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15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
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This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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Confessions of A BOD-aholic for life
What is it with this game?

Here I am, I haven't submitted a game in years I own a brand new Android phone that I love and has gaming potential far beyond what was possible on a palm. I am now in college, and it has been over five years since I started playing. My spelling has improved significantly since I was 13 as has my ability to know when I am beat. My life is full of hours of homework, rehearsals, practicing and working. I don't have time to log onto Facebook, Twitter, heck I have to force myself to check my email(and that involves the chance of canceled classes haha). All this has changed, and I have grown out of a lot of things. I find myself not caring to remember my old favorite games like Star Wars Jedi Knight, Battle front or even halo. I am completely un-enchanted with the idea of buying a Xbox 360, the new Nintendo system or a PS3.

But even now, having spent the last 2 years working full time, going to college and trying my best to accomplish what the world calls "Growing up," I still find myself coming back to this forum, reading through posts four and five years old(boy, was that embaressing). Watching old times that I spent hours accomplishing and still amazed at watching the runs of other participants in our obsession. What about THIS game makes me think in the back of my head, "Someday, I will get an ipod touch or an iphone, and I will finally get into the top ten hall of fame. I will save up a hundred golds and submit them all at once, stunning anyone who happens to stumble on the deserted website." Why after all this time am I still in love with a stick man riding his bike to different flags and then finishing the race?

I just spent around 20 minutes thinking and I have no answer. Sz designed a game to end all games, after 6 years I have failed to find anything as adrenaline pumping as getting a medal on one of these levels. This is the game that always comes back into my head, all other obsessions tend to be one night stands, and nothing really hits the spot but this. I can't explain it, but to this day and probably a great many days to come I will always intend to return eventually. Not now, and probably not in the next year. But the need doesn't go away, I will return one day, and I will try as hard as I can to not let this game die. I am, and forever will be a sold out, 100% Bike or Die-aholic for life.

L4gger625: Mr. Pickle, I want to tell you how I was able to enjoy my childhood game again in the hopes that you or anyone else can do it, too.

First, you need the hardware. I haven't been able to find a good Palm or old iPhone emulator so... Search online for a Palm device on sale or on your local flea market. I got a VERY cheap Palm III on a flea market, I wasn't looking for one but I casually saw it on exhibition! So I said "give me that right freaking now" I don't care if it doesn't work well, I love retro tech. It works and has the original charger but the battery doesn't work at all. It only works while charging and all data is lost on power off lol But hey, it was the equivalent of $3 USD! I also found a used Palm Treo 680 in very good condition for sale online a few years ago but the battery died shortly after... I could in theory be able to replace those Palm's batteries with generic 3.7v batteries but before that I need a very good research and confidence in doing this, I don't want to blow up such rare devices.

Recently, I bought a cheap iPhone 3G, it is used but in excellent condition! I was lucky to find not one but two of them in existence in my country's biggest online marketplace, although I snatched only one of them. I'm no big fan of Apple stuff but I am a big fan of BoD! I remember being able to install BoD on an iPhone 6 several years ago but it was barely playable due to bugs related to the menus, level loading or something, can't remember. So I went with a device which originally had installed iPhone OS 2.0, for which BoD was made, although my iPhone has iOS 4.2.1

The next step is installing BoD. Since it has been deleted from the App Store, you can only try to find online the .ipa package and install it through one of the two methods I've found so far: Patching the .ipa and installing it by enabling developer mode on the Iphone, or jailbreaking the iPhone. I can't remember how I did the former but I did extensive research online and did it on the iPhone 6 without jailbreak. Perhaps the bugs were caused by the patching? Anyway here's the ipa download: Mirrors in my website:

In my case, I did my research online and found this very simple but effective guide m/r/LegacyJailbreak/c omments/uwo07o/tutorialjailbreak_ios_421_untethered/ I had to use a not-so-old but slow laptop on which I installed Windows 7 some time ago, because the Redsn0w utility apparently doesn't work on Windows 10. Once I tried Windows 7 the jailbreaking was a breeze.

Once the iPhone was jailbroken, I installed the BoD 2.1.1 ipa with an old version of iTunes (no real reason to not use the current version of iTunes AFAIK, I just wanted to not install some sort of Apple spyware/bloatware and also to make sure Apple doesn't refuse to install my app and asking me to upgrade to the newest iPhone instead, here's the version I installed in case you're interested, from 2012 or something, but I had to first install a package from Cydia which allows me to install apps that I don't "own". The package is "AppSync for iOS 4.0". Once I installed AppSync, iTunes was able to install the ipa without throwing an error related to me not owning a license to the BoD app. If you have a Palm, you will need a serial key to unlock the full version of BoD, here's a keygen which was hard to find or you can request me a serial in the Discord

Installing levelpacks from this site doesn't work, the screen freezes and then the lockscreen shows up with the touchscreen not responding at all, I have to reset the device when this happens. Seems to be a bug with Safari or iOS, because visiting an App Store link with Safari also results in freezing and the touchscreen stopping working. But I found a workaround You need to use a terminal, just like a tech-savy guy using Linux You need to put the levelpacks' .prc into /private/var/mobile/Applications/1A925875-A49B-4D09-A3D1-25B9A3CD352E/Documents (I don't know if the long ID can vary per device) You can also find your recordings here! In order to put the levelpacks here, you can do it on-device using the Terminal app and the cURL utility , they're on Cydia. Or you can just install the SSH service following the instructions on Cydia, connect to your iPhone and upload the files using the FileZilla or WinSCP program on Windows, the scp command built into Linux distros or even some app to transfer files using SSH on an Android device. If you or anyone else reading this need assistance on this, you can reach me and other BoD veterans on Discord here

I should say that playing in a Palm is better in the sense that it is the "native" or "original" experience, you have the physical buttons which are much better than a touchscreen, but you will almost certainly deteriorate them after enough BoD'ing The screen is also in danger of ugly scratching if you do a lot of BoDesign OTOH, you can get higher resolution on an iPhone (mine is 320x480 vs the 320x320 of the Treo) and you can play in portrait or landscape mode. Playing in portrait mode is surprisingly comfortable, BoD was designed for the Palms' square screens with physical buttons so in an iPhone you get extra screen space for the buttons and for seeing more level at a time But I miss my custom binding on the physical key "p" on the Palm to quickly toggle 3D mode at any time

If I ever move or remove the files in my website, I will let you know the new links in future posts, or you can try a listing at or perhaps

I vehemently encourage you and anyone else reading this to try getting their hands on an old Palm or iOS device, following my guide here and reviving this game's old glory! Join the Discord to get help on this, hanging out in general and also to be updated about any advances on the BoD: Revival project

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Carl China
15 Years On Bike!
time goes by so fast wow

^^ Seems to be his personal home page. It does list an email address.

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Need my BoD fix
I haven't had a Palm device in something like 8 years. Now I'm wanting to play BoD again...

If I buy a Palm device, how do I get the full version of BoD? The link to purchase it is dead and I don't have my purchase info from the first time.
Champ: Yoo what happened to Sz? < /3

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Carl China
12 Years On Bike!
12 Years On Bike!
Carl China
10 Years On Bike!!!
10 Years On Bike!!!
BikerBrian: Vega, I think it's time you download another pack and get back in the game!

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Flash Replays on Mac
I am having trouble with my Mac browsers showing the replays. Safari has never worked. Chrome and FireFox used to work for me, but now none of them do.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Are there any fixes besides booting up my old PC laptop?
BikerBrian: Replays work now in Chrome on the Mac! Happy day!

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Carl China
9 Years On Bike!
9 Years On Bike!
BikerBrian: Yep! This July, BoD will be 10 years old!

My first level was submitted over 6 yrs ago: Riding School (37:24) submitted 1/9/08.

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New Levelpack! - 7 Year Itch
Alpha and I have put together a new levelpack intended for HOF competition. It includes levels developed by Alex, TDG, Th-Champ, and more.

We've been fairly quiet on the forum lately because we've been busy playing all 23,852 BOD levels! We also scoured all 29,060 forum comments looking for level recommendations.

We have selected 16 levels that are of the quality that warrant being included in a HOF pack. Since we started this venture during the 7th year of BOD, we have named this pack “7 Year Itch”.

1. City Errands – from TDG’s Different Levels
2. Great Wall – from 20’s ReDeux
3. Widget – from Th-Levels
4. Space – from Vicious Pack
5. Sharpener – from Alex’s levels
6. Ditch – from Vicious Pack
7. Easy Peasy – from Alex’s levels
8. Deep Down – from Alex’s levels
9. Plundering – from Alex’s levels
10. Pencils – from Thedudeguy’s New Levels
11. Ice cream! – from Alex’s levels
12. This is War – from Thedudeguy’s New Levels
13. Tweak it, Curve it – from Alex’s levels
14. Classroom – from Thedudeguy’s Newer Levels
15. Wishbone – from TDG’s Different Levels
16. Cube Planet – from Thedudeguy’s New Levels

We attempted to submit this pack to Sz, but our email to has bounced. Does anyone know how to reach him?

BB & Alpha

P.s. Alpha and I have tested out this pack on a Treo and an iPhone. If anyone would like to test out "7 Year Itch" while we're waiting for it to be official, message me your email address and I'll send it to you.
Neca: I'm glad to see this game revived

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Bike or Die International Holiday
It has been a while since I've been active in this BoD website. However, I do check in periodically just to see who still plays and what's new. I get an incredible hit of nostalgia just by seeing names and avatars. I miss everyone and how active the community used to be. Then I had an idea: Bike or Die International Holiday. A day where we set aside whatever we're doing and play some Bike or Die whilst being in the chat box. It would be great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. We could discuss levels we're playing at the time or discuss life. A date would have to be agreed on, but I was thinking about July 12, the anniversary of Bike or Die. Let me know what you think!

On a side note, I haven't been playing due to school, work, girlfriend, social life, and a couple of independent projects. Right now I'm out of school, out of work (was only hired as a temp), single, and a little more reclusive. I should start playing BoD soon. The projects I'm working on are a YouTube channel, (first video will be uploaded in a couple of days), and a podcast, , or on iTunes. If you like podcasts subscribe and it would be extremely helpful if we got some reviews. We're trying to get on the "New and Noteworthy" section of iTunes.
Champ: I don't know how well the holiday is going to go since we will all most likely forget now that the game is kind of dead, but I will make a note in my calender.

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Which Palm should I buy?
Hey, BoDers. Long time listener, first time caller.
Not really my first post, but I've been on hiatus for 3 years, so...
I know this topic has been beat to death, so forgive me. I just can't get used to playing on my iPhone. I miss buttons! So I'm going to buy an old Palm on ebay just for BoD (What is it about this game?)
I used to play BoD on my Treo, which I loved. But I'm wondering if I can find:
1. A non-phone Palm with a color screen
2. A button layout that will allow for better two-thumb controls
Does such a device exist?
Vega: BB. That's why I ask. Because I have been eating Paleo for a couple years now myself. I've devoured all the blogs like Chris Masterjohn, Chris Kresser, Dr Harris, WAPF, Mark Sission, etc. And I am a prominent person on PaleoHacks. That's pretty cool that you do CF and eat Paleo.

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Bike or Die Reminiscing
It has been 6 years since I have started playing Bike or Die. I would not have made it throughout these years without the aid of this game. It has supplied me with both hope and love. We have been through many trials together. Whenever I was waiting for a movie to start in a movie theater, I'd whip out my Treo 680. Whenever I had to wait to be picked up from school, Bike or Die was there. It's through these experiences that I realize how special Bike or Die is to me.

Not only was it the game that got me through those years, but also the players. Kris, Xuzz, Brian, PMD, Bones, etc. Everyone in the Bike or Die community has been great. Not to mention, the world's greatest developer, Sz.

However, all good things come to an end. I'd like to send this message out to state my departure. Goodbye. I will never see you again. The years have been good, but I must move on. I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Goodbye, life. You have been replaced by my new Palm Treo and Bike or Die 2.0.

I'm back. As soon as I can somehow get the full version of Bike or Die (the purchasing website is down and I'm unable to get a hold of Sz), I will be up and running in the TTC.

Mr.pickle.: lol I totally missed both of those again, that's what I get for not checking through often

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Android Equivalent?
What's the best game for Android similar to BOD?

I see MX Moto, Dead Rider, and Bike Mania among others.

Bike or Design for iOS
I still have a beta copy of Bike or Design for iOS that Sz sent me at some point a long time ago. Since it's unlikely to be released at this point, but people want to make a new level pack, I'm going to offer to leak it to anyone from here that I *know* (e.g. I remember you from when I actually played this game ;P).

You will need to be jailbroken to use it, since it's only designed for my device. Otherwise, though, it should be relatively easy to install and use.

Send me an email at if you want it.

(Sz: If this is an issue, just let me know, but I'm really only trying to help out the community (Kenn said he couldn't help out because of no Palm OS, etc). I'm not trying to help out piracy and such.)
Mr.pickle.: Rats! Had I known someone was going to come out with this, I would not have sold my ipod touch! oh well, thats how it goes I guess.

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Carl China
Ok This One
Carl China
1.3c 1.3g 1.3h is not gone
Carl China: dl/
Sorry I use this to test

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Carl China
7 Years On Bike!
3 days after......
Carl China: I found 1.3c 1.3g and 1.3h

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Hey, try my bad game
I just made my first game using my trial version of flash... please play and comment if you want... ty
thedudeguy: a year and a half later, and I finally finished the final version-

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I'm still waiting, almost a year now since I got iBODie.
Mr.pickle.: 'sigh' I guess he has given up this game :/ To get him making stuff for it again it would probably have to start selling like crazy in the appstore or something. It's sad I really really love this game but it appears to be dying

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So this is what Szymon was up to...
http://developer.bada .com/challenge/main.d o?menu=CM01010000& regionID=L000000000
He won the Bada Global Developer Challenge with his Mooncoder buddy Maciej Komosinski and the game Little Sailor! Congratulations! B)
I hope a webOS port is upcoming, and maybe a Bike or Die revival, now that he is about 150000$ richer...
thedudeguy: I forsee iBoDesign in the near future... and soon after - my new levels

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Me in a contest
Well I know some of you have already looked, but I'm still losing and I need all your help... If everyone just watches the video maybe once a day, it'll put me a leg up on the competition. Thanks for the help of everyone whos helping, and maybe tell someone else to check it out to... m/watch?v=qz0Xw4lIfVo
thedudeguy: Wait... at this point we need to stop inflating the views before the view count freezes

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