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Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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Gold Medals
What did everyone do and how did everyone feel when they got their first gold medal? What would everyone do and how would everyone feel if they got a gold medal now? This one is for Mike, (and anyone else that still plays that was once first over all)what did you do and how did you feel when you were first time trial champion? Just curious.
bones: when i got my first gold i was overjoyed because i attacked four levels when old schol came out hoping to achieve my first gold. the four levels were WTTJ, save the princess, leap of faith and borzurks delight(cant spell it) when i submitted my first times i was oe of the first and i had eleven golds and 4 silvers(i was proud) obviously i still had about 18 hours until actual celebration time. during that 18 hours all golds and silvers were reduced to bronze and worse. i looked at all of them and i still had a chance on three of the four.(borz's was gone crushed by kris for the first night) so i beat the other three with great scores and thought i had a gold on all three so i waithed till ten minutes before cut off apparently so did everyone else. at the end of the first night the bet i had was three silvers and 5 bronzes in this one pack but no golds.(i still remmember this cause it was awesomely heartbreaking) about a week later afterr trying and trying i had gold with ten minutes left till cut off. gold in WTTJ and SaveT.P. and thats when mike submitted after his band practice and took them both then cirenco submitted later that week after three weeks of intense competition on Leap, save and WTTJ i got a great time of 28 seconds on WTTJ this was mikes band night(not earlier sorry about the mix up and he said before he left he came insanley close to beating it.well... HE DIDNT so i got my first golden point and it felt great i kept gold on that for about a week before it ws beaten but that time is still my current tme and is know fifth so you can see what i mean if you read those comments but depending on how you get the gold i guess it feels different cause i was so happy you wouldnt believe it.

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chat room
cool I can make my own thread now i'm going to try to spell this right ok? I think that no,one is ever on chat so why dont we all log on at onec? I mean there are a few id like to talk to who are never on ( the only ones i'v talked t are kris and shane)so why don't we set up a tme every week and try to get all the big names like,mike,vaga,pmd,kris,henoch ,lee,ect...(sorry if I left someone out I named all the top ones I could think of,)what time do you all think whould be a good time for my silly little idia?im good any time on saterdays of cource this will be hard to coordenate since were all in diferent time zones but any one like the idia?I want honest opinions plaese dont just leave nothing at least say its stupid if you dont like it, I want to know if anyone actul reads this.
Cody: It's a religion that keeps the seventh day sabbath.

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Playing with Hacks :D
I did some testing, and found how the recording .PDB files are formatted. I haven't done much with it yet, but I modified my Human Insides recording so it is one frame slower: http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=1195869385 .
If you compare this to the original, you will see it is exactly the same, except for a minor difference near the end.
I can't submit this recording ("invalid recording file"), but I may eventually find why the recording is invalid.
Anyway, editing the recordings is very impractical for improving times, but I like to know that I can do it.
I won't try to use it for Hall of Fame competitions, but I would like to at least improve some recordings with it.
Bike or Design - The Movie
I made a movie that shows how easy it is to create a level in Bike or Design.
I couldn't get the new Bike or Design to run on my Palm OS Simulator, but if I can resolve that, I will post another video that shows how to use the latest Bike or Die! features.

http://fusionware.our eordie/misc/bikeordesigndemo.avi (5.5MB)

The movie is played at a speed of 2.5x the normal speed.
I had it 80% uploaded to YouTube, when it stopped uploading. Since uploading takes an exceptionally long time on my dial-up connection, I just uploaded it to my file host.
Kristopher: m/watch?v=xcUvox2Vv9w

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New website
WOOOOOOT. I have been working on a bike or die website to submit online and badaboom! Took me a long time to upload it cuz I couldn't get all the pictures in cuz you upload the files 1 at a time (what a drag ) But what done is done, and now I have my own official bike or die website Check it It's decorated for Halloween which is only 1 day away Enjoy
Mr.pickle.: its not halloween any more

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New Palm
I just got a new palm!!! Beat four of my best times in the first half hour! When I get full version for this, watch out everybody!
Cody: I think my new biker gets altitude sickness. Whenever I jump high he turns blue.
Hello to all!

I received an email in my personal inbox that indicates someone was trying to get/change the password for Since I set up this account, I was just wondering if someone wanted to use it. I am using instead and I'm gonna stick with that. So is being wasted as a dormant account and I wouldn't mind surrendering to another fellow BoD maniac

....or, Sz, if you have any need for this you can have it.

just let me know.
Phone Shopping
My Treo 650 is still up and running, and I just got a brand new OEM battery, but I am out of contract since April and I qualify for a discount upgrade. So I'm looking at 2 different Verizon phones:

1. Samsung SCH-i760
2. LG Voyager

With the LG, I may not be able to do much with BoD. But with the Samsung, it's a full PDA with a stylus touchscreen and Windows '06 Pro. Do you think I could run BoD off that device if I got the Palm OS software on it? Could I play well enough to compete? Could I create levels? Oooooor> > > Is Sz planning on making BoD windows compatible anytime soon?

Mr.pickle.: vega;I actully honestly without bending it for my favor think,mine is easyer
theres only 1 pselling error(unlike this post )

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Guess Who?
Yep got a treo 700p a yesterday. cant believe im still in 65th place... finally baught the right size torx set to see if i could repair my tungsten c and guess what? it came to life after i put it back together but its not completely healed and for now unusable until i can figure out whats causing it to freeze and stuff. anyway as soon as i get my treo hot synced and stuff i might be braking a few more records!
My New (Used) T3
I bought a T3 on eBay and it finally came!!! It is a replacement for my Zire 72s, which no longer can hold a battery charge. The T3 is in good condition, and should last awhile if I can replace the missing screws.

For the occasion, I will recite "Joy Sonnet
in a Random Universe."

Sometimes I'm happy: la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la. Tum tum ti tum. La la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la.
Hey nonny nonny. La la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la la. Vo do di o do.
Poo poo pi doo. la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
la la. Whack a do. La la la la la la la la. Sh-
boom, sh-boom. La la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
la la. Dum di dum. La la la la la la la la.
la la la la la la la la. Tra la la. Tra la la
la la la la la la la la la la. Yeah yeah yeah.

  • Helen Chasin (1968)

    I'll probably take a break from the competition to make some levels now.
  • Mr.pickle.: cool I dident know there were wrist pda's I want one,exept there probly all horrible since there so small.

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    First games :)
    The first games of bike or diers (the before and afters)

    First off, me

    Th-Champ- Sinus Mountains: Before: http://bike.toyspring .com/game.php?g=84879 After: http://bike.toyspring .com/game.php?g=102318 Head2Head: g2=102318

    Mike Flips- Shelf: Before: After:
    Head2Head: g2=48404

    bones- Double Sprint: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=74494

    Kristopher- Pipe Universe(huge difference): Before: After: Head2Head: g2=102705

    PMD- Riding School: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=99111

    Shane- Underground: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=88373

    Cirenco- He never submitted any scores from when he started playing

    Casey- Cloudwalk: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=102581

    Henoch- Riding School: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=56667

    Lee- Hellraider: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=107505

    Smalls- Sawtooth: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=27108

    Gustavo W- Clay Serpent: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=103432

    _alex_- Malysz: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=56308

    jxjx- Spike Cave: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=100881

    YouQi- Floors: Before: After: Head2Head: g2=37153

    I will add more people to the list as time goes on (I need some sleep ) Do not be offended if your name wasn't in there. It's either, I havn't added you yet, or all your games are secret (such as Vega, Laser, etc) Enjoy!
    Mr.pickle.: this is very interesting th-champ very interesting indeed.....

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    You Qi
    I'ill be Back!
    stay tune!
    Mr.pickle.: hopefully soon....

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    2nd best game on palm after BoD?
    Not that I play or have played any other games since getting BoD last July, but ....

    What do you reckon would be the next most addictive game? My vote at the moment goes to one of these 3:

    1) TextTwist by Astraware
    2) Legacy by Redshift
    3) Top of the League by Tony Kingsmill

    Any other great games I should know about. You never know when you need something else to play whilst trying to calm down after messing up a level for the hundredth time in a row.
    Mr.pickle.: I agree demos are much easyer,but the 2nd game is warfare inc probly,I also like 7 seas!

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    Finally my money is spent for this good.
    It worth.
    Mr.pickle.: warfares a great game!!! but I dident buy it ether

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    Percentages of submitted levels
    Here is a breakdown of the 2 most submitted and 2 least submitted levels in each pack. The percentages represent the total for each level against the total of the entire pack. Pipe Universe has the lowest score, but that's because it's in Standard (a lot of people submit times for the top 5 levels only) Die or Die, Braking School, and Cliffhanger have the lowest in non-standard packs.

    Interesting to study the results

    RSP2 1943 66.6%
    RSCHOOL 1842 63.1%
    TOUCH BRICKS 305 10.5%
    PIPE UNIVERSE 287 9.8%

    JUMP OVER 345 86.7%
    PALMSTAMP 330 82.9%
    ZIPZAP 168 42.2%
    STREET 164 41.2%

    MASTER KO'S 357
    BOTTLE 316 88.5%
    MOON MADNESS 284 79.6%
    BIKE IMPOSSIBLE 172 48.2%
    KONECNIK DOWN 161 45.1%

    OrR'S LEVELS 283
    LOOP 1 265 93.6%
    LOOP 2 257 90.8%
    TATRA 136 48.1%
    CABLE CAR 133 47.0%

    FRUITS 186 90.3%
    MOUNT KINABALU 166 80.6%
    HOME SWEET HOME 127 61.7%
    SHARK 126 61.2%

    RED MURDER 210 88.2%
    GRAND CANYON 202 84.9%
    FEAR OF DARK 102 42.9%
    CAVE DWELLER 101 42.4%

    SHELF 277 86.3%
    FLIPPER 276 86.0%
    PARACHUTE 89 27.7%
    DIE OR DIE 72 22.4%

    MOSTLY HARMLESS 193 96.0%
    JADE 175 87.1%
    ALIEN SCULPTURE 89 44.3%
    BRAKING SCHOOL 53 26.4%

    NEW DEAL 207
    TRANSPORTER 189 91.3%
    GRAVICORNERS 181 87.4%
    HALF NORMAL 80 38.6%
    PICK FIVE 70 33.8%

    OLD SCHOOL 119
    HILL MARATHON 119 100.0%
    LIKE A GLOVE 91 76.5%
    INSIDE BUILDING 65 54.6%
    DANTE'S 50 42.0%

    ICE SKATING 106 96.4%
    SUPERMAN 88 80.0%
    CMR 45 40.9%
    KING KONG 51 46.4%

    STICKY HILL 69 95.8%
    SEQUENCE 68 94.4%
    TAKEN 34 47.2%
    CLIFFHANGER 24 33.3%

    PMD: I meant to give SZ some kudos for making a couple levels in this pack that almost anyone can do (like my 6 year old), but don't become a complete bottle. Sticky has a nice time distribution at the top, but is so simple anyone can do it. I am glad you brought it up Vega (indirectly as it was).

    Some of the packs make it impossible for a novice to even complete.

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    Palm is no more
    My palm has been having some problems, but usually I get to play BoD for a while on it. But now it freezes every 1 minute, including the time used to boot up. I will not be able to play Bike or die until I get a new palm
    Champ: actually, my palm is working sorta. It still freezes but not as often...

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    Bike or Die! Wikipedia Page
    I thought about starting a Bike or Die! page at, but it looks like someone beat me to it - by only a week!!?

    The page is

    Anyone signed up for free at can edit this page. It might be better for newbies to read that page, than to have them go through the entire forum here. Also, this page can be proof that Bike or Die! is the best Palm game.
    Kristopher: The non-gamers at Wikipedia felt that the Bike or Die! article was too long, so they shortened it.
    That is why I moved the article to .
    It is split into several pages there, which is better than one long page. is not a popular site, but it works, and we can move the article later. Right now, it needs to be updated.
    Also, the Toyspring page was deleted before I added any content to it, but anyone can recreate the page if they want to.

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    here are all but the one kris has..i wont tell people how to do that cause kris said not to.
    : )=
    : P=
    : D=
    ; )=
    : ]=
    : [=
    ; (=
    : > =

    i dont know if im forgetting any so i f i am someone should post it here.
    Mr.pickle.: I hope he does tha is neat do it sz!

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    The Chat site theory
    i have an idea that would take loads of time and i couldnt do but it would be a site wit ah uge chat room showing whos on and also an area to play levels on the com. specificaly designed for com and have a little record for how many you have won and lost. the only people i can think of that could do it are sz and kris. Can anyone else? And is anyone else thinking the same thing?
    Mr.pickle.: no bones there not I gess your just insane,lol
    A Trip Down Memory Lane?.
    I submitted my first game in Sept 2005. Since then so much has changed. It?s amazing to ponder....

    When I first started, PrayeR was the TTC champion with a page full of medals including lots of golds. Oliver was King of the Standard pack and held lots of Standard golds. Rachman was revered as ?The Greatest Bike or Die Player Ever? in the eyes of many. There was no ghost bike, no golden club, no medals by country, no chat, no fullscreen movie viewing, no updraft, no flash movie maker, no bonus points, no total race, and the Freestyle competition was actually kinda fun

    I remember when I first commented on my Underground game (page 174 of the forum ) and then since I didn?t know that when you comment on an individual game, your comment automatically gets put into the forum, so I wrote the same comment like 3 times in a row in different places and then realized later that all three comments were back to back in the forum (I didn?t even know there was a forum)

    *I remember PM?ing Kris and telling him how excited I was to move from #92 to #35 on Sinus Mountains in 1 day
    *I remember Kris had 22.22 on Double Sprint and I had 22.06 and he said?? hmmm, maybe I?ll try to beat you Double Sprint? and I thought he?d never do it cause I knew how many tries it took me to get to 22.06
    *I remember when I thought I was the first to discover the RSP2 spring trick and posted 12.40 at #12 only to realize that Vin had posted the trick just days before me and collecting 29 Freestyle votes for it.
    *Oliver?s Double Sprint 20.72 was ?unbeatable? and almost ?unhuman?.
    *Everyone thought The Veenk held the eternal gold spot on Underground with 17.16.
    *Rachman had gold on Malysz with 41.70
    *Oliver?s 12.10 on The Well was the gold. Now it?s not even top 10.
    * The Summer Pack had just been released and Prayer was still actively commenting in the forum about it.
    *5 new levelpacks have been added since.
    *I should be put in jail for the amount of time I spent on my 4 level movie pack.
    *The #1 TTC spot changed hands ranging from PrayeR to DK to Cirenco to Aleksey to Alex to Mike Flips. Vin held a strong #2 position with a page full of medals behind only DavidKing in the TTC when he announced his BoD retirement in the forum. And now Mike Flips holds the record for longest continuous streak as #1 in TTC.
    *I saw Vin and Louis come and go.
    *I saw Alex, Gus, Kenzo come and go.
    *Cirenco?s entrance was unparalleled and probably will never be equaled. Unfortunately his departure will also likely never be equaled
    *Kris designed more levels and created more BoD webpages than everyone and all their moms put together during the time that all of the above happened

    Yessir, I done seen a lot come through these here parts.

    Henoch: Wow Vega, you have a great memory . And thanks not forgetting me

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