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There are 3 ways to submit your score to the "Bike or Die" Hall of Fame:

1. Upload directly from the game

This is usually the best method, but you need the internet connection configured on your palm.

Use the menu "Rec/Submit my best times" to automatically send your best time trial results for all levels.
Apart from this, you can also send any recording from the "Recorded Games" window (use the menu Rec/Recorded Games to get to this window). This method can be useful when multiple players use your palm and some of them want to submit their recordings even if they are not the best and are not automatically picked up by the above procedure.
  • Select the recording
  • Tap the "Actions..." button
  • Select the "Submit to the server" action

2. Upload the recording file from your browser

This method can be used if you don't have the internet connection on your palm.
For now it is not very convenient:
  • Sync your palm
  • Click on "Browse" below and look for the recording files. They should be in the backup directory in your PalmDesktop installation, usually "C:\Program Files\Palm\username\Backup". The files are named according to your score, eg."BikeOrDie_Rec-L1-T12345.pdb" if you played on level 1 with the time 1:23.45.
Recording file

3. Use the websync application

Like the previous one, this method can be used if your palm doesn't have the internet connection. It is more convenient, because you don't have to look for your recording files - everything goes automatically.

  1. You need Java on your PC
    (Use this link to Download Java from if you don't have Java installed already).
  2. Click on the icon to launch "Bike or Die" websync
  3. The application needs to access your palm files and the network in order to synchronize your scores with the Hall of Fame server. During the first start java will issue the security warning. You have to confirm the dialog by selecting "Yes" if you want to use the "Bike or Die" websync.
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