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Bug fixes

I managed to fix some bugs at last:

Bike or Die v1.4a:
  • Updraft didn't work well in big levels. This was first discovered by Kristopher in his  Maze Mission #05, and perhaps this is also the same bug:  Updraft bug
  • Fixed the problem with card levelpack names not matching the internal levelpack names (this prevented from loading such levelpacks automatically on startup).

    Bike or Design v1.2a:
  • No longer crashes 320x480 Palms (LifeDrive, T|X, etc.)
  • Loading large levels does not move the view outside the level area

    Sz - thanks for putting in the work to fix these bugs. Level Editor now works perfectly on my T3.
    The only small bug I have now is the button mashing exit from BOD - especially on the initial splash screen, it seems hitting the pda buttons drops me out of BOD.
    That Bug I had on the previous version hasn't been fixed.
    ©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING