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Suggest a new feature for the game!

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mike flips
Ranking Spreadsheet
Using what has already been programmed to display the rankings of people in each level, make a program that puts your own rankings into some sort of spreadsheet downloadable to the palm so that you can look up your ranking on any level on the go. it doesnt have to include all the names of everyone, just the level name and your rank number.
Kristopher: I have remade the charts and moved them to my Bike or Die! site.

^^ Has links for top 20 Time Trial Champions

I had previously used a web uploading tool to upload 200 files simultaneously, but have not done that this time because the URLs change based upon the date. Since I have to manually upload each file, I have only done it for the top 20 players. If you are not one of the top 20 players, but are one of the top 300 players, you can download the ZIP file and use [Ctrl]+[F] to search the file for your ranking chart. (All 300 ranking charts are in a single text file in the ZIP file.)

P.S. These files are already outdated, because I downloaded the data yesturday. Cirenco is too good!

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Expansion sequels?
This wouldn't be possible with the current game engine, but with modifications it would work...

I saw some documentary where soldiers are taking cover from artillery and mortar shells. There was a jeep that was blazing through some moderately wooded area and flying over bumps, hills, and other terrain in attempt to haul ass ASAP. Kinda reminded me of BoD. Perhaps a simulation like that could be feasible?

Put in boss levels? Various objectives, one of which includes capturing all the flags to kill the boss while the mines it throws at you and level's terrain try to slow you down.
face changes
draw a face and then in the options you could make a face that changes when your guy dies, for example while riding around the face is normal ,but the second he is killed the face changes to something funny like a sad face or cross eyed or you could just draw one.
Justy: ya i just realized that the face is too small for it but it would have been ok if it was bigger and all of the stuff you talked about would allow it to. thanks for the response

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More networking features
Since submitting levels from Palm works for me new, I'd like to also see the following features there:

  • check for updates (to let me know if there's never version available)
  • fetch my current ranking (just for fun
  • level pack downloader (obvious

    PS: how can I submit my level as "public" by default directly from Palm?
  • Gavin S.
    Competition against palms!
    Being able to connect 2 or 3 palms using bluetooth or WiFi would be so much fun! if all of them could play on the same level at the same time. just an idea to build on. i think it would be amazing considering me and my friends are always playing the game together.
    Lee: Presumably, if someone sends you their prc of a level, you can now get it onto your palm, and pick it as the ghost to ride against in recorded games - Select as ghost.
    At least you can do this to select a game other than your fastest time to race against, if you had a perfect run, except for a crash near the end, say.

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    Stage select feature?
    Some of the levels can be VERRY frustrating. I have given up on several level packs either temporarily or permanently, and even taken long hiatuses form the game itself after spending months trying to pass a level w/o any hope.

    Someone here mentioned that you could use the level editor to either mark the levels as complete or make your own level packs with the existing levels such that you won't be forced to complete the more difficult levels from the beginning.

    However, I feel a stage select mode built into the game would be better. Let those with a competitive spirit play the game as originally intended while letting the rest of us with a curious mind explore the whole level packs. For the latter, a mechanism to play levels before clearing one of 2 previous levels BUT to keep high scores from being allowed oughtta give both sides what they want.
    Kristopher: It's a nice idea, MF. Or maybe the players could download all of the levelpacks and have the option to play a random level?

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    PORTING to Nintendo DS
    Hey Sz,
    I don't know if anyone has planted this seed in your head yet, but why not get some Nintendo company to get this ported over to the Nintendo DS handheld. That would be sick!! Especially because of the dual screens, and the touch screen input would allow making you own tracks. Another great piece on the DS and Bike Or Die, it the built-in WiFi on the DS!! M U L T I P L A Y E R!!!!!

    Well, I'm sure you thought this already, but I figure I'd post it! I hope someone can or would do this!!
    Kristopher: It's not a flashing dot anymore. v1.4!

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    Graphic import on Lvl Editor
    It would kick some MAJOR butt, if one could send a black & White .gif to their PalmOS device, and import it via the level editor. The editor would then basically read black as land and white as sky, and spit out a level that you could then add graphics too or futher edit.

    I ask this mainly because the levels I want to design are taking WAY too long to tinker with in the editor when designed from scratch. If I could have a semi-complete starting point it would be soooo much nicer!
    mike flips: ive used programs that do this for a graphing calculator (which is much much easier to program)

    basically i would draw a monochrome bitmap in paint or something, then this little program would convert the monochrome picture into a race track and would ask for a start, finish, and checkpoints, the black would be the ground and the white we could move in...

    The game was called MegaCar and it could run on my TI83+ graphing calculator

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    Daniel S.
    Cooler Bike
    Possibly there could be more bike options to make the game more personalized.
    things like
  • spokes = squigly, jagged, full, none, normal, stuff like that
  • biker = could have long hair, or a helmet, or the put your own face in the place or draw one sounds cool
  • more colors for bike
    you could make really cool bikes but you dont want to loose the simple stick man and stick bike because thats awsome.
  • IZodiac: That could be changed in the preferences screen- if your game runs slow then you would change the bike to a simpler design.

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    Level Pack Names
    There are many different level packs and they're all great. It's kinda annoying though with all the different names before the actual title of the pack: B.O.D., BikeOrDie, BOD, and nothing at all. I think it would be easier to find level packs if the various BOD things are removed and it just was the level pack name. Example: B.O.D.-YouQi Levels would become just YouQi Levels, BikeOrDie - Dieter2 would be simply Dieter2, BOD - Summer Pack would be Summer Pack (without the 'BOD - ') and OrR's Levels could be left alone. Do you get what I'm saying? I hope I didn't repeat myself too much.
    IZodiac: nice!

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    Shapes with Shapes
    I know, that's a really crappy subject but hear me out.

    I think it would be sweet if the images we can insert into our levels could have the option to become solid.

    If placed into the level as hollow, it would mimic the fuction we have now... simply adding a picture into the level.

    If placed into the level as solid, the basic geometry of the image would become a solid object that your bike collides with.

    Now obviously detailed objects like the trees and tiny flowers would not be complex geometries but it would cut down on the time needed to trace objects that you wish to become obstacles.

    Kristopher: If it is possible, yes, it would be nice. It should create ground-lines from the picture. It would take a technology similiar to that of another suggestion of yours:
    http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=7510
    mike flips
    Incorporating Points into the Player Profile standing downloads
    Sz, i was wondering if you could add more to the charts available for download, so they can also say your total points that you get from the level, because for bottle, it says rank 28 but i have 98 points for it, so its kinda confusing cuz im actually good at the level but the ranking says im not

    Stunt scoring
    How about having a different kind of game - in addition to timed games, there could be *scored* games where the player earns points for executing various stunts such as flips, jumps and loops - perhaps within a set timeframe?
    Cirenco: Podrían incorporarse trucos o "tricks" aéreos como el súperman por ejemplo, con un afán meramente estético o quizás un nuevo tipo de competencia en saltos acrobáticos. Claro que esto tendría que ser en una nueva versión del juego.

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    Hall of fame on palm side !
    Any chance to see in the next christmas (?) robust update the hall of fame directly from within our palm ?
    It would be great !
    Kristopher: I think the RANKING SPREADSHEET thread has a similar idea. If so, then it's done!

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    Level Testing
    I think thta level packs should be tested beforwe being alowed to be submitted to the public. I have downloaded alot of packs and find that some of them seem to be made just to annoy. Some are impossible to do due to the layout and size of the levels ansd the shapes of the polygons.

    bike or design
    it would be really nice if you could free draw in bike or design instead of 'connecting the dots' which is so time consuming. that would make creating level so much easier!
    Gavin S.: that definatly would save tons of time! good idea
    Timer for the Replays Online
    This would be a great help to see the times at which certain tricks are done to gauge a run. Its easy to copy tricks, but not so easy to see how long they should take and when exactly to do ou could see at what time a player "hits the left wall," or something, and you can see how good of a run you have in the works. A timer for the replays online would be a great new feature to add.
    LouisIPhone: i didnt see this in kristop's idea sorry
    Online Flash Replays Suggestions
    The online replays are one of the best things about this site, so I think they could use some improvement. A timer showing the seconds would be nice; maybe you could even do an analog clock. I know there are some menu options when you right-click on a movie, but some extra controls, such as fast forward, would be great! (Especially for Bill's Die or Die )
    Vega: Also, what about the possibility of adding a sound option to the replays online and making the replay larger without having to zoom in?! But Kris....why analog clock? digital sounds more appropriate
    ghost bike feature
    this may have already been shown but that would be the absolute coolest thing, wouldnt trake up server stuff, would be the same as regular and not hard to program (i think) plz think about this feature its really cool. for those of u who ont know, its replays being shown on tthe same screeen, so we can see where we went faster than some of the best times and where we went slower.
    Vega: What is shadowbike? Is that the same thing as ghostbike? Adding something like this would be INCREDIBLE! You could pinpoint exactly where you need to improve. There would be an immediate shift in top times on levels tho. All medals would be beaten and new times would emerge. Crazy

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    Level Popularity Graph
    Could you make a list that shows, for all of the 40000+ replays online, how many were submitted for each Hall of Fame level? I'm sure RSP2 is the most popular.
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