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Time Trial Champions Andrew A
I would never use a word like 'woah!'. I do have standards
Time Trial Champions PMD
If Adobe is truly going to be blocked by the browser, than I want to just say thanks for a great ride! Appreciate all of you who I have interacted with and here's to a much better 2021!
Time Trial Champions Laser
Love you all - Happy Holidays, and here's to a bettering year!
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Happy New Year everyone!

Nice investigative work, Andrew.

I logged on to see if my flash player still worked. As of Jan. 5, it's still working in Chrome on the Mac.

I rewatched a few of my gold runs in case I never get to see them again. It's been a fun ride!
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Hacked comments? Weird. Love all your faces (especially the green ones )

My hopes went through the roof then were dashed skimming through these last few months messages. Surely there will still be some browser that can support flash even if the main ones give it up. Even if we have to download a weird add on for opera or something haha
15 Years On Bike! Mr.pickle.
So I know the last post here is from about 5 months ago, but I also would gladly donate if there were a way to re release this game in some capacity. Literally if any of you coded well enough to build the same game and call it something else Iím sure many of us would donate to get it up and running even if it were just for us loyal few. I would be playing on the regular still if I had any way to participate, but itís getting hard to find devices that can still load it... if you can find one it probably needs to be constantly plugged in which is a bit frustrating..

Anyone know anyone who builds that sort of app for iPhone? I bet between the lot of us we could actually raise a decent amount of money if there were a shot at making it playable again. I donít remember who but I know one of us has attempted to buy the rights from SZ.. Maybe we can enlist the help of some tech savvy redditors or something to track him down lol
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Actually I see now that I read that wrong. I guess if adobe discontinued flash...indeed the site would no longer work unless someone invents a workaround of some sort.. oye
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Great news everybody!! I figured out a way to view the entire BoD website, with all Flash content enabled.

Simply create a free account with the Conifer Web Archiving service, enter into your new remote browser, and you'll be able to enjoy watching all of your best runs once again!
15 Years On Bike! thedudeguy
I took a stab at a 'BoD spiritual successor', but egads I found I'm out of my element trying to work out a physics engine. I was able to extract some of the structured data from the level files, which is promising (and I could even see becoming a new way to make a level editor on any platform), but it's not particularly useful as you wouldn't be able to test. Ultimately, without the physics engine source code (however messy) I don't think I can replicate.

In trying to find more recent contact info, I've found a few recent academic works from Sz, most around hefty simulations and supercomputing, so at least he's still kicking! (If he's on a PhD path I wish him luck, or hope he's already succeeded!)
Time Trial Champions HRaul
I need BoD back into my life!!! Even I'm considering to buy an used Palm Treo so I can remember those good days (:
Time Trial Champions pzdc
Hey! Just saying that BoD2 is still working perfectly on my old iPhone 4s with iOS 6! Even things like registration, uploading scores and one-click installing levelpacks from the site into the game Ė it works flawlessly! I urge you to keep the site running!
Also to whoever wants BoD back in their life Ė old iphones are dirt cheap and it's worth owning one for this game alone
Time Trial Champions torrobinson
Oh my sweet lord, this is nostalgic! For reference, when I was 15, I had payment issues buying Bike or Die and ended up "trading" Szymon MMPlayer ( a PPC app) for this game. Now I'm 30 and just got an email about my rank going down and was like.... good lord this site is still up! It makes me very happy that this thing is still running! Bike or Die was THE game to play on PPC and I spent many sleepless nights trying to beat high scores.
15 Years On Bike! Mr.pickle.

If you look on this site it looks like SZ and Maciej Komosinski worked on this program together. Has anyone tried getting in touch with Maciej to see if he is still in contact or would know how to get in contact with him? Looks like Maciej was/is a professor at poznan University of technology.....I started looking through their staff on the website but its hard to find the faculty page as most of the site is in Polish and google translating the page I think makes it pretty confusing for an english speaker...I am not sure if he still works there or not, but I also looked up framsticks on youtube and found that The framsticks program has uploaded videos on youtube as recent as 5 months ago....(I am writing this post as I continue to dig) the guy hosting the videos on youtube...MIGHT be Maciej, I am not 100% sure. Even if it is him, it doesn't mean he is still in contact with sz, but sz is still listed on the framsticks home page as being one of the founders of the program so there is a solid chance there.
15 Years On Bike! Mr.pickle.

^^ Seems to be his personal home page. It does list an email address.
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Has anyone tried the game Impossible Road on apple arcade? Its not primarily a game where people upload runs, it tends to be more single player but some of the modes you can play (specifically the daily track) is very similar to BOD. People compete for 24 hours trying to get the fastest run through the daily track. A lot of times at the start of the day it will be 40 seconds and by the end of the day the fastest will be 20 seconds. It reminds me of all of us playing non stop when a new level pqck qould come out trying to stay on top. I have been enjoying it on Apple Arcade and thought i would mention it here if anyone else has that itch they just cant seem to scratch!
Time Trial Champions Mr.pickle.
Note: The game is called ďSuper Impossible RoadĒ not just impossible road.
Kamirashi's game on Hill Marathon Kamirashi
A gold to get some activity ^^ anyone else still able to play this game?
Time Trial Champions Kamirashi
I've played "impossible road" not "super impossible road". I guess I'm too much of a cheapskate to pay for apple arcade ^^ but if they're anything alike I definitely need to check it out!
Kamirashi's game on Hill Marathon PMD
Love it! What kind of device are you playing on? I'd probably play some, but my only device that I think I can play on is a Palm Treo which is beat up and doesn't hold much of a charge.
Kamirashi's game on Hill Marathon Kamirashi
I bought a gen 1 iPad a few years back specifically for this game ^^ the software on them is old enough to run the game with no issues

Iím not sure if itís still possible to get the game from the app store though. Might be possible if you already bought it..
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