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Starting Direction

Maybe someone else has already talked about this, but I think you should be able to pick what direction you start in for each level. The fastest route isn't always what the level creator intended and on many levels this means that you need to quickly reverse directions before you begin playing. Often this affects what time you get. I've started many games over again just because I missed the direction change by a couple frames. Making starting direction into a personal option for each level would remedy this.

Daledude - this is a great idea, and actually I think it's worth implementing, but only for levels not yet active in the HoF competition. (future levels)

Giving players the ability to change the "start facing direction" on all levels would undermine the historical efforts of all the previously submitted runs from players that never had that option.
I'd like to see this feature too, and agree with only on new levels.
I guess that's only fair.

Speaking of new levels though, any idea when the next pack is coming out? I'm still playing through the ones that were released when I didn't have a palm, but I miss all the activity that new levels bring to this site.
We could also let the players pick their starting positions and give them the ability to arbitrarily teleport.
what you are saying is - it's got to be the same for everyone... but if the starting direction is that critical, then maybe the level is too short / simple?
We dont need more features - we nned more level packs!
Kris - I don't think I'm being unreasonable. It's just a suggestion.

Lee - It's more annoying than critical. I couldn't agree more about the levelpacks though
Kris, the newest iPhone version already has the teleport feature built in. it is turned off by default. Just go to Menu-Configure-Control. Flip the switch from off to on. When you want to use it on a level, simply quadruple-tap the screen at the location where you wish to teleport. Viola!
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