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It would be great if there is a Multiplayer funktion.
When can play over IR(Infrared) or Bluetooth against a friend!

I notice the same ideas keep reappearing. I guess we DO need a search feature at this site!
i think there should be a multiplayer device where the other player becomes the ghost so you would need 1.4
I think this would be too hard to implement. Bike or Die! already has enough things to do that don't really improve the game, like music control on the Tapwave Zodiac, and SD file managing.

If you haven't noticed, very few games have a multi-player option, because it is hard to add. Warfare Inc, Micro Quad, and Battle Cake Xmas are the only games I have seen with Bluetooth game play. Warfare works well, but Micro Quad loses the connection if the Palms can't communicate for more than a second, and Battle Cake Xmas never worked for me.
maybe not if they just recieve the new player as the ghost and it constantly feed data over IR
""I notice the same ideas keep reappearing. I guess we DO need a search feature at this site! ""

not the only thing....
-A search feature
-email notifications to message replies
-email notifications to PMs
-html tags or just formatting

-see more than 10 levels per page
-see more than 10 level packs per page
-compare levels side by side (e.g. all of Master KO's levels across all levelpacks, see all hard rated levels across the level packs, etc.)

-be able to jump to any page instantly, rather than having to go from 10 to 40, to 70, to 100, etc.
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