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I'm Using Web 2.0 Now!!

I started working with PHP yesturday, and already made a tool so everyone can upload their own Bike or Die! Flash replays!

  • To Upload a Movie:
    Use the official Flash Tool to make the movie from your recording. [ ]

    Then go here and submit the movie:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/upload.php
    (Note, when you type the player's name and level's name, everything is case sensative.)

  • To See the Movies:
    All of the movies are listed here:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php

    You can also filter the movie list by typing in the name of a player or level.

    Player pages:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=Vega
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=Kristopher

    This page will show all games for King Kong, regardless of who played them:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=King%20Kong

    This page shows the newest game:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=new

    This isn't part of my Bike or Die! site at 50webs, but I may add parts of this to my web site there.

    sweet. when my palm is working i'll send some recordings. you should say which levelsyou need to send packs with.
    Making the Flash (*.swf) movies is nothing new; obviously I have been using [ ] since it came out in December. You can tell Sz made that, because it is at You will need the levelpack to make the movie only if Sz has not already put your levelpack on this site.
    The new feature here is my upload tool, so you can put the Flash Movies on the Internet by yourself, even if they are not made from Hall of Fame levels. You only need the .swf file to upload your recording through [ http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/upload.php ]. You don't need the recording file or levelpack file to use that page.
    don't we need the recording file to make a recording onthat site?lol
    Only to use the Flash Tool here - not to upload the Movie from the Flash Tool to my Upload Page.
    This is awesome Kris! I haven't used it yet but I will. Thx for making this bro!
    Just posted lots of replays on this site!!, including the entire Default Genesis's Mayhem pack from back in the day. Several levels looked good so I was curious, but it turns out that most of them had too many long stretches of flat or slightly curved high speed, which is just not as fun as it might seem
    I made the page case insensitive:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=coal%20miner%20rescue

    I also changed how the filter works, so you can go here now:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=Genesis

    I changed the page with the most recent game to:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=latest

    And I added this page with all of the games added in the last five days:
    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=new

    ©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING