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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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Windows based Level Editor
Any chance of a level editor to run under Windows?
Kristopher: SZ makes Palm Games, not PC software.

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Level Editor
There should be more objects in the level editor. I don't know if there's a way to get more pics right now, but if there is there should be a place where it explains how to get them. ?: If there is a way to get pics, how can I get them?
Dieter: Custom bitmaps (advanced)
Unfortunately, the current "Bike or Design" won't help you creating custom bitmaps for your levels. However, you can add bitmaps to the levelpack database, using a resource editor, eg. RsrcEdit. "Bike or Die" uses bitmap IDs 401..431. You can add more bitmaps, starting with some higher number, eg. 450, or replace the builtin ones. Then, use the Picture object and select the picture #50; it will refer to the bitmap 450. (Note that you can choose nonexisting picture in the selector dialog - just enter the proper number in the textfield). The actual picture will not be visible in the editor nor during the test play, it will only appear while using the levelpack in the game. You can temporarily add the bitmaps to the BikeOrDie.prc to overcome this limitation.

Or, you can wait for the next release, which will support custom bitmaps without that hassle.

On the home page It has
Bike or Design v1.1g Read about the level editor
Click Here
You Qi
2 new improvements for the coming version.
1)A new option to close the wifi > keep the wifi on if the wifi is on before the submitting and vice versa.

2)Make a function in map editor which allow us to set the bike startup facing position.(I found that all bike will only facing right at the beginning)
some thoughts
well, i think that only Oliver still have fun playing all those levels (well, that's another story)

probably time for new levelpacks?

i understand that all our games take space on server and if this is the problem - probably u can to freeze all present custom levelpaks (except You Qi's pack, it's relative new) in online competition. delete all recordings except top 3 for every level. so u can free space and still peoples will see how to play those levels.

and add new 3 LP's?
like example Ruben made some good one's.

i already can not look at Master KO and SiuLun's Levels.
so boring. even if i play now very seldom (coz i dont have palm device)
Sz: i think i will revert back to my original idea - make a new levelpack from the existing, best rated levels. this would let me add some MrD's levels without making the levelpack impossible to pass (and yes, many Ruben's levels have good rating)

as for the ZodiacGamer/Draken... they are not that bad

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Web Stats
Being able to see other's players stats in each level (and total) would be nice!
Ando: that would be awesome, to see who got lucky and who played it a million times. another idea- to show which recording was their top one

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I think it would be cool and interesting that when you are watching someone's replay, you could be able to view the seconds.
PrayeR: lolololololololololloololololol
turn off the tutor
I think it would be great to be able to turn off the tutor on the first two levels. I use the tap bottom middle of the screen to switch directions. so i am in the middle of the game and i go to turn around tap the screen and it ends my game and starts the tutor ride.
Bill: yes... but i'm in like 30th place on those 2 levels...

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LevelPack Rating
Since there has been so much intrest in a new LP in the HoF, then I suggest that there were a place where players could vote for their favorite LP.
Taking into account that they're not too easy but not too hard so that all players could play. They should also take into account originality and creativity.
Sena: I agree and disagree. I think that this should be used just for everyone's personal use (and for Sz to have a look at which ones are popular), but the LP that is choses for HoF should be reasonably hard. Also, you should be able to view all 'voting' on one page.

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Freestyle Competition
There should be a way to divide these games by levels. Just like it can be divided by country.
new level pack in online competition
i post it here because i have some suggestions.

as u c, custom level packs in online competition are pretty hard, i mean many of levels in Standard Level pack are easier.

and as u can c - a lot of peoples submitted their games for standard level pack - but not so much for Custom LP's.

i would like to see in Online Competition - simple level pack, LP that can be played by many peoples.
LP that consist of levels like first levels in Standard level pack...
like example something like "test the limits" LP.

because now it's just LP for bunch of fanatics and good players.

and it's good for the game when many peoples play it.
PrayeR: SZ
i am removing my last suggestion, because i got now that most of players won't like that.

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Raking in Hall of Fame Levelpacks
Have you ever noticed that you can't see your rankings in the LPs: SuiLin, Master KO, OrRs and in You Qi. I would like to be able to click an the LP name for example You Qi and see my rankings in the 10 leve?s instead of clicking on the LP name and then you are at the levelpack.
Sena: wow that's so useful I had no idea

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Memory Deleter
Has anyone ever done a backup and noticed how many files Bike or Die uses? There should be some tool that allows u to delete all recordings that are a certain time old, eg. a year, a month or a custom time u select.
Sz: yeah, it also is connected with  All recordings in one file - which means you won't have so many files after the "archive" feature will be added.

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Comparing Profiles
I think it would be cool if there were a way to compare two player's profiles so that you can see how far off or close you are to a certain player. This could make players want to play more to beat someone.
Ruben: thanks.

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All recordings in one file
Because I'm playing Bike or Die for quite a long time now, my palm is full of BoD recordings. Half of all the files are bod-files now(about 400), and I don't know why, but my backup takes ages (4hrs on a T|C) because the bike or die recording backup really slow. Is there anyway to put them into one big recording file (or on option to do it so that the people who upload their recording through this site can still do it too).

Thanks in advance,

Sena: i agree with Sz, and i think it's far to risky doing it this way. I think it should be optional

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You Qi
I would like the newest scores, messages, news... in rss format. This can make it easier for me in everything! even with this function it can also safe some bandwidth for this site. how you think Sz?
Sz: why not... it should be easy

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You Qi
TimeZone Time?
If I'm not mistaken the time here is based on Poland? what about making a specific time for everyone? we can set our timezone in our profile there.
Sz: good!
funny thing is i can't see a difference (for obvious reasons )

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You Qi
Emotion icon shortcut
may I have a list of all emotion icon shortcuts?
Allen: : + D thank you dags

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Submit link
I put it inside the Hall of Fame page instead of the page header - is it a good idea? some people seem confused. what is your opinion?
Sz: ok, "submit" is back

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A few suggestions
In the next version could we:

1) Be allowed to reprogram the 're-start level again' that defaults to the 'brake' button to any button please. We can just about reprogram everything else but this would be very handy for me. It used to be the 'down' button which was bette r for me but it suddenly changed.

2) Add a button to restart the level at any time. I have to go menu, restart now if I mess up enough to warrant a restart which is not great when I don't have the stylus out. Maybe 2 clicks would be required to stop an accidental push.

3) As Rouch and some others mentioned - have a ghost function on the website replays where we can directly compare runs against a real time ghost of another player.

4) Allow us to see the time on a website replay so we can see where people are at certain times in a run.

5) Bring back the clock in game from the start of the run. It always used to be there and in the latest version it doesn't appear there until 13 seconds in. I sometimes want to see if I got off to a flyer or not and know when I should abort a bad run.

Thanks for listening Dags
Sz: well... problems 2) and 5) were introduced by the full screen mode, you can disable it, and then the restart level button can be used and the game clock doesn't disappear.
3) and 4) are certainly good ideas, it's nice to have this written here. 1) is a side effect of the new keyboard handling system (the previous one had problems on different devices, now i see that they both have their disadvantages).
thank you for your suggestions
Ehem ...
Is there anyway to edit a comment once you post it? I make far too many typos.
Sz: not yet, but i have this feature on my todo list

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