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"Bike or Die!" v1.4b

This version fixes a bug in loading extremaly complex levels - like the Kristopher's "Infinity" from the upcoming "Scary Files" levelpack.


my device a palm tx doesn't support this file. plus for some reason when i get a better time in a non-hall of fame level and i don't go to the next level it doesnt save the replay. this happens 85% of the time.
Now's ising a Chinese New Year is really a good gift to thank you
that's strange, it works ok here.
anyone else has problems with this version? anyway, i won't update the "official" download on the main page for now, until everything is ok.
It works well on my Zire 72s.
I've notice that when I'm playing BoD on my Tungsten E2, it briefly freezes (for between 1 to 3 seconds), it's really a pain in the ass. And that Fatal Exception Error is still there (see the comments for BoD 1.4 for details).
I've figured out that freezing problem on Tungsten E2. It freezes when you push hard on the up button. I can be quite annoying after getting the 1st flag on the Red Sox 1 level on the Old School pack.

I would like updates on this problem. Thanks.
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