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Bike or Die 2 Released

Here comes the new Bike or Die!

Download: Bike or Die! 2

The most important difference is graphics - now it is possible to design levels using multiple textures and there is a nice 3D effect making everything look more real than ever.

Summary of version 2 changes:
  • Improved level design, more textures, 3D-like effect
  • Background music
  • High contrast mode
  • Customizable bike appearance
  • "Player Profiles" for storing multiple configurations, especially useful when playing with family or friends
  • Variable zoom
  • "Map mode" is no longer static, you can even play on the map screen (as long you can manage to steer a tiny bike)
  • Commonly used menu commands can be assigned to buttons

    Note: V1-> V2 upgrade is not free

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    Update: Bike or Die! 2.1
    that should be "custom"not "cusom"
    Don't know if I should report here: Anyway, the speed and everything works just right (2.0b) on my TH55! My really old machine can still do it!

    But, in BoD1 I played in landscape mode using the whole 320*480 screen. Now, I can't do that anymore. I can rotate the screen, but BoD won't see that there's a virtual graffiti area: The small arrow button on the bar is shaded which means, I can't hide the area...
    Erich, I also "lost" my recording when I upgraded to BOD2. This was because the default is to store in internal memory and so it started a new file in internal memory. If you just change the setting to store on the card, it should merge the recording files and load stuff from the card instead (you'll probably want to back up the recording files on the card before you make the switch, just in case). This worked great for all but one of the levels, where several of the recordings were still not showing up in the best times, but I just typed 'rescue' from one of the levels (like an easter egg) and it recovered all the files. Hopefully this will work for you, because it is annoying not to have your best times
    Can a Tungsten T display all the new features?
    According to Wikipedia, the Tungsten T has a "(ARM) 126 MHz processor," so it can run BoD 2 if the TH55 can.
    interesting to note that the web site is still playing the old stick bike man on the replays.
    I don't really mind, but is there any intention to upgrade the replays to the new BOD2 Guy and the 3D layout?
    The "rescue" trick doesn't do it for me... I always had problems getting the easter eggs to work in BoD.

    Anyway, I'll try copying the result and recording files back to my device, ASAP (next week).
    I was now able to restore the times, just by copying my backup over the BoD folder on my Memorystick...
    Carl China
    Wow, Carl. If you'd posted just a few more links, you could have had an entire page of the forum to yourself.
    I think there was a time when he had around 3 pages straight. He gets over it eventually.
    Is there any version of Bike or Die available to purchase for an iphone at this time?
    um. ok so like... I have an iphone and was preparing for a long plane ride.
    tried to download BoD for $5.99 but the app store wouldn't let me. is this game even available anymore?
    so sad that I am even asking this. where's Sz? jeez.
    I have it on my iPhone, but I doubt that will do you much good.

    You might try emailing SZ at
    Andrew A
    Vega - I see new players cropping up still (one today), but only from China it seems. Would suggest the app is still available on the Chinese App Store, but how you get to access it... I have been automatically redirected to the US site when looking for apps apparently not available here (UK), but I don't know if you can do it yourself.

    Or you could try setting up family sharing with someone, but that may well only work with music.
    Andrew A
    Oh - and I tried contacting Sz about a year or so ago, on 2 email addresses BB suggested - but no reply.

    I think this game is now Abandonware
    ok so for real? I can't buy it? that is insane. everybody else can keep playing and submitting but I can't play anymore?
    One more email to try Vega.

    If you look on the App Store, Toyspring has a sailing game where SZ is shown as the developer. It is much more recent. They mention if you want a customized version of that game you can email that email address.
    I also just got a new phone and am unable to download the game Granted in my case I probably still wouldn't get around to playing it very often, but I occasionally get the itch and I don't have any way to play Not fun.
    I have a BoD install file that is cracked. You should be able to put it on your iPhone and not need a password. Give me an email address and I'll send it to you to try.
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