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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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A couple of things
i know im new to BoD but this is what i think might help:
1)The obstacle mines should blow up when run into.
2)I think that players should vote on levels selected by sz and say the top 15 votes should be the levels on the new level pack.
3)Battery power shown during the game.(and maybe the time)
4)On certain parts of levels the game runs slower(i dont know what can be done about this but...)
Bike or Die for iPhone/iPod touch?
Is there going to be one. I really think there should be.

Could you please give us an update of this
Neca: In fact some apps have vibration each time you press a button, the iPhone is great, I love it and can't wait to have BoD in it (lost my Palm two days ago)

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New Idea Compilation
Items can be added with the same format i used (continue the count ) ...

Here's my list:
1)Custom text messages like in the tutorial (many)
2)BT multiplayer, using ghost bike for the other player (many)
3)Time and battery in interface, remove pointless speed meter (many)
4)Statusbar shown in fullscreen as an option (Xuzz)
5)The obstacle mines should blow up when run into (Kristopher)
6)The 'submit best times' part of this web site should accept more than one recording at a time (Kristopher)
7)When selecting a levelpack that has the recordings on the card, don't load all the recordings. Instead, wait until the user selects a level. Then load the recording for that level. When the user selects a new level, keep the other one in memory, but load the recording for that level (Xuzz)
8)A more impressive menu system like in Arcade Reality (PiNerd)
9)On the map screen, draw a route we would like to take and then it shows up as a line in the game to follow (PiNerd)
Items. Placed it editor, have numbers like mines and flags. Collected like flags, and used immediately. Example items: Rotate Gravity, flip gravity, speed up for a bit, slow down for a bit, reduce friction, rotate gravity left/right relative,set gravity certain direction, automatically reverse, stop you in your tracks, etc. Would make for some cool, dynamic levels. (Xuzz)
10)Moving ground. Ground with a path set in the editor, starts moving at either beginning of level or only when the bike is touching it. Moves the bike with it. (Mr.Pickle. And Xuzz)
11)Make your own texturized versions of HoF levels and submit them like normal (Xuzz)
12)Release the flash player source (Sz)
13)Dynamic biker head2head, this might work because flash is ECMAScript so it can make objects (bikes) dynamically (Xuzz)
14)Convert recordings into the new server recording format, then use instead of the flashtool (Xuzz)
15)Letting people write BoD tools in php and submit them to Sz for possible inclusion on a Tools page (Xuzz)
16)Levelpack submission form, then sent to Sz for evaluation (Xuzz)
Mr.pickle.: I actully agree with mike for once

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My Idea compiliation!
1) Custom text messages (like in the tutorial)
2) BT multiplayer (like ghost bike)
3) Time and battery in interface, remove pointless speed meter
4) Statusbar shown in fullscreen (an option?)
5) Better UI - No palm menubar, a custom menu that is displayed on the screen. Or a button to bring up the menu.
6) Customize button for next level (on the beaten level screen)
7) The obstacle mines should blow up when run into.
8) Until users can add their own bitmaps into Bike or Design, it should come with some more pictures, including fire hydrants and animals.
9) The game should have the option of running as fast as the palm will let it; sometimes the frame rate seems to slow.
10) The 'submit best times' part of this web site should accept more than one recording at a time.
13) Obstacles should appear on the map.
11) The map should include an accurately sized picture of the biker; sometimes it is hard to tell how big the level really is because all you can see are colored dots.
12) Players should have the option of viewing levels with default colors (grass ground and blue sky) instead of the level's colors.
13) Web preview shouldn't be anti-aliased because the game isn't.
14) Play on the web.
15) Better colored progress bar for loading, less flashy (IMPORTANT!!!)

Some are copied from other posts (Kristopher's mostly)
Kristopher: Xuzz was using the Wiimote on his Palm; I don't know if he tried the PC yet.
I found and tested a Wiimote-for-PC library (probably made in C), although I haven't really used it yet. It's easy to program with, but the mouse is better.

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how bout the option to make a poll ina thread?
Kristopher: I think it would be rather (practically) impossible to integrate a standard forum here; there are medals shown next to the player names, the current "my profile" section, which is much different from a forum "member profile" page, the chat, the changes ticker, ect. It would be too hard to upkeep, especially since Champ keeps changing his name.

It'd be much easier this way:

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How about items? They would work like this:

1) Placed it editor, have numbers like mines and flags.
2) Collected like flags, and used immediatly
3) Example items: Rotate Gravity, flip gravity, speed up for a bit, slow down for a bit, reduce friction, etc.
4) would make for some cool, dynamic levels
Xuzz: Only if the designer put it over the "impossilbe" jump.

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Wiimotes, BoD, and Palms....
As there has been success in making a wiimote work with palms, how about making BoD work with it!?! Would make for some cool playing!

@Sz (if interested): Ask for the code here: http://yoyofr.proboar action=display& thread=2576

@others: test thing here (!):
From the author: "As soon as it starts, push 1 & 2 on the Wiimote (or the red button next to the batteries) and select it from the list of devices on your Palm. It should connect and you should be able to see button events."
Austron: That would be so cool!!!
Practice Mode
I don't know if this has been suggested, but I believe a practice mode would be great, I'm thinking a way to customize the starting point of a level to try different stuff without having to get to that certain point, sometimes trying a trick is too risky because the previous part of the level was too hard. Tell me what you think.
Neca: Well I'vew never used bike or Design but it sounds quite easy, so it's not a big idea after all haha

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biker dying on the online recoording
me and lee came up with this Idea on chat the other day,around when the intro competition was almost over,we were talking about weather it was better to abort at the end of the game or to die and the kris (he was there too)mentiond he was thinking about putting a very extravigant death seen at the end of his,it was right then that I realised that the online recoordings dident show death seens,they freese at the instant the biker dies.

I think it would be cool to wach the biker bounce around for a while like when your playing the game,I dont know sz,would it be a simple matter of making the replays go on a little longer?Or is it more complicated?

The downside of this.
the biker is now a human and I would feel rather giulty about a human dying,and blood going everywhere....but the crash seen would be alright without the blood in my opinion.
or maby we could leave it so that it stays as the stickman on the internet recordings,but thats probly not a good Idea .....................

Kristopher: "Very extravagant death scene!"
I don't remember exactly, but I think I just mentioned the biker looks more realistic now.

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BOD 2 POV playback and 3d level rotation and more
I'm not sure how the 3d in version 2 is done, but it would be really cool if when paused or at the beginning of the level, you could rotate the level in 3d with the stylus, similar to 3d Mines. Another feature that would be very, very cool is a POV playback from the view of the biker going through the level in 3d

Also, any possibility of anti-aliasing the bike and/or the levels? It looks fine at a distance but up close it gets a bit pixelated.

Another Idea: Slow motion playback? could be controlled by a button that toggles slow mo.

Xuzz: Wow, this tread title is longer that most of the posts!

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Diff Bike types
Here's a thought... Could there be different bike types to try on each level? Like:

Type 1) More bouce
Type 2) Can hit harder on ground
Type 3) Faster
Type 4) Softer (tire cuts through wall easier)
Type 5) Greater Acceleration


Just thinking it would really give us a chance to explore the same level with diff approachs...

Xuzz: My idea is to have a separate HoF area for ALL the levels, but that don't give you medals/Total Race/Golden Club/points/etc.

However, the total best people would get medals.

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Solid physics engine with water
Has anybody played the game Phun?
I think it would be cool to be able to put bike or die in a 2D solid physics engine like Phun. You could have the normal, fixed level and then draw shapes that could bounce, roll, collide with the bike/each other etc. This could add a new strategic element to the game, pushing shapes around to fill in holes or knock over towers using the bike. Other people have mentioned water, which would also be cool, especially combined with blocks (build a dam?). But that might be slow and/or hard to simulate. I don't know if the average palm's processor can handle a solid physics engine though...
Online multiplayer
I know its a long shot, but it would be cool to be able to play Bike or Die online with other people in real time...
Mr.pickle.: I love it sz do it!

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Super Sz Brawl!?!?
While looking at BoD 2, I had a really cool idea -- Super Sz Brawl! How about making a different game w/ the boD engine, but a fighting game like SSB. However, you can play on BoD levels! What do you (and Sz) think?

OK, im crazy, but this would be cool (taking from the enthusiasm about brawl in this forum before).

Kristopher: Cirenco suggested a fighting game too; maybe the biker could hop off his bike for a duel?

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Beyond BoD 2
OK, we do have Bike or Die 2 just aroiund the corner but we need to remain a forward looking community else Sz fails to have any ides for improvements ().

Here are my ideas for what would make Bod 2.x or 3 awesome!

Anti-Aliasing option. Some of us might want to void our warranties with WarpSpeed, and some of us have perfectly capable OS5 devices replaced by a newer model so we could try it with that.

BikeScript. This could be made as a language similar to BASIC or similar to C. Us programmers should be able to build animation/interactivity into our levels.

Variable extrusion for 3D shapes. So we can create thin tightropes or thick roads. wouldn't make any difference to the gameplay though. Also slightly 3D background shapes.

Planks. Single lines designed as peices of wood, grilles etc, to ad more realism to the game. Destructable possibly.

Water, bike floats a bit in water, biker drowns in water, slippy.

PiNerd: Yeah, although I do like the biker changes, Sz has obviously thought this through carefully, and the system is clearly expandable.

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In-Game Level Downloader
After having some problems with hotsync+vista+lifedrive, I started thinking it would be very convenient to have an in-game level downloaded that works over wifi. It would be a similar thing to the in-game time uploader, just with a list of all of the currently uploaded levelpacks, and maybe their designers and the number of levels they contain, and you could click one and download it without needing to use a computer or perform a hotsync.
Xuzz: One more thing: Bike OR Design doesn't support VFS...

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Flip Counter
The crowd already cheer when you flip, well how about a freestyle score system?

The score would work like this:
10 points for every second above ground
100 points for every full flip
divide the total by the time in seconds and there is the freestyle score!
Lee: My giddy Aunt - this is, I am sorry to say, a TERRIBLE idea... any level with a soft updraft would get silly scores.
plus, it has nothing to show the truly spectacular skills of nailing a big jump, or stopping dead on a coin at full speed, or navigating rough terrain like you're riding a 12" freeride bike, or just plain alternate routes.... have a look at the levels that would not score highly on this system, and ask the uestion again... BOD is WAY too subjective on scoring for this to work.

Rant over.

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Who's "Active"
It would be interesting to know which players are still active. Rather than define 'Active' maybe a simple display list of all Players with their most recent game upload would suffice - sorted by upload date descending. Maybe we'll see 200 unique players have uploaded in the last week, 100 in the last month etc...
Mr.pickle.: well it seems every one likes the idea

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new competition.(can't spell that word!)
ok everybody I am gonna try to use somewhat correct spelling on this so you guys dont get all upset

ok heres the idea part,there are currently 4 different compititions(ttc,total race,golden club,freestyle.)I am presenting an idea for a forth.
what about level that are soooo hard that they cant really be competed on timewise but still require good technike,I dont mean levels that are just long(a.k.a.cmr,cave dweller,ect.....)I mean levels that are just plain hard!(if you still dont know what I mean play my"hard!takes presishon"that level is just so hard I would consider it an accomplishment just to finish no matter how long it takes.

so what I am suggesting is a whole new page(like the golden club page)that is a totally different competition with a totally different set of levels than the HOF,where you get ranks simply by completing the most levels,in wich case there are things wrong such as.
people would simply complete them all and there would be a very large group of people that had done them all and so they would just be at a tie and it would be boring.
so it obviously needs alot more levels than are in the HOF meaning the options are.
1.simply include all levels ever created.
problems with this idea,there are many wich are so easy that this competition wouldent take any skill at all,and it would just be who had taken the time to hunt down all the easy levels.
2.elect levels that are certified as "hard" levels.
problems with this idea.
it would take a VERY long time to get enuf levels to keep people from simply completing them all and ending up in a dead boring tie.

so as far as picking the levels,I still havent figerd it out(suggestions are welcome!)but I think it would be good to add a new competition to BOD,and also this competition would be great for new people to bould up some skill before tackling the more diffacult ttc.
feedback please!
Mr.pickle.: mike,there has to be enuf hard levels that people don't have time to compete because there still tryin to get all the levels completed

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