able to watch runs on an iPhone. I verified that this works. I also learned that I can now watch any open runs on my MacBook Pro using Safari or Chrome. This is crazy, since Flash is supposedly no longer supported.
Kristopher vs. Kamirashi BikerBrian
Great job, Kamirashi! It's cool to see new runs being posted.

Your high bounce over the 9th hill set you up perfectly with enough momentum for a nice come from behind win at the line.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 BikerBrian
Nice work, Andrew! I remember this being a fun level... with all of the floating.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
This also plays back properly on the latest iPad running iPadOS, in Safari and Firefox. Maybe no one told Apple that Flash is dead!

The ending is slow (though not as slow as Champs run - he explores most of that centre section before deciding to mosey up to the flag! ). Itís quite hard to hit the right point on the flag with the tip of the wheel. The tight curve on the centre Ďcoreí makes the physics a bit jiggly.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Vega
Nicely played, sir.
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