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If This Game has PC Version This game will HOT.

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Bike or Die for iPhone!

Bike or Die is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch!
Bike or Die in AppStore

The game is basically identical to the Palm version. The main difference is that there are no buttons - everything is touchscreen-controlled.
See YouTube video

iPhone users play the same levels as Palm users and compete in the same Hall of Fame. However, it is not clear yet if the touchscreen control will prove good enough for the real world class champions. There is only one way to find out - play!

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Download them by using safari on the phone to access your profile and download your best times. When it starts to download, it will automagically open BoD and add those runs to it.
no comments for 4 days, this forum is really dead
i wish it wasnt...
I realize that what I'm about to say is pretty deep, but I think it may be the solution to our dead forum...

In order to have comments on the forum, we have to post them.

Politics anyone?
we all basically pop in just to see if there are any new level packs, or interesting open games to watch eh?
Jings BB - you should know better than to attempt to bring in Politics...
Would be interesting to see the "traffic" stats for the site, rather than just the forum though - I expect that the site is actually still quite "busy"
Ha, the last time I brought up politics, there were 187 comments! Some of them were pages in length.

I agree with you that lots of people visit the site regularly but don't leave comments.

A new levelpack sounds great. It's been a year since Winter pack came out.
I'm also here for sure every day. But without new levels/routes or a random discussion board (like politics), there is nothing to comment on.
I too check in almost every day hoping to find a new level pack for inspiration. A nice big pack of new levels would work wonders for sure...Sz may surprise us, and his levels are always fantastic. Are you listening Sz???
I have drawn a whole pack of levels (). I was tempted to do them on the simulator, but after it crashed 3 times halfway into the 1st level, I decided to wait for iBike or Design, which is pretty much done (last I saw). When iBike or Design comes out, we can pretty much be sure that we will have a flood of new levels (some good, some bad, some odd, ect.)(some from us and some from people who have never posted on the forum) that we can all play.
... I forgot what I was planning to put in the first set of parentheses...
Hey guys, thanks for commenting. Now the forum isn't dead

TDG, maybe you were going to put the name of your new levelpack inside the parentheses?

Sz does indeed have great levels, but I don't think any more so than the players themselves. There are already a wealth of excellent levels to choose from, and it was super cool to see the players come together and organize Old School and Next Gen at the same time. I think packs should be changed up a bit though, from small packs to larger. Maybe a minimum of 8-10 levels with a maximum of 18-20 levels. It doesn't always have to be 15.

Some sweet day, I will be more involved in this game. That day is not here yet though

You all are really great, ya know.


My browser just opens up all my tabs from when I last closed it and BoD forum page is one of them, I check it everyday but as mentioned, without anything to comment on theres really no point, I tried to get some comments out there with my freestyle gold but it went nowhere
I also check the forums on a daily basis and agree with Lee that although the comments are low, the site is probably very active.

A new level pack would be great and spark up some more activity.
when iBODesign comes out, maybe the forum will be active for a year or 2. when a new hof levelpack comes out it will also be populated for a short while. the only real way to keep the forum going would be if sz would dedicate his life to bod(making new features, freestyle competitions, and hof packs). since he wouldn't make any money like that, we have to accept that the forum will die out completely one day.
the sad truth is that BoD just doesn't have enough publicity... I'll see what I can do about that.
Well, as it seems, the App review sites are like a family. If one writes news about something, they all look to each other to update their own sites. Most sites I visit already have reviews for Bike or Die (all positive...) except for They are willing to review any apps they find reviewable, (including ones they missed before), especially if the developer supplies a promo (although not nessecary). If Sz submits the update and informs 148apps, you can be sure that there will be plenty of new bikers to keep this game going. All we'll need is a new pack for new competition (as many of them might be scared off by the insane times of some of the older levels).
Oh, forgot to add that they only review apps that they picked out of the top 10 list on itunes or apps that developers requested a review
"Politics anyone?"


Anyhow, yeah I sort of stopped checking in everyday, more like once a week but still pretty regular.....TDG thats interesting..I havnt heard from sz in forever tho
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