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"Bike or Die" Birthday

Yes, this game is one year old. Actually it was on 12th July but the usual ranking chart preparation took longer than expected. Click here to see the chart. This time it is really big! (0,5MB)
Can you trace your Hall of Fame history back to the first day?

great, tnx a lot
but when it was made? because Aleksey at 12th Juli was 3rd
as i remember
thank you for pointing out this inconsistency!
you're right: the current live ranking and the chart didn't match exactly. the difference was in the "equal times", like the famous  Bottle Time Trial.
  • the history chart always reflects the submission time (the first person achieving a given score wins)
  • the live hall of fame used a random sequence in such cases (and it was changing continuously without a reason)

    so it happened, that Aleksey was accidentaly assigned a good rank in Bottle, which gave him global #3 in the hall of fame, but from the history point of view his rank on the Bottle is #11 which didn't give him #3 on that day.

    i have just made 2 changes to avoid such trouble:

    1.the live hall of fame ranking now uses the same history rule like the chart. players with the same score are ranked according to the submission time.

    2. Bottle Time Trial is excluded from the competition. however, it will be still displayed in the hall of fame and all medals are valid (i.e. they appear in  Medals by Country)
  • Lee
    Now I realise that Rachman must be taking a break from the game.
    There is no way that I deserve to be higher rank than him!
    Rachman! Really an amazing king of BoD!
    He is respectable,the status can't be replaced either.
    ©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING