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Become a star in Bike or Die 2!

The new Bike or Die is almost ready...

...except for one thing: it lacks a nice intro movie. Freestyle champions needed! Submit your best ride to  Bike or Die 2 Intro and win the eternal fame!

How to submit:
1. Download the BoD 2 Title level:  Bike or Die 2 Title
2. The title level cannot be finished - there are no flags. It means you have to abort the game by selecting menu "Save The Last Game" (or you could crash and then save)
3. Make sure you select "Freestyle" when saving, so it is easy to locate your game later
4. Submit your game
5. Find your game in your Freestyle games list, click "View" and submit it into the competition using checkbox

Note: The new Bike or Die v1.6a does not need registration to play the BoD 2 Title level (look for level #26 in the builtin levelpack)

...and of course by winning the competition you will also win the full version/free upgrade, but i guess that's not as important as having your name in the BoD 2 Intro
You really are killing me Sz - does this all mean that you are considering releasing Version 2 this coming weekend?
does this mean that it won't be free to upgrade from v1.6 to v2?
"All registered users of Bike or Die v1.x can upgrade to version 2 for just $5,95 (the regular price for new users is $14,95)."
seems reasonable enough
Carl China
Download link:
©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING