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New in Hall of Fame: Winter Pack and One Wheel Fun!

The 14th Hall of Fame levelpack is  Winter Pack, containing 14 amazing levels created by the best Bike or Die players!

If you downloaded the Winter Pack before, please delete it and download the current version, otherwise your scores won't be accepted into the Hall of Fame!
Players using the old Bike or Die v1.6, should upgrade to the most recent version 1.6b, earlier versions contained a bug that affected the radial gravity levels, which was not an issue until now - as the Winter Pack is the first Hall of Fame pack using radial gravity (see  Planet Time Trial).

Do you prefer freestyle over time trial racing? The new competition has just started:
 One Wheel Fun - "Save rubber, ride on one wheel!"
Is it possible to complete a level using just one wheel? Probably not, but can you go farther than anyone else?

More about Freestyle



Sz, you are the GREATEST! Seriously, winter pack looks great. I'm having more fun than I've had in awhile.

this really looks amazing!!
immediatly going to download it
©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING