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Sz, is there a way you'll be interested in developing a BoD version for iPhone? Using the features like accelerometer would be great for controlling the bike. I know the platform is very new, but it's great (I just got mine). Let me know what you think.

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I know it's been done in the past, and I can understand PMD's logic, but I'm not sure it is fair for one player to have multiple accounts, even for different game systems (treo, zodiac, or iphone). As Bones has proven, you can become competitive with the iphone. So a single player (PMD in this case) is taking two places in the rankings.

I would feel really bad if I was a lower ranking because one person beat me twice with two accounts. As I'm sure all of you can attest, once you learn a level, it is easy to reproduce a fast time again.

Just my 2 cents...
How many reviews do you see BB? I only see one, mine, here in UK - I wasn't aware that reviews are localised, maybe they are.
You're already getting too good iPMD - your Big Cheese time has already knocked Kassula back a notch, so I do have to agree with BB. I can understand that it's interesting to have the iPhone times separated for comparison though, but we don't want Mike + iMike to deal with!
I can see up to 8 reviews, depending on how I sort them (most helpful, most recent, etc.). My review doesn't show up yet.
I have a USA account too so just checked that - 9 reviews there. 2 on UK.
Good reviews though, there will always be those that don't understand or have no patience. 'too hard'?! if it was easy we'd all have Gold medals!
I completely agree with Biker Brian here. At first I thought PMD's idea was cool.... but then I realized that it would cause problems and I was gonna make a response post, but BB said it perfectly already. I suggest that nobdoy create a dual account. Maybe Sz can make a little notation next to each game that could recognize whether it is Palm or Apple, so that everyone can just submit under their real name.
Ha ha, competing against other players *is* too hard.
Maybe there should be a competition for players who aren't human, to give the cats a chance.
Points well taken. Enhancement Request:

It would be nice if there was a way to see where you would rank, but not have it included in the overall times. It will be a long time until I can compete with any of my Palm times. It would be nice to see how I am coming along.

SZ, if you think it is a problem the times I have submitted (all 133.873 points worth in 23 levels), feel free to eliminate the account. I would like something for comparison though.

Though it is true that players like Rachman!, DavidKing, Mr.Pickle., and more already do have more than one account .
Probably by accident. I had one too for a while.
yeah ive done it myself on accident as well
Great news, I've been on vacation for a week and when I came back I saw it available at last!! Already bought it and 5 stars rating, I'll try to get everyone I know to buy it now!!
im so happy this game lives on - having it on my iphone after having it on my palm devices for years makes me so happy.
The update is here to fix the bug!
Please a Windows Mobile version; it is looking almost certain that I'm gonna get a Windows device in the next few weeks to replace my Treo 680. No Windows version, no more levels from me!!!!! I would really hate to leave right now.
After 12 trillion rumors over the past few years, it looks like early 2011 might actually happen!
Possibly even January! A Verizon iPhone is almost certain at this point

...aaaaannnd, there's talk that they have developed an internal fix to block the antenna problem.
The iPhone could be pulling ahead of Android.
ooooh, now that could be interesting..So far I think I would prefere a droid to the iphone though....But idk
bam! it's official!
This means a whole new generation of iPhone users, which means many more potential BoD players

As for me, I'll stick with the iPhone 4 with AT& T. I have no problems whatsoever with service (it's fast and reliable). I also love being able to multitask (using apps that require a data connection) while on a call. Plus, I'm under contract for another year and a half.
Pshh, you don't know the meaning of multitasking till you have used a palm pre I dont care if it is a cheap phone and everyone else hates it, it has be most effecient means of multitasking than any other phone I have ever seen,lol

However that being said I will probably get an iphone asap now that its on verizon
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