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Vega's game on Me vs. The Gravity Mr.pickle.
To just forget you have a gold for 3 years... xD
Vega's game on Me vs. The Gravity Vega
Never said I forgot, pick. Couldn't log in.

I completed this run Jan 8, 2019. Haven't played BoD since. Palm Treo has been collecting dust
Time Trial Champions BikerBrian
Hey guys! I was so happy to see Vega's comment about being able to watch runs on an iPhone. I verified that this works. I also learned that I can now watch any open runs on my MacBook Pro using Safari or Chrome. This is crazy, since Flash is supposedly no longer supported.
Kristopher vs. Kamirashi BikerBrian
Great job, Kamirashi! It's cool to see new runs being posted.

Your high bounce over the 9th hill set you up perfectly with enough momentum for a nice come from behind win at the line.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 BikerBrian
Nice work, Andrew! I remember this being a fun level... with all of the floating.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Andrew A
This also plays back properly on the latest iPad running iPadOS, in Safari and Firefox. Maybe no one told Apple that Flash is dead!

The ending is slow (though not as slow as Champs run - he explores most of that centre section before deciding to mosey up to the flag! ). It’s quite hard to hit the right point on the flag with the tip of the wheel. The tight curve on the centre ‘core’ makes the physics a bit jiggly.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Vega
Nicely played, sir.
Andrew A's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Champ
By a few frames.. Great run, Andrew. You are clearly the King of Bike or Die
Champ's game on Expl-O-sion 2.0 Champ
Thanks, Andrew. You are too kind. I have retired from Bike or Die unless there's a way I can emulate it cause my health problems prevent me from looking down. It is awfully nice of you to offer.

Thanks, BikerBrian. Haha. Would love to see you back in the race. This level's a fun one. There aren't nearly enough gravity-centric levels.
Time Trial Champions Champ
Bike or Die's going on 2 decades. Where other games would have faded into obscurity, Bike or Die remains loved for. The algorithm is truly one of a kind. Thank you so much Sz for giving us years of memories.

The feuds we waged. The friendships we made. Analyzing frame by frame what the best routes are. Breaking level designs.

It's a pleasure to see others poke their head in every once in a while to say hi and to let us know Bike or Die is not forgotten.

Vega, welcome back after a hiatus. Hope you are doing well these days. I agree in that Sz needs to make a return. It's peculiar that us competitors are active, but he seems to have disappeared.

Nice to see you again, Laser. BikeBrian, Bones, PMD, Mr. Pickle, Andrew, and any other person I've left out. I've read your comments. You, the community, is what makes Bike or Die truly special. Every one of you who has shared rivalry, dedication, and compassion to fellow Bikers.

It would be sad to see this site go one day. One day I may type and be greeted by a 'Requested Page Not Found'. Let's hope this never happens. There are plenty of people here who would love to carry on the legacy that is Bike or Die. With our skills combined, we could replicate the experiences we've had.

Thank you to thedudeguy for putting in the work to recreate BoD. It's a shame you couldn't get the physics just right. That would be a dream if Sz made the source open for us. If anyone is truly down to recreate BoD for the next generation I would be honored to work on the project. If you want to bounce ideas off me too, thedudeguy, I can try the best I can. I only got as far as trigonometry :p

My main expertise is in audio design/mixing. I could do sound effects and possibly the music with professional quality. I also know a little bit of web design and I'm constantly improving on it (full-stack).

As for moving forward, what device would we use? I honestly suggest the Godot engine as it has amazing 2D capabilities as well as deployment for several platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even HTML 5). The HTML5 exports can be a little janky though with less features (an earlier version of OpenGL is used).

I know how to program a tiny bit using Python which is the language that Godot's GDScript is derived. I've personally used Godot and it's user interface is easy to work with and includes tons of features.

The other route would be coding natively which is too big of a development project for such a small crew. That's why the interoperability of a single codebase may be crucial.

If you are interested in part of a recreation, I can be reached at by my email ( or through my Discord ID (909981557983428649). It would be nice to bring our skills together. It would be nice if we could work with you, Sz.

I love you guys. Life is tough and it's incredible you've made it through. - Th Champ
Kamirashi's game on Steps Champ
Yooooooo you did it Welcome to the Steps club, Kamirashi You did amazing.
Kamirashi's game on Steps Kamirashi
Thank you!
Time Trial Champions thedudeguy
Nice Seeing you back around Th!

I'm realizing that at this point I'm willing to sift through decompiled byte code to reverse-engineer the physics engine, but am short a source file. I can find the palm pilot version as abandonware places, but the tooling for decompiling and investigating those is nearly nonexistent.

To that end, if anyone has an iOS package available, send it my way ( I've asked PMD for a copy of the game I sent him way back that also includes the editor, as that may speed up the process rather than rebuilding it from scratch.

I have experience with Godot, so I imagine that would be a good surface to port it to once I can figure out what's going on underneath.

The only downside is that I doubt that we'd be able to continue to use this site for outputs from the new game. If someone were interested in understanding how the *replays* worked, that's a blocker I haven't even gotten starting thinking around.

But Th surfaces a real risk - one day may just 404. As a fallback (and perhaps an easier place to organize), I've made a discord: Once I have something started I'll be putting updates there.
Time Trial Champions bones
was literally about to come here to say I can make a discord. I don't have coding experience (learning now at my job actually) but any way I can contribute I would be heavily interested in. Joined the discord, hope to see more on there.

Champ, your message brought out the feels man. Miss this community even 15ish years later.
Champ's game on Speed Bump Champ
Thanks, Andrew! When I got this gold I didn't even think it was that fast. Honestly most of my golds seem there is room for improvement.
Time Trial Champions Laser
Join the Discord so you can talk to me anytime, anywhere.
Kamirashi's game on Leap of Faith Kamirashi
Squeezing in a gold to end the year
Bike or Die - Android Polo
Hola a todos no traduciré, para dar énfasis a lo global de este juego, este juego es muy adelantado a su época, sería sensacional lograr algo de igual calidad en Android pagaría sin ninguna duda. gracias al creador, y aún tengo esperanza de poder jugarlo nuevamente
Kamirashi's game on Leap of Faith Champ
Very clean run. This level is very claustrophobic Congrats on the gold, Kamirashi!
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