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Adding achievements.....

It's cheap, but it works. Alot of games for Ipod Touch, Xbox, and Nintendo do it. It seems it adds ALOT MORE replayability and value to almost anything.

Some I can think off the top of my head include...
--Beating all official level packs (although the Golden Club already covers this)
--doing 8 or more flips in the air
--spending 10 more seconds in the air for a single jump
--beating at least 50 user created levels
--beating 15 levels ranked as hard difficulty
--collecting a grand total of over 1,000 flags
--submitting best times for 40 levels.

... etc.

Dunno if the rework of existing code 'll make it feasible, but figure I'd throw the idea out.

Interesting Ideas ackmondual. First let me say that I like that you have taken the time to think outside the box a bit and come up with this list. Pointed recognition goes a long way in games, and creates sufficient incentives for players to have fun goals. I am never shy about sharing my opinion / feedback on things, so I will stick with that in this case. Here are my [constructive] thoughts on your list:

There's no real way to 'beat' a level pack, unless you are referring to completing all the levels in it. And if so, then I think you mean "Total Race" covers this, not GC.

--spending 10 more seconds in the air for a single jump
*** Are there any levels in BoD HoF where you can do this?

With some of the other ones, like 8 flips and beating 50 user created levels and collecting flags, I am not sure what value those accomplishments hold. But then again, each player values accomplishments with a different measuring stick, so voting on what players would really want to see would be the best idea.

My favorite of all is your level difficulty idea. This has great potential and is very applicable from a tracking perspective so I'd like to expand on this one.

I know that we can rank levels from the level pack explorer, but let's face it, it doesn't get a lot of attention. I would love to see a more robust level rating scale.
Even if Sz kept the current rating scale, but just tracked metrics accordingly, that would be so cool. To expand on your idea ackmondual, here are some additional thoughts:

  • Allow players to vote on HoF levels using a scale of 5-1 for "Difficulty" and "Enjoy Playing" separately, with the parameters as follows:
    1. Each player can only vote on each level once
    2. A player can only vote on a level if they have submitted a completed run for that level.
    (of course, #2 would only apply to HoF levels)

    One thought on rating levels on difficulty... it can get a bit tricky because different players perception of levels are vastly different based on what they are trying to achieve with that particular level. For example, RSP2 might be extremely difficult to rank in the top 10, but extremely easy to complete. I would rate RSP2 a 1 or maybe 1.5 for difficulty. My recommendation would be to have the difficulty rating be strictly associated with how difficult the level is to complete based on a new player's abilities, not a vetern's abilities.

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a dedicated page showing which levels are rated the most difficult and which levels people enjoy playing?
    Kris put together a page for "Longest held gold" and I thought that was a great idea.

    Anyway… I know I said a lot here, but the main question is... can you dance like me?

  • Mr.pickle.
    Nice dance Vega ............

    Anyone who has a iTouch, or iPhone, knows what he means by achievements. The way the dedicated BOD players, play is strictly competitive. I mean occasionally we will get bored, or try some random user levels, just for the fun of completing them. But in general our goal is to stick to the HOF levels to become worldwide known for being the best biker.

    However, to my knowledge (which is admittedly very limmited) there is no successful game designed for the iPhone which is strictly competitive. The closest to a competitive game which is successful is probably the "Tap Tap Revenge" series. Which in the 2nd and 3rd installments you are able to play live against other players, and the player with the highest score is the winner. However, it is not strictly the competitive side of the game that makes the game so successful. To this day (I believe...) the most ever downloaded app of all time for the iPhone system is the first installment of this game, which did not have any multiplayer function at all whatsoever.

    It did however have a lot of achievements. Things like having played the game a certain amount of time, beating levels on different diffaculty's, getting 100% perfect score on any level(again of the different diffaculty's) playing the game so many days in a row. Other achievements of this sort. The point was not to get the most achievements so that you could show them off, it was simply that they were downright entertaining to aquire due to the fun nature of the game. It gave you goals to complete instead of just playing through the game till you had "beaten" all the levels.

    Due to the fact that there really arn't that many good multiplayer games for the iphone(especially not racing games) when a person downloads a game on that system, they don't try to beat other peoples scores and such. They play the game for how much fun it is as a single player game, and they never realise how much more fun they could be having by submitting and joining into the multiplayer frenzy.

    Adding achievements into the game, would definatly assist in making the game more fun as a single player game. Things like so many flips in a level without hitting the ground, staying in the air for so long, going so far on only one wheel, all of these would make the game more fun as a single player game, because people naturally try to aquire all achievements. Especially if they can view a list in-game of all the avalible achievements they will try there hardest to get them all.

    Now that we have established what iPhone users want in achievements, we look at how we can use them to make the BOD community grow. The one mentioned about submitting one recording to the HOF, is definatly a good way to get them started. After that you could expand on the same idea and say submit 5 levels, then an entire level pack, perhaps even another achievement for every single HOF level pack. Then you could have achievements for rank as well, for instance, entering the top 100, entering the top 50,20 and 10 and even top 3. Getting top 10 on a level, getting bronze, silver and gold on a level(one for each).

    As a bonus, achievements could be displayed on the players BOD profile, for bragging rights. Perhaps add another competition into the multiplayer aspect of the game, for achievements, different achievement points could be awarded for different achievements(aka getting top 10 could give you 3 points as where top 100 could give you 1). So long as it does not simply turn into a copy of the already existing TTC rankings, and keeps a large number of achievements in doing a certain amount of flips, reaching a speed, and things in that category I believe you could viably attract tons and tons of new players.

    As aackmondual said in his first post, it IS a cheap move, but it does wonders for this sort of game.
    mike flips
    Pickle stop spreading your nonsense. Google the word "openfeint" and then come back and make an educated post. There are so many games with online competition that you probably can't even count that high. On a more positive note, your spelling has marginally improved.
    Accolades to Pickle for a well-written post, both spelling and grammar. Way to go.
    I reasonably certain BB can pick out a few mistakes as well. I can see over a dozen just by speed reading through it.
    I think he was just saying that Pickle's post seemed a bit better by comparison to what we've seen from him in the past.

    In other words, at least he's improving, as Mike noted.

    However... @Pickle - if you want to really impress, You might wanna try pasting into a word doc and running a quick spell check.
    I suppose the only draw back is that we then would not be able to tell for sure that it is something you wrote or copy/pasted off of a google search.

    If it's ridild with hallairyus speleng, at leest we no fore shoor that its reely pickle.

    I wasn't trying to impress anyone I type how I type, get over it

    Mike, the multi player games that are SUCCESSFULL i said, are rare. The majority of the openfient games suck, not in the game play, but they simply have online high score charts. Not many of them have much competition, and NONE have the online forum community like this game does.

    No game on the iPhone has nearly as much addicting competition as this game does (believe me..I have searched the internet as well as the app store for hours trying to find one similar). This game has something special, its just fun to play once you get the hang of it. Achievements would help people along the journey from starting out and flipping the bike in the first 5 seconds to winning a gold medal.

    I don't necessarily think that adding them in would give much immediate assistance in adding to downloads of the game. But it would bring more players who already have bought the game to join the online community, and eventually through those people the game will spread around a bit more, I would give it a month or so to see a jump in downloads.
    After hundreds of posts from Pickle, we now have a post with no spelling errors.

    July 8, 2010, folks. Let us remember this date.

    Carry on...
    Cant just leave it alone and respond, no we have to praise me for spelling things right, thats what I get for having so many internet friends I suppose
    HEY! If you are allowed to post your horrendous spelling, then we should be able to poke fun a bit. And so we do.

    Actually Vega, in "its just fun to play..." its should be it's. But I'm not sure if that's considered a spelling error or not.

    Yeah, I got Golden Club mixed up with Total Race.

    10s air time flips? The way some vets here "fly around" throughout certain levels lead me to believe that. If not, the time can always be shortened.

    Some "reverse achievements" as well, such as hitting mines/obstacles 200 times. Playing for over 8 hours, 24 hours, 1 week. Going off screen over 80 times. Attempting a level more than 15 times. Beating 9 levels without using the Resume feature. Etc.

    Again, this serves as some sort of "artificial value" for lack of better way of putting it.

    Sz already included customization options, but if he wanted to hit below the belt, he could've charged those optional features as micro-transactions, or in game purchases. ... Scratch that, that would piss off users.
    I like the idea of achievements, iphone gaming has become this popular thanks to the implementation of these features. However, I believe BOD is still too hard on newbies for a start. Most iPhone games are very casual, and need almost zero learning curve. We all know BOD is the most addicting game on the app store, but I think people give up on it too soon. I've tried to get my friends to play with almost no success, but see them play some other dumb games that are far more easy to start with.
    @Neca and anyone else who's seen people play BoD on Iphone OS....

    Are these newbies aware that there is a save feature (right in the middle of the level)? That makes going through the levels much more down to earth. They won't be able to participate in the HoF, but I doubt they cared about that anyways.
    Aye I don't remember noticing that, but actually it might be a good idea to mention the save feature in the tutorial, it would probably make the game a lot easier. Come to think of it, I don't think the save feature is mentioned at all enless you check the options for different controls or something, I don't think it is mentioned in the tutorial at all. I will have to check..
    I am only really interested if the achievement comes with a free Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp... then there will be a few more sleepless nights on this game
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