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site and game suggestions

Game suggestions...
for the map view, make mines blink of flash like the biker, flags, and checkered flag. Can't see the mines on some maps b/c it's so big, the mines looke like squares or dots and practically blend in with the terrain.

Site suggestions (I did post this elsewhere, but dunno if ppl are able to get through all the posts)
-A search feature
-email notifications to message replies
-email notifications to PMs
-html tags or just formatting

-see more than 10 levels per page
-see more than 10 level packs per page
-compare levels side by side (e.g. all of Master KO's levels across all levelpacks, see all hard rated levels across the level packs, etc.)

-be able to jump to any page instantly, rather than having to go from 10 to 40, to 70, to 100, etc.

mike flips
u can get email notifications already, look in ur profile options...
I know we have a chat room now, but to recode PHPBB for just one site? That probably wouldn't be too time efficient.

You want to see more than 10 levels per page? Go to
and vote!
Oops, I didn't mean to post yet.

You want 249 links on the Time Trial Champions pages, for "better" navigation? The URLs are easy to understand. For example, http://bike.toyspring .com/view.php?c=0& hf=& hp=100 is page #100 in the list of Time Trial Champions.

BTW, I think I will make my own levelpack explorer.
I forgot about email notes for PMs, which was alr set, but there's still nothing for forum post replies

Those levels will take some time to look through. Honestly, I'd rather be finishing up my last 2 levels first

Thanks for the pointer. Been a while since I manipulated URLs like that
One critical suggest for the game is the ability to pause and continue to play again after receiving a phone call or look at incoming sms, since the game could be played in pda phone. In my 650, after receiving some message, the screen become black and i have to quit first then restart it from the beginning.
mike flips
Yea, that happens to me and Vega as well Henoch.

Ackmondual, as for the forum post replies, i guess a "reply" button would be ok, with an indented response like on other forums. For the "suggestions, ideas, report a bug..." sections this would be useful as people are seeking others' opinions and its nice to be notified when people are addressing you. Good idea
i thought ir would be a good idea to be able to zoom in on players graphs. like if you take mine for example it is huge because i started out in the 900s like many others this means my graphs goes up by hundreds but if you could zoom in you could possibly view it by 10s or the other way and view my progress in a certain week
Maybe a dropdown to select from last 12, 6, 3, or 1 months data would be a way to do it.
For the URL manipulation, it's still kinda a drag. When I navigate in IE6, the URL is always "". While changing the "page number" for the URL isn't too tedious, it's still unnecessary to have to RC a link-> properties, and copy that URL to the address bar... so yeah, something like this

http://bike.toyspring .com/view.php?c=24& hf=& hp=23
it is still better than nothing.HAHAHAHAHA

You're using frames in IE6 because you didn't go directly to
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