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Multiple Head to Head!

Thanks to   Xuzz , who enhanced my replay routine, it is now possible to view more than 2 players simultaneously!

 rachman! vs. 4 others
 Kristopher vs. 6 others
 Shane vs. 7 others

Additionally, the Head-to-Head links will no longer become invalid after making some games secret - now the page displays normally, just hiding the secret items.

Another improvement suggested by Xuzz is displaying links to other commented games in the "Related" section. This helps finding older comments for HoF games replaced by later submissions.

SZ, I see the list of players at the top, but only 2 bikes in the replay. I tried shift-reload just to make sure I had the right app, but no luck. It will be a great enhancement though.

the flash plugin seems to ignore shift-reload but it should work now: i just changed the file name so now it has no other way than downloading the new version
This is fantastic - such fun to watch, great work Sz and Xuzz
Excellent work Sz and Xuzz - Looks very good!

I t would be good though if the check boxes in the HoF didn't have the javascript limiting them to two any more!
mike flips
GREAT SZ! I love seeing these.

Look at my huge lead in the screenshot I tried for gold a while back but kept dying at the end
Do a reload to get the 8 checkboxes working...
How about a button to auto select the first 8 public games? I know, always wanting more!

Sz, you should definitely use some of these 8 player replays as advertising for the AppStore.
I can't figer out how to make this work...I was gonna do one of die or die,with 8 players,but it will only let me select 2,am i missing something?
whoops,just saw ibanez's comment, lol my computer got stuck when I tried to veiw an 8 at a time on die or die,lol.
dumb slow thing....
 mike flips vs. 5 others
This is what they call, "owning the game."
 DavidKing vs. 7 others

Riding School Part 2: I'd call that a Bottle
 Smalls vs. 7 others

Lee just can't follow the crowd:
 Kristopher vs. 7 others

Crazy back wheel:
 DavidKing vs. 7 others

BTW, there are three ways to get 6:26 on Bottle!??
 rachman! vs. 7 others

Those "7 others" are getting rather popular.
Awesome Sz !

Any other replay features does anybody want me to try and code?
Kristopher, I wouldn't call Riding School Part 2 a 'Bottle'. Just because the times are bunched, they are not all the same.

In my mind, the term 'Bottle' is reserved for a level where a couple button presses and you have the max score possible. On Riding School Part 2, getting near Small's time is not a couple of presses and no one has matched it yet. In fact, there are only 2 separate times in the top 10 that are the same and they are not mirror image runs of eachother. Pretty amazing since it is a 12 second level.

I would call Downhill Madness and Equisplateral a bottle though.

this almost makes me want to open some of my games...except im to lazy to sift through them all.
Spence, all you need to do is sort your current games as HoF to make it easy to see your fastest runs. Here you go: player.php?pt=1& p=3233& s2=41& ftyp=3

Oh boy... we're gonna have fun with this
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