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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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Improving the global ranking calculation
i see two ways to improve the global ranking calculation:

1.vary the maximum number of points for the levels depending on the number of players on this level. this would remove the need for limiting the maximum level rank to #99. but it would make some levels more important than others, which is what i would like to avoid.

2.gradually decrease the influence of the level rank. eg. each level rank position for #1-#50 counts as 1 pt, but #50-#100 gives only 0,5 pt per rank, #100-#150 is 0,25 per rank and so on. effectively, even with a huge number of players on certain levels we can ensure that each level influence can be limited to 100 pts and there is still a difference between #600 and #601 (in this case it would be 0,0002441406). i like this idea, but it is not very intuitive like the current "1 pt for each rank".

what do you think?
bones: if only i could cook a gold. i've given up jade for a while cause it can only take so long before you punt your palm. instead i'm trying to get top tens and pass volcano.7.5 away it is one huge pain.

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It would be great if there is a Multiplayer funktion.
When can play over IR(Infrared) or Bluetooth against a friend!
ackmondual: ""I notice the same ideas keep reappearing. I guess we DO need a search feature at this site! ""

not the only thing....
-A search feature
-email notifications to message replies
-email notifications to PMs
-html tags or just formatting

-see more than 10 levels per page
-see more than 10 level packs per page
-compare levels side by side (e.g. all of Master KO's levels across all levelpacks, see all hard rated levels across the level packs, etc.)

-be able to jump to any page instantly, rather than having to go from 10 to 40, to 70, to 100, etc.

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Online Flash BOD for Wii?
now that the Wii internet channel is out, or at least the trial version, and it supports flash animations/games, you should make an online flash BOD that you can control with the Wii remote. THAT would be fun!
ackmondual: I beg to differ. The fact that there are ppl buying Virtual Console games even though they aren't "as good as" Wii or GC games just shows that they still go for games that are still good. Some of them arguably worse than Palm OS games. Someone also previously brought up that Sz porting this to GBA and/or DS. That would ROCK!! If done correctly, esp. with new features, I would buy a DS for just that right now.

What BoD clones are there besides Line Rider? I know there's also Elasto Mania for PC.

Having a flash version of BoD for the wiimote would be a whole new experience. Who can't honestly say they haven't tilted their heads, bodies, and/or Palms trying to avoid scraping their heads against the ceiling or landing face flat into the pavement? While BoD for Palm is great, having another platform would be neat It's like saying none of us would be interested in a BoD sequel b/c the original is "better". That's rubbish

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mike flips
New Bike or Design/Bike or Die features
Suggest your new ideas for future versions:

One i thot of was allowing us to make the starting point at different angles, so if we start on a hill for example, we can have a 45 degree angle start so we are level with the hill... or if we are dropping down into a sort of half pipe we can start the bike vertical...

or at least be able to start the bike facing left or facing right so we dont always have to switch
mike flips: I cant help it if evernyone tries to message me!!!

And notice i didnt say i have 30+ pages, i said, for people with more then 1 page, which is only like 15 messages

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Unwanted Games
How about an option for removing unwanted recordings from Player's Games OnLine?
  • Purge all recordings before ddmmyy and not in TTC/Freestyle/Unauthorised.
  • Delete single recording (not in TTC) in Game Details screen.
    Could save a bit of space on the server and would make the section more useful for those of us that tend to submit everything
  • mike flips: hmmmm, i want just one game removed from mine (the first one from sep 05 ... cuz its not mine) but other then that, i think its nice that we have the games online as you can see how a player has developed over time..... but in reality i dont think anyone cares about that.

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    Bike or Die on Xbox Live Arcade
    I think it's worth looking into. Anyone can make a game for Xbox Live now that XNA is out (developing tools for XBLA and PC) and free for whoever wants them. It costs money to put the game on XBL (not sure about PC's though, they might be free), but if you want to do this and you get the game running as well as you like on XNA it might be worth it.

    Here's the link for XNA, .com/directx/XNA/default.aspx
    bones: daale many ideas like this have been proposed before.
    bike or design for computer
    have bike or design for computer could make it a lot easier for people with small palm screens plus it can become a lot easier by adding new tools.if this happens any type of computer shouldnt be a limitation.(im suggesting this cause i think its a good idea and my touchscreen is really bad)
    mike flips: The more points, the slower it loads. Try loading Die or Die and levels like that, they are massive. If we increase the level limits, most peoples' palms would take a minute to load the levels which would be very annoying.

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    Better known or respected players
    i think there should be another chart for people to give a point to anyone they think is good or who they respect or who they just plain out like
    Kristopher: It would be nice to split the Freestyle into two competitions.

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    Any Chance of BoD on Windows Mobile?
    I can't play BoD anymore since I don't have a Palm. I think it would be a good idea to make a Windows Mobile version so that all the BoD fans who have a Windows Treo or other Windows device can play it.
    PMD: I haven't tied it, but there is a program that allows you to run Palm apps on Windows Mobile called StyleTap Platform. Here is a list of applications reported by users to work on it, including Bike or Die. I have't tried it myself and it is slightly pricey. Let me know if it works for you if you try it. _a=viewarticle& kbarticleid=219

    Need help
    if you need help on any level post it here and maybe peop0le can help you out so let it begin
    bones: does anyone have a program where i can watch recordings on my computer without getting on the net if so email it to me

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    should they be forced to show
    should players who havent submitted in over a year have their games made public because of that. im sure if this is done sz could make the games public
    bones: there are plenty of levels where even though they arent in first they could help others figure out how to up their scores

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    Next Step for the Flash Tool!
    I would like an option in the flash tool: Instead of uploading a levelpack file (when producing a movie), there could be another option to select one of the levelpacks already on this site.
    Then, in addition to giving a .swf file, the Flash Tool could also save the flash file on the web site. Then, when we go to a level page (I.E. http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1437), we could see all of the flash files that have been uploaded for that level.
    Eventually, there would be movies for almost every level, to show how they are played. Also, the person who uploaded their movie could enter it in the Freestyle competition.
    Thought i'd put Lee's idea here
    Lee had the idea of having a spot in your profile that shows what kind of palm you use. It would be cool because you could see what kinds of palms others use and see if they have any effect on the times and performance of the game.
    bones: we need a new area called ASK DR. CIRENCO


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    Zoom out - see more area
    Several people have proposed this, i'm putting it here to confirm it is on the official todo list.
    bones: im for it

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    the bike
    also the bike on the game should be more reallistic instead of just a frame. it should have handlebars, a seat, peddles and a chain. and when you are still, the guy seems to vibrate. am i the only one?
    bones: if it is not just a frame less devices could use it and the physics could get screwed up
    Level based ground friction?
    Could it be possible to set ground friction?

    So if someone wanted to make an ice level, they can make the ground look like ice, and lower the friction level so that you slide a bit.

    Just another way to increase / decrease the difficulty.
    bones: forum over due to 1.4

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    mike flips
    Live Chat
    How about a new tab at the top called "CHAT" and it allows in which there is a large window, and you have a bar at the bottom of the window (like any messenger program like msn or icq or aol) in which you can type a message. Everyone logged in can participate in the chat and we would be able to chat about anything we want instead of posting only on the forums

    so it would be something like this

    Mike Flips says: Hey Kris
    Kristopher says: hey MF
    Mike Flips says: its a shame im beating u at Sweet 15
    Kristopher says:

    i think that would be kinda cool, and im not 100% sure but i think its easy to do

    bones: if sz decides to make a chat place it is a good idea but there should be hosts to a room so that not just anyone can come in

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    more levelpacks worth points
    i personally believe that mf olympics and xa software 3 should be worth points

    or at least mf olympics
    bones: my palm just crashed and now i dont have the full version and all my levels are deleted so ill have to start over so it might be a while because my first concern is getting the full game back

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    online version
    wacky idea but wonder if there was an online version of BOD?
    it could have a lot more features than the palm version and could easily incorporate multiplayer.
    on the other hand BOD for palm could get left behind and defeat the real reason for this site.but you would have to own the palm version to play the online version because there would be way to many people.
    just a thought.
    bones: it is a good idea but the best way to keep unwanted people out is to need a name and password given to your bike or die account by sz

    what do you think sz it is worth a shot
    Can someone explain what the Recording Options are?
    Couldn't find most of these in the user manual...

    -This tells BoD where to look for and save level recordings from now on?
    -if you choose the the opposite location, BoD is asking you if you want to move current files to that opposite location as a courtesy so you won't have to do it yourself?

    But Keep The Follwing in Internal:
    > Current Level Pack Recordings
    > All Recent Recordings
    -If I've already choosen expansion card for location, why would I want to put these files back onto internal memory?

    > move to / load from
    -what exactly does this do? I thought it was a file browser utility to allow me to move individual files to and from expansion card, but it seems to move all files. However, this doesn't seem to accomplish anything as nothing's changed. Is this just a way to force the moving of files like the courtesy request BoD did in #1 above?

    Everything else was obvious to me.
    Kristopher: "Yes" to your last question; you shouldn't need to use it, because it will move the recordings when necessary.

    -> But Keep The Follwing in Internal:
    -> Current Level Pack Recordings
    -> All Recent Recordings
    -> If I've already choosen expansion card for location,
    -> why would I want to put these files back onto internal
    -> memory?

    Suppose you have 10 levelpacks, and 100 recordings for each levelpack. By keeping all on the card, you have 1000 on the SD card. But then, you will have to load 100 recordings when Bike or Die! starts. (It has to load recordings from the current levelpack into RAM before you can play.) But by keeping recordings from the current levelpack on the Palm, you can have 900 recordings on the SD card, which means only 10% of the recordings are on the Palm. But the 10% on the Palm are the only ones Bike or Die! has to load when it starts. So if you do not switch levelpacks, this can save you 90% of RAM used by recordings, and save 100% of recording loading time.

    If you only change levelpacks every month (or when a new Time Trial levelpack comes out), this can save much loading time.
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