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Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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A Simple Trick to Watch Bike or Die! Movies Full-Screen
If you are watching a Bike or Die! replay on this site, and want to see the video full-screen, you just have to modify the URL.

For example, if you are at
http://bike.toyspring .com/game.php?g=89855
and want to see the video full-screen, just change "game" to "movie" and then go to that page:
http://bike.toyspring .com/movie.php?g=89855 .

You can also do this with Head-to-Head replays; replace "game2" with "movie". (Do not leave the '2' in "game2" in the URL.)
I.E. Change
http://bike.toyspring .com/game2.php?g=93079& g2=89855
http://bike.toyspring .com/movie.php?g=93079& g2=89855.

Mr.pickle.: huray

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I've saved a lot of Bike or Die! emails so far...
Does anyone want to guess how many Bike or Die! related emails I have saved? The total does not include emails created by me, or notifications from this site. I was surprised myself, since there are more messages from Bike or Die! than from other Palm things in general.

Does anyone else keep track of all of their Bike or Die! email history?
mike flips: 527 PMs for me... but you guys were close.... Kinda

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Can anyone tell me why my Bike or Die game keeps getting unregistered? And then when I try to re-register with my number I get "Wrong Code". The only way to fix it is reset my palm and enter my code again. I also can not use the upgraded PRC files, I have to use the one I purchased from PalmSource. Any ideas anyone?
Sz: ...and now "MatthewWall" has changed his name to "Go Time".

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i have a new palm and i dont know how use my records of my old palm in this new palm, can anyone say me how copy my old records in the new palm, thanks
Sz: assuming you are using palm desktop: locate your old backup folder (should be in c:\program files\palm\old_user_name\backup or c:\palm\old_user_name\backup) and install all bike or die related files: BikeOrDie_Rec_xxxxxxx and the levelpacks (including the "levelpackname"_Results files)
My Bike or Die! Site
It is small now, but it has a very nice looking home page!!

The best part is

Does anyone want added content?
sonic: That did it! - Thanks

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Question - Rankings / graphs update
Hi all,

I recently got back into BoD with my unlock code (Thanks, Sz!) and have been making some new and improved times! I uploaded them to my user, and have seen some of them be accepted, but my graph ranking thing hasn't updated yet. When does that happen, once per day, or week, or something like that?

Off to try the New Deal ones now, the last version of BoD I had was 1.2! See you around
Kristopher: Your chart is up to date now; I think it is updated daily.
Bike or Die - True Life
Just had a magic weekend mountain biking with a bunch of mates up in Wanaka.
Did some bike-or-die stuff, with varied results.
Here's the video evidence (I'm the one wearing the protective gear)
Shane: Great stuff. My kind of weekend
I'm buying a new phone tomorrow. And it's gonna be a Palm TREO!!!!!!!! YAY. I deeply regret purchasing a windows mobile pocket pc. It sucked horribly. I really missed the program selection of the Palm (especially free programs). I literally couldnt find any useful software for my pocket pc. I feel like throwing it at a wall, its difunctional as a phone. But anyway I'm done ranting.
Dieter: Nevermind I dug through a buncha files on my old computer (had to dig it outta the closet and found a word doc that i saed with the code. I'm really happy now!

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Registration Code Recovery
I recently got a new Palm Pilot, and I can't find my old registration code. I emailed Szymon about it a week and a half ago, but still haven't gotten a reply. Does he normally take a while to respond? I'm only asking this because if my email didn't go through, I'd like to know that instead of wasting time waiting. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
Goldpump56: Well, I hope you guys are right and he is on vacation or something. I can't retrieve the old BOD files from my old Palm because it died out randomly a few months ago.

Thanks for the advice!

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mike flips
Sz, since your back...

We all like the fading out of the text, but it doesnt let us know how recent the person said anything. The fading is really creative but i think we need time stamps on the chat. Just something that says (5 minutes ago)

MAybe the chat can also display who is currently on the chat page also???
Sz: missing quicktime plugin - so your firefox does not recognize "wav" files in < embed> (they are used for sound effects). ignore this if you can live without sound or install the plugin. (i don't know if it must be quicktime, it just needs to support wav files, e.g. in MSIE they are handled by windows media player, and in the linux mozilla browser the mplayerplug-in handles all video and sound)

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No more Palm
My zire crapped out on me and i got a windows mobile pocket pc phone, I'm dissapointed in it because theres literally no good games for it and not very many good programs *hits head on keyboard* I shoulda got a treo. But anyway I'm stuck with this brick until i find something interesting for it. Does anyone know of a game kinda like bike or die for pocket pc??? I really really really love this game I need a game like it for my pocket pc!!!
Kristopher: Fortunately, I have a game controller that can emulate the keyboard.
But the Palm Simulator will not generate PRC or PDB files, so I cannot submit recordings or levels from them.

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I got used Zire!! YAY!!! But I got a problem, I LOST THE REGISTRATION CODE FOR BoD!!!! What do i do??
bones: my code is also my homepage on this site so i dont forget it if i need it. and since no one knows my hotsync i am all good.

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Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...
(Over 300 levels have been released since the Sweet Fifteen levelpack was officiated.)

Around 70 levels have been nominated for the Hall of Fame. They are listed here:

These levels have been selected by several players (listed on the page). Anyone can add to this page if they want to, but I think it is fairly complete.

Now the list should be consolidated, until only 15 levels are left. Everyone should vote for or against the levels. The plan is to only have some levels with v1.4 features, because no one has mastered them yet.
mike flips: yea just not too early

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I'm Using Web 2.0 Now!!
I started working with PHP yesturday, and already made a tool so everyone can upload their own Bike or Die! Flash replays!

  • To Upload a Movie:
    Use the official Flash Tool to make the movie from your recording. [ ]

    Then go here and submit the movie:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/upload.php
    (Note, when you type the player's name and level's name, everything is case sensative.)

  • To See the Movies:
    All of the movies are listed here:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php

    You can also filter the movie list by typing in the name of a player or level.

    Player pages:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=Vega
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=Kristopher

    This page will show all games for King Kong, regardless of who played them:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=King%20Kong

    This page shows the newest game:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=new

    This isn't part of my Bike or Die! site at 50webs, but I may add parts of this to my web site there.
  • Kristopher: I changed the page with the most recent game to:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=latest

    And I added this page with all of the games added in the last five days:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=new

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    New Treo?
    I have no Palm now and not sure whether to get another - if I do it will probably be the Treo 680. Any players use one of these or have a view on it??
    mike flips: Shane, basically they are extremely similar. However, the 650 is the workhorse. It has the best battery life out of any of the Treos. According to many reviews, the 680 has a horrible battery life and according to palm it is the worst battery life of the treos.

    Other than that they are basically identical, sure the 680 has more built in memory, but you can just use memory cards (although the 680 can take up to 4 gigs and the 650 only up to 2 gigs)

    So Shane, if you dont care for a really long battery life and you want a coooler looking phone, then for sure get the 680. However, if you need a lot of battery and you find urself always running out, then the 650 is for you.

    As for the antenna, i like it, cuz it helps me pull my 650 out of my pocket or case.

    The 700p is more expensive than the 650 and again, it has more internal memory to use, but there is no big difference between the 700 and 650. The 700 is just a disappointing upgrade to the 650 in my opinion. (I wanted WIFI and a better camera!!!)

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    Classics Competition
    I have an idea for a new competition; it would be similar to the Time Trial, but only use the older levelpacks for scoring. This would allow current players to compare themselves with PrayeR and Rachman! who have only played these levels.

    This new competition would use these levels:
    Standard Levels
    SiuLun's Levels
    Master KO's Levels
    OrR's Levels
    You Qi Levels

    Total Race... Golden Club... Classics Competition...
    bones: yeah i like the idea of it
    total race is good too

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    my tungsten c crashed today while playing BOD. it wont even reset with the reset button. it wont even turn off. and i wont be braking any records with my m515. im getting a pocket pc in the mail. ill still check on the website though
    bones: well, my palm touchscreen is skrewed up so bad i cant do anything.i will still play bod but am not expecting to get any better scores. when i fix it i hope to come back and get my first gold. i will still be an active member on the site and olan to release two more packs. only a game, and numbers. but once again i will still be on the site quite often.

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    This is a cool idea.....basica...
    This is a cool idea.....basically nothing would change, right? It would just be a separate calculation that would disclude all points outside of these level packs!
    Vega: ok that's really weird....I clicked on "add a new comment",..... not "start new idea"... This comment was supposed to be a response to Kris's Classics competition idea
    8000th post
    It's just the exactly 8000th post on this forum
    bones: huh i would have posted the 10000 message here but i didnt see this cause its so old

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    Someone can tell me why when i submit mi levels with java, some files are rejected, all say in server.
    mike flips: It means they are already submitted... go to "My Profile" and look at the "Unauthorized Games" section. Hopefully they will be there, and just check it off and they will be moved into your games.
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