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Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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Level Design
i was wondering if there are any PC applications for creating levels? and if there aren't , then i suggest having one in the next release of the game.
Blank: For a start it's a bit difficult to use
and very fiddly

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Can anyone give me some tips to help me do better.
Gavin S.: just watch other people play their levels

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Cool BMX Flash Game!
http://www.teagames.c om/games/bmxhighlands/play.php

Check it out, It's ALMOST as fun as Bike or Die
You Qi: thx for sharing!
Adding Custom Pictures to My Levels
How did that picture of earth get in Master KO's Levels? I have figured out how to convert JPEGs to BMPs on my PC, convert them to PRCs through Teal Paint, and Copy/Paste them into a level pack through RsrcEdit, but they are low res only! In the TBMP resources, the 1 bit picture is used for grayscale Palms, the 8 bit picture is used for low res color Palms, and the 16 bit picture is used for hires. But RsrcEdit does NOT let you edit the 16 bit pictures! So how do I edit them? Also, I can only make rectangular bitmaps, so there is white space at the edges of my pictures! PLEASE HELP!!!
Kristopher: Thanks!!

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Sz! Ever consider advertising this game as....
.... the only low-res+ (240x160) Palm OS game known to existence? Yet another "wow"/"cool" factor there
Kristopher: Oh, Ok. I only played it once on the Zodiac.

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What are the top 5 levels you left for last in a level pack?
Start with the Built In level packs

Then move on to the other add on packs that ppl also submit their high scores for like SiuLun's Levels, Master KO's Levels, and so on.

If you got even more in ya, include other level packs as well.

If possible, include the name of the level pack, name of the level, and the level # so we could find it easier. This would be helpful for those level packs with LOTS of levels like 30+ of them and especially for the other, less popular level packs

Also, do spill the details and let us know if you ever went back and finished those skipped levels and if u even finished that level pack as of present
Kristopher: Cave Dweller and Fear of the Dark were very hard to beat the first time.
What levels that were difficult before are now easy beat?
about how much time or how many tries later did it become easier or a cinch to complete now?
Easter Eggs?
I am brand new to this game, love it! I keep seeing things about "you need Easter Eggs"... where do I find this?
ackmondual: If you already have on-screen Graffiti enabled, you can skip the Toggle Full Screen thing and just input directly on the screen similar to in the Graffiti area.

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Coincidence or not? Why are there so many programmers playing this game?
I think it's more than a coincidence that there are so many programmers playing this game. PrayeR said he had done some programming (with Perl I think), and You Qi has Palm programs selling at Palm Gear. What is it about this game that attracts the programmers (and Web designers) so much? I should know since I like programming, too, but I dont.
Kristopher: Maybe lots of programmers have Palms, or maybe they are the only ones who will play this game long enough to get a respectable ranking.

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Nice music control on the Zodiac
I found out Bike or Die lets you assign a different song to each level on the Zodiac- Wow! I wasn't expecting to find any new features from the same version, and I am now even more impressed. I had fun assigning songs to certain levels:
Sleeps with the Fishes- Sea of Faces
Moon Madness- My Personal Moon
Konecnik Down- What's Goin' Down
Nose- Breathe
Blizzard- So Cold
MunkYBoY: agh! thats awesome!
bye all
i decided to quit BoD officially.
even if SZ will make ppc version.

already long time (more than 6 monthes i sold my palm) i play very seldom, when i get possibility to play on someone's palm.
therefore i can not defend my times and actually i am tired already and dont have any "fire" anymore. so i stop it. like already many peoples did. (Volcano, rachman!, etc.)
i am first in time trials and country medals atm. so it's good time to do it. to go away when i got all i wanted.

i want to wish luck Aleksey and Oliver, and wish them get to the top too, if they will continue playing, because they are really great players, that was nice, to play with you.

good luck to my follower, David, too.

thanks SZ for excelent game and good times.

now i belong to the past. bye guys.
Lee: Dude - you will be missed - always nice t osee the bar raised.
I still enjoy the game - funnily enough I have a go at the "older levels" occasionally - and seem to beat my long-standing best times surprisingly easily. I don't know if I will ever walk away from the game altogether. Thanks for openning everything up as a leaving present.

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Zodiac Controls
I have a Tapwave Zodiac now and there is plenty of control options, so I want to make sure I am using the best configuration. I don't like the analog controller for this game, so I have decided not to use it.
SZ mentioned adding analog support for the Zodiac in the next version, but I would not prefer that. The trouble with analog controllers is that you might think you are accelerating at 100% but are really only going at 95%. Do any other Zodiac owners want the analog controller to support analog control? I don't think it would be fair, because it either gives Zodiac owners an advantage or a disadvantage- it will affect a player's ability.
I use the function button for flipping (turning around, not doing 360), and I use the colored buttons on the other side for accelerating, braking, and balancing. I have the map set to "Tap Left", which is not very convenient, but it works because I have most of the maps memorized, and I can't press the triggers due to the way I hold my handheld.
P.S. Testing HTML: < b> ...< /b> < br> < hr> < img src=http://www.geocit dsor/greatamerica.jpg>
really good freestyle
I made an awesome freestyle run,but i forgot to check the "freestyle" box when i saved it. can i fix this?
Lee: find the run on your recently downloaded games and hit the "select this game as your freestyle" button
You Qi
Similar Game To BikeOrDie - Gravity Defied
check out here
This game is fun too! it's for your mobile phone.
MacGuru: I used to play endless hours of Dirt Bike on my Performa 630CD back a LONG time ago.

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You Qi
anyone tried out? this game is addictive too!
Kristopher: It's better than Tetris, but my launcher (WinLauncher) gets confused because the hi-res skin is also a PRC file, so I can't move this game from the unfiled category.

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if you understand that i'm addicted to bike or die, don't forget i need some help here... I began playing this game like 2 months ago, and now i think there's no better for pda... hehehehehehe HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!
I'm new in this and i wanna do my best like you guys, so give a hand in these.... i'll let you know how thankful i'll be... hehehehe
Kristopher: What do you need help with? Watch a replay to see how it's done, and remember people such as myself have played 40,000 times and still aren't winning.
Level Packs
Hey all. I'm sitting on 2 level packs that i've made totalling 50 levels, but i cant figure out how to submit them. Any help would be great or if anyone emails me i'm happy to send them to you.

RFKennedy45: cool will do thanks bro

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I need some help... I downloaded bike or die from, but it was a demo... Can anybody of you tell me how can I do to register my bike or die in order to unlock the whole basic levels...??
I just bought my treo 650, and i wanna have that game completely active and download the other level packs.... please write me to Please i became a bike or die addict!!!1 heheheheheh...
You Qi: this guy is funny.

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can you buy bike or die with paypal or not or do you have to use a credit card
marc: ok i did every thing right but my code wont work

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i have gotten hooked on bejeweled and bubble shooter mobile
they are dumb games but still addicting especially when you are having high score competition between friends.
bubble shooter mobile can be found on

OrR: By favourite puzzle game is still Psarakia from Crazysoft. Mainly because I am completely lost trying to come up with a good tactic. I made a good score a long time ago. Now that I've understood how combos and stuff work I can't seem to reach it again...
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