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Levelpack Explorer BikerBrian
Wow, you got me...
Levelpack Explorer Alpha
According to http://www.gavroche.o rg/vhugo/sentence.shtml there is a Czech novel that consists of one 128-page long sentence that beats you both -- Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age by Bohumil Hrabal.

In the English literature we have: Jonathan Coe's The Rotters Club, published in 2001, contains a sentence with 13,955 words. And there is a sentence in "Ullyses" by James Joyce, which clocks in at 4,391 words.

The things you learn in Bike or Die...
Grape Ending Bg
Nice, good to see some of my old levels getting some play
Grape Ending BikerBrian
Great job in designing it. Did you ever imagine it could be completed in 12:50?
Levelpack Explorer stiggy
Hey guys, if you want some good fun levels go to a profile called BACKTUCK, he has some sweet levels. And also, is there a bike or design for the iPhone? I really want to make levels.
Levelpack Explorer thedudeguy
In order to use iBoDesign, your iphone must be jailbroken... but yes there is an iBoDesign.
Levelpack Explorer stiggy
ok, thanks. I had my iPod jailbroken at one point, but than it locked up, so I had to restore.
Levelpack Explorer BikerBrian
Stiggy, I couldn't find any levels that   backtuck designed. Do you know of the name of his levelpacks?
Levelpack Explorer stiggy
Just search his username in the search engine, then go to uploads, they should be there. The levelpacks names are t.f.f.m easy, t.f.f.m awesome, etc.
Awesomeness chrisclan17
Anyone know how to beat either of the first 2 levels in this levelpack
Levelpack Explorer chrisclan17
Anyone know how to beat Big Hill in levelpack Awesomeness.
Levelpack Explorer stiggy
My friend made that level, and it is impossible...
Grape Ending Bg
Nope, way to muddy the purity of my design
Levelpack Explorer tony 83
Need more level packs I've downloaded every one available
Awesomeness dvnilo
first level seems to be wrong. i just can't find an exit. the second i thing i'll be never able to finish. therefore, no way i can play these levels
graph Vega
No sure if everything with the pack is final yet, but just thought I'd throw out there that there seems to be quite a bit of unused space and design here on the left side. It makes the replay smaller, the level unnecessarily larger. If the design/art on that side was something to speak of, then fine, but....
Laser Laser
I nominate this level.
Laser BikerBrian
That's a great level, but this one is much better:  Biker Brian
Th-Levels Champ
Ha. Mr. Pickle, so you still have them by chance? I remember I lost some levels I was trying to get into HoF. I was really upset when my phone ka-puted.

And thank you for the positive comments, guys. I plan on making some radtastic levels in the somewhat near future (in a year or so).. I've just been so busy these past few years.

I miss all of you and I miss playing the game. BoD has forever a special place in my heart.
Widget Champ
The prototype for HoF! It has come such a long way.
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