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Bike or Die 2 Released Here comes the new Bike or Die...
7 Year Itch Who would have thought? There ...
7 Years On Bike! BoD is 7 years old and I'm sti...

15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
Confessions of A BOD-aholic fo... What is it with this game? ...
Need my BoD fix I haven't had a Palm device in...
12 Years On Bike! 12 Years On Bike!
10 Years On Bike!!! 10 Years On Bike!!!
Flash Replays on Mac I am having trouble with my Ma...
9 Years On Bike! 9 Years On Bike!
New Levelpack! - 7 Year Itch Alpha and I have put together ...

Bike or Die - Android Sz, Do you have plans to port...
Upvote comments BikerBrian brought up an idea ...
If This Game has PC Version This game will HOT.

iOS 8.0 problems I just upgraded to iOS 8.0. Wh...
new ipad. how do i get my stuf... hi there. i've got an ipad and...

Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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Bike or Die promotion video :P
Haha...ha...ha... Yeah...
The real one is here:
It was added 2 days ago, but Sz didn't want to tell us cause he's modest
Xuzz: Probably just some advertising

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The 13th HoF pack...
How about 13 unlucky levels!

Actually I'll be happy with any new pack - it's time!

Any news SZ?
PiNerd: Also, I am under rank 25 and I have voted from the beginning.

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lowest high time
i thought it would be interesting to compare everyones worst scores.

Mike flips-21

a good variety even when the people are close together in the TTC. shelf and bottle aren't included.
Xuzz: Those are cool tools! Sz should really put them on the "official" site. Very nice!

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The King of Kong
Not BoD related, but gaming related:

If you haven't seen the movie "The King of Kong" yet, be sure to check it out. For those of us who are old enough to remember pumping quarters into 8-bit arcade classics back in the 80s you will love this documentary about the ultimate gaming rivalry. It's nice guy versus 80s throwback mullet-head douchebag.

If you subscribe to NetFlix you can stream it for free.
Mr.pickle.: yes iron man is awsome for sure,best super hero yet in my opinion.with a close second of the spiderman trilogy(there may be more but for now its a trilogy)

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Forum Posting Stats
Here's some more statistics...

If you can't see the above image, you can find the stats here.

These stats show the frequency of posting activity here.
I added an extra column to show the average posts per day, since this number is not inverted like the duration.

The forum is at least twice as active now (as of January) as it was when Bike or Die! came out, so it's not over yet.
There was an amazing peak when the Old School and Next Generation levelpacks came out, averaging almost 27 posts per day for that two month period.
Maybe this could happen again if we released new levelpacks.

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Game Submission Stats

If you can't see the above image, you can find the stats here.
(I wanted it to be formatted correctly. )

These stats show the amount of days it took all players to submit 20,000 games.
Just over 120,000 games have been submitted, so there are six consecutive periods to study.
Naturally, if the duration was smaller, players submitted game recordings faster.

The durations range from 186 to 285 days, which seems like a rather narrow range to me.
(I.E. The game's popularity according to these stats has not doubled or halved since it started.)
It looks like a single curve, excepting the first period when the game probably got some extra publicity.
There are a few more submissions now than when the game was new, but the most active period was about a year ago.

Kristopher: The Java Sync says I have ~270 recordings to submit, but I hardly think they have a big effect on the total.

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it me cmd my dad pmd whouldent...
it me cmd my dad pmd whouldent let me use his phone so i had to use wii
Blackjack II
Ive switch phone companies today so i got a new phone. This is the beginning of the end of my treo but im still crossing my fingers for windows mobile support, v.2 maybe? if not ill still play just not as much. on the upside, i like my phone so far. i just miss the touch screen.
Spence: if i remember correctly i was the one who found styletap but its 50 bucks so the search continues...

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I Need BA (Bike-a-holics Anonymous)

Hello, my name is BikerBrian. (pause while I wait for you to say "Hello, BikerBrian"). I am addicted to Bike-or-Die. My terrible habits have inadvertently influenced my son (BikerJosh) and a co-worker (Alpha). They are also becoming addicts.

It has gotten so bad that I pray for the red light to turn red on my commute so I can play ONE MORE TIME...

I can't concentrate on the TV. Even though I watched Survivor last night, I honestly can't tell you who was voted off!

My thumb is developing CTS (Carpal Thumbal Syndrome). It is currently undergoing physical therapy, but I'm playing through the pain...

I've tried going through the "Steps" (Old School), but they only made things worse.

Does anyone have any advice?
Mr.pickle.: I got to play brawl last night!kirby is owerfull agian,also I like meta night and king dedede all of the kirby charecters are alright,hes about as good as he was in the n64 game now.
I was dissapointed with sonic tho,hes not that great.I think ness is about evan with kirby now tho.....
any way,i will probly get a wii this summer.

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Interview with three of the top five (the intnention was a good one!)
Here is an interview with Kris, Shane and PMD about various things.

PiNerd: Yes, very interesting. I am waiting for BoD 2 to have a restart button because the buttons on my Zire 72 are right at the bottom so I have to reach about 10cm to the restart button on screen. Maybe it will be a bit easier on my Treo 680 that should be delivered in the next couple of days.

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I bought the game a while ago but I want to get my registration code again and I can't find it in my email. I have the registered version on my palm and I want to register the copy on the palm simulator. How can I get the code (without paying) again?
huggiebear: Hello still in love with BOD saved up now i got the 700 had the 600 it died I make balloon items in restrants in the states a lot of people with the treo all love the bod game after i beam the trial over to them thanks for you work we all love the games. e-mail let me know if needed to be re register

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Next version
When BoD upgrades to the next version will I have to purchase it again? If I will do I get a discount. It would frustrate me very much if I had to pay over and over again.
PiNerd: and why would i do that?

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well i reached 77777 games today after intermittent playing. its a sign from God "you play bod too much!". i think im gonna take a break for a while after i submit some times. ive been boded out lately...
Toughest Golds
Just curious.... If everyone had to choose their picks for the 3 toughest golds to beat, what would everyone pick? And if you had to choose your toughest, which gold of yours would you bet will never be beaten! note: I have ignored levels such as Downhill, Bottle, etc....

Vega's choices

Toughest 3 in the game in no particular order:
RSP2: 11.86 Smalls
Double Sprint: 19.58 Champ
Sinus M: 30.02 ThunderdomeA

My toughest gold to beat:
Ice Skating: 20.00 Vega

It's difficult to choose.
Here's a few Honorable Mentions

The Right Way- Vega
Spike Cave - Mike
Malysz - Kris
Underground - Mike
Jump Over - Mike
Zip Zap - Mike
Street - Mike
Loop 2 - Lee
Foothill Half Cir - Gus
Red Sox 1 - Mike
50M Swim - Vega
CMR - Laser

mike flips: Its funny, you guys mention skyway and oil drop. I've had those for a little while but never got around to submit. Might as well submit them now.

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BoD on the Tungsten E2
As some of you may know I'm currently experiencing problems with Bike Or Die on my T|E2. My T|E2 crashes when I turn the power off upon exiting BoD.

So I'm curious, How many of you actively play Bike Or Die on the Tungsten E2? And have you experienced the same issues I'm having with my T|E2?
Quick Quiz
Here's a general knowledge quiz. Send your answers to me in a private message and I will grade you. No using a search engine or anything else. If you don't have a clue just say "I don't know."

1. What is the capital of Europe?

2. Say silk 9 times. Now say it again.

3. What do cows drink?

4. What do you put in a toaster?

5. A mute man walks into a store and wants a toothbrush. He motions brushing his teeth and the cashier gives him a toothbrush. Now a blind man walks into the same store and wants a pair of sunglasses. How does he get them?

6.How many legs does an octopus have?

7. How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky? Is it Loo-iss-vill, Loo-ee-vill, or Loo-vill?
Kristopher: Everyone has had enough time to guess, so I will post my guesses now.

1. 2.718281828459. This math test is hard!

2. [Kristopher plays Bike or Die! while saying, "Silk 9 times. It again."]

3. Usually mocha and espresso, but they like Egg Nog around Christmas. At Jamba Juice they have Mooberry Delight.

4. Bagels, or anything you feel like burning.

5. He has some henchmen surround the building, and says, "This is a stickup!" The blind man grabs some glasses and escapes in his hovercraft.

6. Two. He is a human impersonator.

7. A) With a Kentuckian accent. B) No (Louie isn't evil).

EC. Since there is no EC, because you are not doing the midterm verbally, how about you make the total score out of six points? (I get 7 / 6 = 117%.)

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2 players on 1 Palm?
My son loves to play BOD, but I only have MY Palm.

As such, unless he beats my scores, he can't submit his scores.

Is it possible to have his scores submit-able even if he doesn't beat me?

Henoch: Yes Morgan, beside you, me and PMD has son playing with the same gadget. My son Jason even is still 5 yrs old .

Don't forget to save every game your son played, not only after he beat your time. It is easier to send with JavaSync as Kris said, than to send it manually with your palm, because if you send it directly from your palm, you have to send it one by one (for every game that was not the best score)

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He speaks!
Hey yall's. I havn't been speaking much (duh), but that's for a couple reasons. 1 is, my harddrive crashed. 2, I can't use my desktop because the parental protection thing blocks Bod. You're probably thinking (or not), how are you typing now? I have the internet channel on my Wii. This being, it takes me forever to type. Anyways, I do not think I am getting a palm for Christmas. Sad, ain't it. So, I will have to save up my own money. I am going to tell all of you one thing. I will get another treo again, and when I do, I am not going to tell anybody. Out of the blue, I will come back with some stupifying (however you spell it) scores. Who knows, I could even have a palm right now... you can't trust me... ... Happy BoDing...
Which palm and what button layout
I'm watching some of these games, and I see skills I don't think are possible with my PDA.

I'm just curious what PDA people use and what button layout they use.

Shane: I use just the 5 way buttons, now on Treo 680 and previously TE/2. No noticeable difference in control between devices.
Any specific tricks in mind?

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instant messaging
i kow a lot of people dont use aol but if you go to you can make an instant messaging name cause no one really uses chat anymore but im pretty sure everyone enjoys talking to each other and itts a lot easier to talk this way cause there are still chat rooms too for more than two people. so heres a place to post your aim name if you do it or if you already have one. it is easier though cause i already use it with spencer6 and its quick and simple.(also if you want to talk bad about a certain preserved cucumber you can have private talks)(just kidding)

mine is tripyir13
Mr.pickle.: how rude!

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