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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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Rotatable Updraft
I don't know if somebody said it before but it maby would be cool if you could rotate the Updrafts so you can be pushed to the left or the right; it maby isn't UP-draft but

(and I think it wouldn't be so hard to make it possible)
MacGuru: I suggested something when 1.4 came out but mine was more along the lines of polygon based draft with user specified directions...

So instead of a big box of upward wind you could make any shape you want and it would blow you up/down/left/right or anywhere in between.

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I think it would be cool to play against another player nearby using infrared or bluetooth... we can have races... or even scoring points for tricks etc... we can have obstacles... many more types of games... but i think multiplayer would be a good feature
Mr.pickle.: kinda wierd it never happend huh...

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My HoF nominees
Arise of the updraft:
Level 12- The Sock http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1430

Bacs Levels:
Level 1- Shifting Lane
Level 10- Puzzle

Default Genesis's Chaos:
Level 7- The Spike

Dieter Levels 2:
Level 12- T
Level 9- Special Effects

Dieter Levels 5:
Level 6- Awesome
Level 15- Fastlane

Eric's Levels:
Level 2- The Impossible

Pilot Player:
Level 1- Pilot Player Workshop

RDB's Levels:
Level 6- Halfpipe

Level 5- Snooker
Level 12- Squeeze
Level 20- Two Lanes

Th-Pack (my level pack )
Level 2- Widget http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1837
Level 3- Freezeburg http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1838
Level 10- Champ http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1845
Level 14- Gettin' Lazy http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1849

XA Software Reloaded 6:
Level 2- The Cave http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1995
Level 10- The New 6 Pack http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=2003

Eclectic Dog:
Level 3- THE WELL http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1853

The Scary Files:
Level 7- Infinity http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1695

And thats about all . Leave feedback by a PM or post. If you would like to add one, just comment with the link.
There are probably more levels that could be in HoF, but those are the only levels that I've PLAYED that I think should be in HoF. So yeah. And most of them will probably have to be edited (no duh )
Kristopher: I made this page to keep an active list of all of the level nominations: http://fusionware.our eordie/halloffamelevelsvote.php .
I will add the voting feature once we have all of the nominations.

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I dont know if anyone has suggested this already, but i think that when you press the display map button, you should be able to see where your ghost is as well. that way you can asses your progress compared to your last attempt, and im sure there would be many other applications for that feature. I also think you should be able to choose which ghost time races with you, whether it was a completed lever or one that you died in. once again it will help you if you are ahead of your best time in particular parts of a level. it will be an amazing tool.
Sz: will be in the final v1.5!

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same times
well, if u made same time later - u get one place lower

i mean. example. rachman! is first at "Bottle" and Dai is second, but they have the same time.

but Dai plays this game not so long ago, and if he would play from begin - probably he would make 6.26 first.

so, maybe it's good idea - when times are the same - places are the same?
at least for medal places.

it will be fair. i think.
Vega: my comment was in response to Kris's post above. Mike and I were typing at the same time

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mike flips
Music in BoD
I think there was a post about sound effects and stuff becoming a bit more "realistic." I was thinking there could be some music that comes along in the newer version. Maybe some rock music to get people in the mood more for BoD.

Then our BoD band could make a track to put in.
Sz: oh, i didn't know the realplayer is so bad at low quality mp3.
it would mean i cannot rely on the built-in decoder
(and i won't probably supply my own one, because of the licensing/patent issues)

so... long live MOD music!

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Ressurecting replays back onto your Palm
Hey Sz, I just went through a backup process on my palm, and for some reason I have lost all of my old replays, other than the current level pack.

I'm not calling this a bug, as I have been fiddling with my palm and transfering a lot of stuff between main memory and SD card recently.... BUT.

Now I am missing all my best-time replays, and I feel less inclined to go and revisit those levels if I don't have a ghost to race against.

Is there any way of getting them from the BoD web page?
Viewable, but unavailable for Head to Head
The new Head to Head tool is one of the coolest new features of BoD. But there is something that I like to bring attention to that I am sure many players have already thought about. The number of secret games has greatly increased since H2H came out. Personally, I would keep only select games secret if it weren't for H2H. So here is my proposal..... How about giving players the option of making
games viewable, but at the same time inaccessible for H2H. (governed by the "submitter" or "owner" of the run, of course).

So for example, let's say I am comfortable with having everyone view my Sinus Mountains game, but I don't want anybody to have access to run it H2H. Is there a way we can do this?

What made me think of this is that Kris had put together a site that displayed all the fastest public games http://bikeordie.50we and some that I have put secret on BoD are still viewable here and I
don't mind at all for reasons noted above
Vega: If someone is willing to try to view the vids in 2 diff browsers , then they must want to learn it bad enough and they deserve it!

I think my idea is good

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Is now the time to add another new levelpack??
Guys, do you think now is the time to think adding some new levelpack? Since Vega is getting bored and he attacks the older levelpack, why don't we give him a new ones instead old levelpack to play :-p
It has been more than 3 months since the last levelpack released on March 11. Maybe the good launching time is on the 3rd birthday of bod?? (but i don't think there's enough time to do that, since there's only several days left until July 12) What do you think guys??
Henoch: and i hope that time you have finish 8 to 12 levels of moviepack vega.
Thanks anyway

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Tools to search comment from one user
I think it is good if we can have tools to search comments from one user in this webpage forum. Because the forum has become so big more than 12000 messages in this forum, it is very difficult to search any interesting comment you've read before.
What do you think guys??
Kristopher: Nice RSS!!!

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Resizeable tool in bike or design
It would be much easier to create levels if there was a resizeable tool.
Show the time
Sometimes when playing BoD in a room without any clock and watches, and we want to know what time is it, we have to quit the BoD first to know what time is now.
Why don't be added some feature to show the time. Since we have the pause button, in the pause mode it can also show the time. I don't think it is a difficult matter for Sz since BoD can access the time (every recording we made show when did it made)
Henoch: oops I don't know about the "T" + [Enter] . But why not??

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Longest Standing Golds Competition
Kind of like the Golden club, but it counts days on individual Golds. Or maybe the days that one person has had one gold. Maybe it's too similar to the golden club? I don't know, but it might be cool.
bones: what if we used vegas two ideas but we had them on one page. for idea 2 recognize the top five people and the second i agree to recognizing one. also we should have them all one one page for idea two but at the same time when you click a page for a level it should show the person whose had the most gold days on the level

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You Qi
LIve Guidance in Maps
I'm thinking of making the guide(like Level 1 and 2 in standard level) for external maps. good idea? Sometimes playing map like "Hill Marathon" I will lost count the hills while playing and miss the jump!
bones: do you mean like the words at the top. being able to add them would be cool
Movie with the changes of accelerations
I believe that a good form to help the new ones so that they copy routes without so many attempts would be that the option existed to see the movie with the changes of accelerations or decelerations that we used. For this the option could be included to see the changes of color of bici, for example green when we accelerated red yellow when we let do it and to restrain. If SZ can be done it would be incredible because this could give the new dynamics to the game so that the players study their games with others and they improve them.
Cirenco: I believe that it on approval in a game to see if would be due to experiment on this and to let it influences much in the game. Now I see that the colors in bici can be used of other forms and turns out pleasant to see the duels.

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Fast Forward Button
I would like a fast forward button. If you hold it down, the game would run 2-3x faster. It would be great for levels like Up! Up! Up!, where you have to accelerate for ten seconds. With this button, it would only take 3 real seconds to climb the hill.
Sort by... for levelpack select?
I personally find it kind of frustrating when I upload 5-6 new level packs for BOD and find myself guessing which ones I just added at a later time.

Would it be possible to have the ability to sort by "ABC" or by "Hotsync date" etc?

A feature like that would be quite helpful for those with LOTS of packs on their Palm.
Medal Bonus Points Voting
I see all the votes getting lost amongst the many varied posts on the original thread. So how about using this thread only for your vote - other comments remaining on the original thread.

Here are what I believe is the shortlist - vote for your 1st and 2nd choice. 1st gets 2 points, 2nd gets 1 point. Option with the most points after Jan 31st wins!

Even if you've voted in the original thread I think it's a good idea to reiterate here to keep all votes in one place.

Option #1
Gold: 20 points
Silver: 15 points
Bronze: 10 points
#4: 7 points
#5: 6 points
#6: 5 points
#7: 4 points
#8: 3 points
#9: 2 points
#10: 1 point

Option #2
Gold: 20 points
Silver: 18 points
Bronze: 16 points
#4: 14 points
#5: 12 points
#6: 10 points
#7: 8 points
#8: 6 points
#9: 4 points
#10: 2 points

Option #3
Gold: 20 points
Silver: 15 points
Bronze: 12 points
#4: 9 points
#5: 7 points
#6: 5 points
#7: 4 points
#8: 3 points
#9: 2 points
#10: 1 points

Option #4
Gold: 10 points
Silver: 9 points
Bronze: 8 points
#4: 7 points
#5: 6 points
#6: 5 points
#7: 4 points
#8: 3 points
#9: 2 points
#10: 1 point

Option #5
Gold: 15 points
Silver: 10 points
Bronze: 5 points

Option #6
Gold: 25 points
Silver: 18 points
Bronze: 12 points
#4: 7 points
#5: 6 points
#6: 5 points
#7: 4 points
#8: 3 points
#9: 2 points
#10: 1 points

Option #7
Gold : 25 points
Silver: 20 points
Bronze: 16 points
#4 : 13 points
#5 : 11 points
#6 : 10 points
#7 : 9 points
#8 : 8 points
#9 : 7 points
#10 : 6 points
#11 : 5 points
#12 : 4 points
#13 : 3 points
#14 : 2 points
#15 : 1 points
Sz: levelpacks added, but the rest is postponed until tomorrow, i have to get some sleep...
(and again, "arcade reality" is to blame people email me and i have to answer )

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Player Profile
i think a little more should be added to the players profile. a spot showing there highest ever rank. a spot showing their highest ever point total. a spot showing most medals they ever had.and my favorite player specticales.a spot where someone else come on your profilean says something you accomplishedthat wouldn't be noted above.EX
kristopher: over 1000 posts, made his own bike or die website
EX2:mac guru suggested flashtool replays to sz, suggested live chat by javascript use.

please tell me what you think. if you like the idea. and most importintally how to improve it.
bones: yeah that's my second favorite part. my favorite is te player specticle where you write stuff about people. like levels they revolutionized is something i forgot to put an example of

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site and game suggestions
Game suggestions...
for the map view, make mines blink of flash like the biker, flags, and checkered flag. Can't see the mines on some maps b/c it's so big, the mines looke like squares or dots and practically blend in with the terrain.

Site suggestions (I did post this elsewhere, but dunno if ppl are able to get through all the posts)
-A search feature
-email notifications to message replies
-email notifications to PMs
-html tags or just formatting

-see more than 10 levels per page
-see more than 10 level packs per page
-compare levels side by side (e.g. all of Master KO's levels across all levelpacks, see all hard rated levels across the level packs, etc.)

-be able to jump to any page instantly, rather than having to go from 10 to 40, to 70, to 100, etc.
Kristopher: You're using frames in IE6 because you didn't go directly to

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