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Bike or Die! 2.1

I thought the iPhone version will appear first (it has been sent to AppStore few days ago) but the delay is longer than expected. I managed to compile the new Palm version in the meantime

And here it is:
Download Bike or Die! 2.1a for Palm

- introducing "Save & Resume", as shown in the previously published video
This means the game will be easier and less frustrating for new players - you don't need to play the level from the very beginning each time you die. However, you still have to complete the level in one go in order to submit your score to the Hall of Fame.
The new "automatic Save & Resume" feature is ON by default, which means you will experience it just by playing the game as usual. This might be not what you want if you are the experienced player struggling to get the best Hall of Fame score - read the Hints below to learn how to tame Save & Resume.

  • Note the "R" icon in the bottom right corner. It reminds you the current game has been resumed (so you won't be surprised you can not submit it later)
  • Restart the game twice in a row to get back to the beginning (making the game HoF-able again)
  • You can disable the automatic saving completely (see Control Options)
  • Even when auto saving is disabled, you can still save manually, anytime you want (press and hold Pause, or define a button in Control Options/Function)

  • The "R" icon is also displayed in level selector if a given level was only completed by resuming.
  • As a "side effect", the game is now also saved on quit (and resumed on the next start). Such feature was requested long time ago - after all, this is the standard Palm application behavior.
  • Palm only: Manual camera movement is now more usable - it stays in place after releasing the pen so you can look around more comfortably while playing. Wait a few seconds to shift back to normal. (iPhone version worked that way since 2.0)

    Bug fixed in 2.1a (Palm)
  • levels completed by resuming did not unlock further levels

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    WARNING: Don't download the new iPhone/iPod version 2.1 - it is broken! The next update will be available as soon as possible.
    NOTE: Palm version updated to version 2.1a
    These are really good features and respective button shortcuts! Not that I would use them though, because I like submitting to the HoF. Hopefully now there will be less crabby reviews in the iPhone App Store for this game
    Hey, just installed 2.1 on my iPhone (3g in case it matters). It lost my replays and now won't install from the site. I installed my best times, it only gave me my best for the first level. Did something break?
    I see the same thing on my iPod. It doesn't automatically select the best run as Ghost (no ghost is there even after re-downloading the best times) and it makes it so you have to complete the levels again to play a level later in the pack.

    If you select to use your My best as the Ghost rider, you will see the rider, but it doesn't solve the problem of the disappearing bests and having to redo the levels to play the ones later in the pack.

    SZ, HELP.

    yeah my ipod did the same thing
    good thing I haven't updated yet then
    Let me know when it's safe!
    ah, you're right, version 2.1 is broken
    i played it quite long before releasing and never run into problems - but now after reading about your findings i tried installing 2.1 after 2.0 with full set of recordings imported from my profile and it failed (losing my best scores).
    i'm sorry
    of course all the recordings you sent to the Hall of Fame are safe (even though they disappear from the game), and the next update will fix it.
    the only good news is that i have already found the bug, but the update can't be made available immediately, because it must be reviewed by the AppStore staff, as usual (it took over 2 weeks last time...).

    Palm version is not affected.
    If we already updated it is there any way to go back to 2.0?
    no, i doubt it is possible
    we can only hope we will not have to wait such long until the next update appears in the AppStore...

    and today is a bug day, apparently
    the palm version 2.1 did not regard resume-completed levels as completed (and did not let you play further levels). fixed in 2.1a
    Thanks Sz. Stinks there was an issue, glad you are on top of it.
    Ugh, it's worse than I realized Sz. It loses them every startup. I beat the first 5 or 6 and quit then went back, they were lost again. Stinks, makes it pretty close to unplayable until next release darn you appstore!!!!
    I think sometimes iTunes will keep the App file in it's App directory. Default location on PC is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications
    Though I think for most Apps it completely replaces it when updating. If you're nervous about updating your favourite Apps you should make a back up old versions of Apps to a non-iTunes controlled folder before updating.

    The only certain way I know to install a previous version is to have a jailbroken iPhone. Only when it's jailbroken you can SSH into your iPhone and hack so that it will recognize "cracked Apps". Then find a cracked version of the App you want and sync it with iTunes.

    (but go ahead for other Apps )
    Carl China
    Sz, is 6 Jul 2004 had version 0.9?!
    Carl China
    WARNING:The best don't be download v2.1a - When download to your phones is rigistered!
    Carl China
    Oh no not rigistered.
    It seems to be fixed in 2.1.1 just went live now. Thanks!
    I just got 2.1.1 but I still have the problem, what can I do?
    Delete/re-install? Backup, format iDevice?

    make sure you download your games from the site..
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