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Bike or Die v1.3h

Only one new feature in this version:
  • By selecting "Other..." in Control Options you can configure any button to perform the given action, even if it is not listed in the popup, like the alphanumeric Treo keyboard. This should work on all devices having additional buttons not known to "Bike or Die".

    And 2 small changes:
  • Menu key is also blocked by "disable other keys" on Treo 650 (but shortcuts still work)
  • Menu+Q shortcut for "Quit" (very useful on Treo 650 with Home key disabled)

    oh cripe shaith an update!
    I'm finally replacing 1.3a. I'll see how it works on the wristpda.
    It works very well on the wristpda!
    But, when I installed it on the wristpda via infrared from the Zodiac, it did not overwrite the already existing 1.2f, so I then had both versions on the wristpda. I don't think it should have done that.
    thx god update
    I found a slight problem, though. I had some controls assigned to the Rocker Switch on the WristPDA, and it was working, and then I went back to the controls, enabled "instant restart," and press okay. The instant restart was enabled, but the Rocker Switch was no longer assigned to any controls. So I had to reassign them... Please fix.
    Carl China
    Download Link:
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