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2 Years On Bike!

Yesterday was the second anniversary. I have prepared the traditional ranking chart
This time it begins where the previous one ends (the picture would be too big in a single piece).
Enjoy! Part 1 (2004-2005) and Part 2 (2005-2006)

I'm also working on a number of new features for the site and the game itself, stay tuned!

mike flips
I like the chart cuz im in it this time

when is the next level pack going to come out because i shall submit mine before that
It's a very nice chart!
I can feel a "how come I get to be Mr Pink?" come out in this. such a sucky colour, I feel emasculated
I still feel like this is one of those - "CHECK OUT MY PALM" kind of games that should almost come bundled with your new Palm.

Have you contacted Palm to see if they are interested in bundling it with the New Treos? - I imagine you would take a bit of a major hit on the price, but this would be a blast with the whole palm community into it - especially synching straight from their phone-ready pdas.....

If only they could play the flash animation in some way to experience the web-site on-line too, then Palm would dive at it, I recon.
as for the new levelpack... i'd like to release v1.4 soon with two new features extending the level design:
  • possibility to define the number of required red flags (adds more combinations of where the player must go to complete the level)
  • mark some surfaces as "slippery" (as proposed here  Level based ground friction?, except that we can mix normal and modified friction in a single level)
    it would be nice to add the new levelpack with these additions... unless you prefer to have one new official pack now (eg  my idea for a new time trial pack) and another one with new features later
  • Kristopher
    The new Bike or Die! features will dominate the next few levelpacks, so I would like just one more standard levelpack.
    And it is a good idea to have slippery and nonslippery together. Will the slippery ground be a different color?
    Independiente de cual idea se prefiera (yo soy partidario de esperar un poco) se debe avisar el día y la hora porque esto tendrá un impacto inmediato en Golden Club.

    Day and hour to send our times
    Is there any chance to keep recorded tracks on SD card? Now it takes ages for PowerRun to copy all these files on launch...
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