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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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Time Trial
OK, this idea is pretty extreme, but I think it might work.

At the moment, the best times are first come first serve, and some of the old players still hold golds, when they don't even play anymore (rachman! on Bottle for instance), so what if your games time out after say 3 months and they don't count in the HoF anymore? It would keep the people who still play in the top positions, and after someone stops, they would be gone from the competition after 3 months. You probably won't like this cos it's a big change, but hey... worth some discussion.
bones: once again its the hall of fame its a lasting thing and there are pepople who come back after a year or so to play some

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New ideas for the next version
How about making the game use the arrow keys on thepalm universaal wireless keyboard?

On th map screen, mabye we could draw a route we would like to take and then we can use the line in the game to help finish the level?

It might be nice to be able to save your progress ina level ONCE so that if we die on very hard levels we don't have to start from the beginning.

Customisable suspension would be awesome, so that we can adjust our bike for certain obstacles.

How about a random level feature where mabye 5 random abstacles generated by the game were put after each other for instant fun and levelpack free replay value?

Mud. When we ride over it, it moves and changes. For instance we could dig a trough with it, or use it to make destructable walls.
PiNerd: Yeah, thats probably it, Arcade Reality is hard. Although I did spend a while getting to like BoD, I had the trial for like three months.

Luckily I DID come to my senses eventually.

I liked 3D mines straight away, and I am now going to try video jigsaw with my treo, it only works with photos on my old Z72s.

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Website interface
I've been thinking abput HotSync etc and I had an idea. At the moment the Bike or Die website interface is describable as clunky at best. WebSync is good, but the whole system is just a bit out of date.

I propose that the game stores all of your recent recordings in one file, as well as seperately. Then, you can just upload the one file and all of your recordings go on the website. This system could be expanded quite easily. From here you can send a PM from your Palm by typing in the name and message and next time you sync it will update. This could be taken to the next level, where it chucks back a file containing all of your up to date PMs, and maybe even recent forum posts.
Sz: yeah, i thought about changing the 1:1 paradigm when implementing the card support but i decided this could be too disruptive...
however your idea of having a separate "transmission" file is better - such file would be independent from any other files so it won't break anything!

transferring data TO palm is another issue, first of all i don't know how to do it correctly (i never programmed any hotsync conduit...) i would prefer implementing the direct network connection instead

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BoD is quite battery intensive so how about a battery indicator on the screen. A nice feature that shouldn't be very hard to implement!
PiNerd: I have a Zire 72 but I'm gonna buy a TX in the next few eeks I think.

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I know that you already said you can't do this but I did some reading and here is a little guide to Supersampling.
PiNerd: Yes we could say that performance would be a fifth because we are endering four times as much image and then squashing it nicely not just taking every other pixel every other line so if a device normally get 50fps (which i guess not that many do, especially to lower end ones) then we would have 10fps. Now if you did MSAA (multisampling) and only did the edges you coud use a LOT less power and the performance would be OK, but I guess this is what you were saying about it being a little too much right now. Mabye you could try SSAA with the BW version as most palms can do this in their sleep. Probably because palms don't actually sleep but anyway...

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Many new ideas
I have several suggestions for the next version of bike or die:
The obstacle mines should blow up when run into.
Players should be able to replace the biker's black head with their own; maybe they could draw one.
Until users can add their own bitmaps into Bike or Design, it should come with some more pictures, including fire hydrants and animals.
The game should have the option of running as fast as the palm will let it; sometimes the frame rate seems to slow.
The 'submit best times' part of this web site should accept more than one recording at a time.
Obstacles should appear on the map.
The map should include an accurately sized picture of the biker; sometimes it is hard to tell how big the level really is because all you can see are colored dots.
Players should have the option of viewing levels with default colors (grass ground and blue sky) instead of the level's colors; the colors on 'Touchbricks' were really annoying.
This game should come with every new Palm, instead of Solitaire.
Cody: My favorites: change the level's colors to the default ones and submit more than one recording than 1 on #2.

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Disable Messages
Wouldn't it be nice to be able do disable the "Levelmap Mismatch" message and maybe some others. I made an awesome level but forgot the flag, so I went back and fixed it, but now the "Levelmap Mismatch" message keeps popping up and ruining my game!
Sz: or, you can disable the ghost temporarily (in recording options) or delete the ghost recording associated with this level (the message appears when starting the ghost replay).

but of course you're right, displaying this message more than once is stupid...

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auto-mode like LineRider
I just played LineRider ( )
and thought about a mode where you can't move, and a speed-ground or a feature to pause, go on with building the level, and then play again.
Cody: There wouldn't be any competition. It would be kind of fun to create, but almost no fun to play. It is still fun to make and play automatic levels with a harder route to get a faster time that isn't automatic.
Ideas for next version.
ok every body I know that v1.5 just came out and its great! but there will be a next version eventualy ,am I right?

so here are me(and my brothers{the citic.})ideas,

#1.booster pads,sort of like in mario cart but that are maby sticky in some way so that when you land back wheel first on one that you don't flip and die,maby so that it only works if both wheels are on.

#2.slow down pads,sort of like increased fritcion(also a good idea) but instead of slowing you to a certain speed and keeping you there it slows you down to that speed and then stops working,at least till you go off and back on agin.

#3.moving ground, a bit like this,

of cource im terribly bad at art so I don't know if this will make sence or not but basicly a joint in the ground.

#4.bouncy ground(this idea belongs to th-champ and was not my ideabut I like it),for a highr impactlevel that the bike can withstand,
to make him bounce higher,and anything els you guys can think of,sort of like a trampoline I gess(that might actuly be a good thing for it to look like).

please remember that I know sz has only just made the new version however there wil(hopefully)be a few more versions yet.
what do you all think, any good ideas there?
you can post some of your ideas for the next version to down below.
if anyone reads this thanks for just that.
Cody: Unless you use the flag part.

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Bike or Design: Improved Clone Tool and Predefined Shapes
For the level editor, an improved clone tool would be nice.
Currently, it clones all of the selected points and connects them into a single polygon. But if you have two polygons selected, the clone tool will produce a single polygon, so you have to clone each ground polygon separately. It cannot easily clone a group of polygons.
I think it should clone multiple polygons without combining them. I would also like it to clone Portals, Updrafts, etc., and preserve the glue / slippery setting of the ground.

Predefined shapes in the Designer, such as an exact square, or a polygon with a specified number of sides, would also be nice. Particularly, I would like a tool that lets me type some text, then creates some ground in the shape of that text.
Cody: What Kris drew is what I meant, turn a line into a polygon.

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improved bike appearance
as you already know, the next version will mostly focus on graphics (which was not touched since v1.0).
after enabling multiple textures and creating beautiful levels, there is still one "outdated" thing left in the current Bike or Die - it is the bike itself.

and here is how it is going to look in the next version!

video: img/bod-better-bike.swf
(as you can see, the new bike was tested with Kristopher's public recording on Spike Cave)

like with multiple textures, there is an option to restore the good old wireframe bike with stick figure

but that's not all: the bike is now made of bitmaps, which means that it is quite easy to customize its appearance and and even create alternative vehicles (monster truck anyone? ). i'm going to make a special application ("bike or paint"? ) so painting your bike will be easier than making a level
Mr.pickle.: codys got a point about people abusing the feature,some people might put a bad picture of some sort

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level movies
what if when you clicked on a video to look at it closer. the creator of the level could put a movie on there so they can see how it's done. BUT only the creator can so it would only happen on some levels since many levelpack creators have left
Cody: Also, if you have to have a recording to submit a level, you should have the option of posting it secret.

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For the next version
I think in the next version you should be able to have moving ground. Or you have to get a flag and it would move a piece if ground or something like that.
Mr.pickle.: whoa all the new ideas(and officiall upgrades)were mentiond before

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multiple textures
i'm posting this in "Ideas" because it is still to early to make an official announcement about the next version. and actually, this is the real player-submitted idea - i can recall someone asked about such possibility shortly after v1.0 was released

swf flash link: img/bod-multiple-textures.swf

almost everything in this level is done using the 2 well known textures, this is to show how the color transformations can create entirely new look. of course you can also use other bitmaps, eg. the brick wall.

well, i think i should call the next version 2.0 after redoing all levels this way
Sz: of course you are right - this feature can be used to create awful and confusing levels
but in fact, what it does is to give us more freedom, which can be used for good or bad purposes. and this problem with freedom is not specific to Bike or Die

PS. don't worry, it can be disabled, turning any multitextured level into the plain old two-color mode

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New BOD Section
How about another section where people could submit a video of them playing a level and other players could rate it from 1-10 on each of several categories like style, difficulty, and originality. Then the average score for each is added together and that's how many points for that level. Kind of like freestyle.
Mr.pickle.: I think the freestyle is good already,but it needs to be fixed,maby wpe out all the old recordings every month s we only have active players recordings?I don't know
2000 Journey Competition
We have almost 2,000 levels now! When BoD gets 2,000 levels, they could all be put into a single levelpack (or five different packs), and randomly ordered so no two consecutive levels are difficult. We could then see how many of these levels the players can complete. Instead of competing for record times, we would only compete by completing the most levels and progressing through the levelpack (or levelpacks, if 2,000 levels are too many for one pack ).
The first person to get all the way through the pack (complete at least every other level) should win something!
Cody: I think that if there was ever a levelpack like this, the number of levels before it you have to have completed one of would be increased. Or, once in every say, three levels, there should be a level that anyone could beat. Like Kris Binary Bikary levels where you can win by only using the forward button.

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Bike or Design - Predefined Color Schemes
In Bike or Design, when picking colors for the ground and sky, I would like a list of predefined color schemes. It would be easier to select "Winter" than to change four sets of RGB values.
Cody: I like this idea. I have made levels designed to look like it's sunset, but it take forever to find the right combination.
okay i have a pure genius idea. what if sz or a mod created for this purpose selected one random level from any pack and we counted that 1 level in the HoF letting the competiton go for a week before changing it to a different random level. this way times wont really be perfected yet we will see improvment and its also a good way to see if it would be a good permanent level in Hof. PLEASE leave comments telling me what you think.PLEASE!!
Cody: But if that happened, you would have to download a new level every week, and that could take up a lot of space on your palm.

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what BoD really needs is a battery meter and a clock. its so annoying to have to go to the home screen to check these things...
Spence: oh ya i forgot about that 1 but it only shows in 24-hour time... well anyway i still think there should be a battery icon or maybe use the very bottom row of pixels for some kind of bar meter or possibly like a "fuel" gauge. what is the purpose of the gauge at the top anyway? a velocity meter? does any1 ever use that? there could be an option to change it to something more useful...

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trophy case
I had a good Idea,what if there was sort of a trophy case?
like anyone who had ever been in first or something,the main Idea would be not to forget the old greats of oliver,rachmen,prayeR,ect...and it would have to have mike,and probly we would have to add vega as an onerary member since hes so good,I just don't think we should forget them when they quit,it could also have sort of an article writen (don't know who would write it)about them,and also state how long they played,what there best rank ever was,how long they stayed in that rank,ect..
well what does every one think?(I love that face!)
Ibanez: You got it PMD - this is extra level based stats, very interesting to see as it preserves all the glory of a levels history, and so preserves the greatness of previous champions. I'll mock up how I see it being implemented (If Sz's listening!) I don't think an objective based system would work, too many opinions, this is just the facts!

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