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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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Submit all levels instead of the levels on the currently-being-used pack
I noticed that whenever I submit levels, i have to switch between like 7 different packs to submit all my times.

Like i would switch to standard levels -> submit
switch to Master KO's levels -> submit

Could there be a button where its like [submit all times]?
restart culd be a map buton
Actually the restart function can be done tapping on top right the screen, it can also done presing a key?

pd. sorry for my bad english, y just more training
(i Talk spanish)
Feature requesat
To nail them down:
  • ability to turn off the "after-crash sequence" (I want the level to restart instantly, w/o watching the biker to float in parts for some seconds after I screw the ride)
  • option to disable Menu button (Treo650)
  • ability (please, please, please) to use any Treo key for controling the bike. Would be much more handy, plus, it would safe by 5Way navi from being wrecked too early.
  • Sz: thanks kristopher
    here is a link for easy viewing: http://www.geocities. com/kristopherwindsor/palm/wristpda/

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    Idea - Triggers
    It'd be pretty nice feature (and I think quite easy to add to the current code) to have something I draftly called "triggers". How it shall work - the trigger is an invisible object. Whenever user hit the trigger the extra action gets unveiled. Depending on how this would be implemented, it would let us to make the levels more interactive. The trigger could be one-time-use (so once hit, it triggers the action and becomes inactive) or every-time-time (barely used). Possible usage: when user hit the trigger BoD displays level designer's text information (could be quite funny). When hit, shows or hides some objects (i.e. when user hit the last flag we could hide some obstacles) etc, etc.
    New display mode
    For levels like Cave Dweller, and more to come, I would like a new display mode, that is both Outline and Textured together, so you can see the nice looking clouds and the invisible lines all at once. Just draw black lines around the edges of the ground, please.
    You Qi
    Ghost Bike
    http://www.teagames.c om/games/bmxghost/play.php

    I think this is a very good feature for the next version.
    Tabs: Absolutely agree on a ghost bike feature.To save
    cpu it doen't even have to be the whole bike.Just
    the wheels would suffice.

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    Real Newbie Levelpack
    i just got a message from   PrayeR who (as we all know ) doesn't praise the new "Summer Pack" and proposes making a new levelpack, which could be played by everyone but is still fun and entertaining. while i doubt that it is possible for a custom pack to gain a similar number of players as the builtin one, such "Newbie Pack" could help introduce new players.
    here are his level proposals:
  •  XA Software LP 2
  •  XA Software LP 2
  •  XA Software LP 2
  •  Spike mountain
  •  XA Software L1
  •  XA Software L5
  •  Shelf
  •  Foothill Half Circle
  •  Double-back Jumps
  •  Flip that flipper...
  •  Spiral
  •  Hillz

    and what is your opinion?
  • Kristopher: People! (Vin, Vega, Ackmondual, MunkyBoy!) I plan to put the Newbie Pack together soon, since noone else is, so if you don't say anything now, it will be like this. Please look at the levels individually and give your feedback!

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    devices and controls
    I would like to know everyone's devices and controls they use. It would be cool if it was part of their online profile. I am interested to see if the best players use the same devices and the same control buttons. I use a treo 600 palm and controls are
    dpad up = accellerate
    dpad down = brake
    phone or left button is balance back
    calander or second left button is balance right
    Kristopher: Yeah, but it's a great place for a 144,000 word dictionary. (yes, I have one on there.)

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    More uses for leftover buttons
    I primarily use a T|T3. Assuming ALL buttons are assigned as of v1.3c. we could use the extra 2 buttons for alot of good. If possible, even use the VR button on a T|T3, and any extra hardware buttons on specific specific models of this game as well.

    Some suggestions:
    -screen rotate
    -restart level (requested before)
    -toggle sound low/high/mute volume (alr half suggested)
    -toggle full screen (peronsally, this wouldn't be needed if screen rotate was implemented)

    If perhaps all of them and let the users choose the functions they want mapped
    Kristopher: There is a database for each level pack that records your record times, something like summerpack_result.pdb. You can easily beam and replace these with WinLauncher or ZLauncher.
    Why would you want to run the Zodiac in Portrait mode? Landscape is better for BOD.

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    Level Making Tips
    There are lotsa levels ouy there right? Some good, some bad, some ok, some boring, some big, etc. But what really makes a good level pack? What makes a level good in general? I think there are several things a person must know before they make a level.

    1)Watch the size! Levels don't have to take up the whole area in Bike or Design. Better yet, don't ever do that. The smaller a level, usually the better the level. Large levels are bad for many reasons. First, they take forever to beat. Second, the load time can be painful. Finally, if you die near the end, you have to start ALL over. Though there is a limit to how small a level should be. They really shouldn't be any smaller the Bottle, just for times sake (The bottle is a good example, look at how close the times are!)

    2)Simplicity is freakin' sweet. Don't try to make a level as complex as the Chaos Theory. Try to keep it simple. The way a rider should go should be pretty obvious. If the person has to choose between 5 ways to start the level out, then the level will seem intimidating and will therefore be less fun. Short and sweet: make it simple!

    3)Difficulty. Yeah you can have some hard levels, but in a levelpack, try to disperse them so beginners can actually get through the whole level pack. Unless you design a level pack to go from easy slowly to hard through out the levels, try to spread the hard levels out. Don't have every level a hard level, unless you design it to be the most annoying level pack on earth.

    4)Fun fun fun. Make the levels fun! Try to add certain obstacles that challenge the person who is playing the level! Challenges make the game more fun. If you make a level really easy and boring, then no one will want to play it.

    5)Secrets. Please do not try to make a level like Underground that has a secret way to do it ON PURPOSE. Im pretty sure that Sz didn't make the level just for that purpose. Its more fun to let the players try to find cool ways to do the level that you didn't intend them to be able to do in the first place.
    On a different note, don't make the level impossible unless they do some wacko thing that only you knew about. Say you put (on purpose) some awesome thing in you level that allows you to make your bike go through the ground and win, but is only possible if you do some crazy button mashing. That does not make a level fun, because no one else besides you knows how to do it. Dont do it.

    If anyone else has other suggestions to make levels good and fun, please post and get your ideas out.
    Kristopher: It doesn't matter if they were put there on purpose or not; everyone will find the best possible route eventually.

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    Freestyle Game Finding
    It would be really nice if you could find a player's Freestyle game by going to his profile and then clicking on something from there. Like this:
    < a href=allfreestyle> Freestyle Competition< /a> - < a href=thisplayersfreestyle> #26/42< /a>
    Replays on a Level's Main Page
    Hi (again)! When you go to a level's main page, where you see the list of best times for that level and the comments for the level, how about replacing the still picture of the map with a replay? The replay could be the fastest one that is public.
    Hall of fame levels...
    okay SZ im wondering if you are ever going to change the hall of fame levels. these ones are great and all but i think its time for a change up. and instead of just taking level packs people submit make custom level packs (i.e. very easy lvl pack - very hard lvl pack) though some peoples idea of hard and easy vary you could just use your best judgment. i'd really like some new competition instead of trying to beat these freaking fast times. this way everyone will start anew. its just a suggestion but i feel its time for change.
    MunkYBoY: i didnt think there were too few levels, but now that you mention it i have already gotten tired of some of the level packs. i have no idea how you longer playing BODers still keep trying for better times on those. i still do for like a few courses but thats it.

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    More New Ideas
    The downloadable .Zip file with the BOD game should contain the Time Trial levelpacks.
    It would be really awesome if Bike or Die could keep Statistics, such as the number of times a certain level was played.
    Tires should pop in the crash seens.
    A Screenshot command for saving Bitmaps of the screen would be handy.
    The text box that appears before you save a game should include a place to edit a comment.
    After a game has finished replaying, a menu could come up with the options 'Delete' and 'Edit Comment'.
    For those of us who still have extra buttons, my suggestions are a 'Toggle Sound' button and a 'Screenshot' button.
    Kristopher Windsor
    Kristopher: Thanks! These add a lot of fun to the game. How about some where the guy is purple instead of black or there is extra gravity?

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    ppc :)
    hi SZ,
    any news about ppc version? or You won't port BoD on ppc?
    Kristopher: That's great, SZ! But it makes me wonder if people will all of a sudden be setting new records, making the current best times somewhat worthless.

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    Instant Restart
    I have a T3 and it's so annoying holding a stylus in my palm (as in the one ON my hand) so i can tap the screen without damaging it straight after i die. I reakon there should be a feature, like what appears after 3 seconds after u die, that allows u to push (for example) down, and you can instantly restart
    Kristopher: I don't want the level to instantly restart, just as a precaution for those who are holding the brake down as they crash. If it wasn't for the two second crash scene, doing so would restart the level without giving time for me to save my last game. On my Zire 72s, the menu button is in the grafitti area, so finger prints are not a problem, and it is within easy reach of my thumb, so I can choose 'Restart' from the menu. But if there was support for an instant restart hard key, it would be nice to set it to a button like 'voice memo' that won't be pressed accidentally.

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    ok were can i buy bike or die with paypal? what site please reply
    Kristopher: If you purchase the game through Handango, you can see the registeration code on screen and register immediately.

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    The Two
    hey sz, when are you coming out with the neww bike or die?
    Kristopher: ... Although there are rumors of version 2.0.

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    Proxy support?
    I would really, really like proxy support in the client itself so I could upload from my treo. All web traffic on my treo has to use a web proxy ( -- heck, it's easy enough to hack on a hard-coded version just by recompiling and changinge whatever connect calls are made to open directly to that domain name instead of actually resolving, but then send the rest of the request the exact same way).

    Anyway, I'd really like to be able to upload from my Treo. Thanks.
    Invalid Recordings
    I think that it would be cool as well as useful to invent a way to erase a record on the level that you get a time rejected if you´re not able to beat that time that was rejected.
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