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mike flips


Sz, since your back...

We all like the fading out of the text, but it doesnt let us know how recent the person said anything. The fading is really creative but i think we need time stamps on the chat. Just something that says (5 minutes ago)

MAybe the chat can also display who is currently on the chat page also???

yes i agree to that. also maybe a corner on each page saying who said the last comment and when
i don't like timestamps, they are so "artificial" ;-P
i have the new idea how to visualise the time more precisely but still without polluting the chat with numbers so i'm going to try it before resorting to timestamps.

the list of people currently on chat - definitely a good idea, thanks!
and now i see that the "users online" does not work reliably

but i have discovered how to do sound effects in javascript
problem solved!
and the sound works, too
There is some unused space on the page for my Desktop:

Could you make the chat box bigger?
When I enter Chat I get the error "TypeError:parent.docu ment.chatobject.adduser is not a function" !! - I use Firefox. No error on MS IE.
The Logged in user count seems to get messed up too, said Chat(2) when I was only in once and not even logged in....I do like the new features though
ah, firefox reserves this space for the sound effects (there are 3 < embed> objects, even though they are invisible), of course i will fix this

"adduser is not a function" - it seems like your browser uses a cached version of the old js file. reload or shift+reload or control+reload should help (i never know which one does the forced reload )
...and the chat(X) counter is only updated when loading the page, it is meant mainly for people reading the forum.
but actually it would be pretty easy to update it "live", like the other forum elements, using DHTML.

thank you for all bug reports!
The 'Reload' fixed the "TypeError" problem - thanks. It still says I have a missing Quicktime plugin - not sure what that's about.
missing quicktime plugin - so your firefox does not recognize "wav" files in < embed> (they are used for sound effects). ignore this if you can live without sound or install the plugin. (i don't know if it must be quicktime, it just needs to support wav files, e.g. in MSIE they are handled by windows media player, and in the linux mozilla browser the mplayerplug-in handles all video and sound)
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