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Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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What kind of Palm does everyone use?
What kind of palm does everyone use? Just wondering how the performance is. I use a zire 72 (special edition) which has a high processor speed and the bike moves very smooth. I also have a tungsten e and i was playing on it and the bike kinda moved roughly. I've been letting my 5 year old sister play bike or die and so far she gotten to level 4!
bones: huge screenon the tx though so it is very good to see whats about to happen and have time to react

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Newbie - Can I skip Levels?
I am new to Bike or Die. I am downloading levels, but is there a way to play different boards without beating all of them? I just want to play a few from each pack, but keep getting hit with the beat 2 in a row thing. Thanks,
Kristopher: The Easter Eggs are also for fun!

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Big Bike or Die! Forum!!! {:-D)
It took all day, but I used my programming to put all of the messages from this entire site into ONE web page! Now you can search the forum! The page also has a list of the people who posted the most. (I am surprised, PrayeR has posted more than I have ) And it's only 2MB (plus images)!

300 pages in one: ristopherwindsor/bikeforum.html

Like the new format and color scheme?

Btw, how do you use ?
bones: you should update again cause i wanna know where im at =)

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easter eggs
what easter eggs are there other than "rescue" and "stats"?
Kristopher: You are right; it doesn't look like you can enter any easter eggs while watching the startup movie. I will change the web page.

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Watch the best movies on all one page!
I working on a page that has the fastest public movie for each level in the Time Trial. Here it is so far:

http://www.freewebs.c om/kristopherwindsor/MOVIES.HTM
Kristopher: I have moved this page to:

It is updated, and has a different page for each levelpack. (The RAM usage from the original page almost freezes this laptop!)

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Can I get back my record?
Dear administrator,
I inadvertent delete all my standard levels records in my SD card just now. and I have no backup. Could you send all best records of standard level I have uploaded to server? It my last expectation.:~(
my ID: song.shang
Song.Shang: Thank you very very much for your very very kindly help~

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Can someone explain the time trial scoring
I'm confused as to how this works. I was ranked #165 and was behind #164 by like 10 points. Then I submitted 9 new levels that I had never passed before, and I am still ranked #165. I thought that each new passed level was an additional 100 points, so was expecting to jump up a few spots. How does this actually work???
Kristopher: Your games were probably not associated with your profile. Check the "unauthorized games" section.
When the Palm Battery is Low, You may Lose Your Recordings on the SD Card...
If your Palm battery is low, the Palm will no longer be able to save your levelpack progress to the SD card. You will get an error message 0001, and a new levelpack progress file will be created on the Palm itself.
When the Palm battery is fully charged again, you can go to "recording" from the menu to reselect the SD card for saving your recordings and stats.
But I think you will loose the progress made while your card is inaccessible. You can type "rescue"+[Enter] to solve this.
I think there should be a better error message than "0001", and the "rescue" Easter Egg should be used automatically when the recording location is switched.
Everyone! if you dont know alr...
Everyone! if you dont know already, if you get turning really fast in an updraft without hitting anything, the bike will turn into this spinning sawblade of furry! try it!
Spence: yea i know, i did it a while back like i said in "news" about version 1.4

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mike flips
When not in fullscreen mode, if you type the word "stats" and then press enter (on a built in keyboard) or grafitti the word "stats" and then do the grafitti symbol for enter, you can find out how many total games you have played....

Everyone post how many games you have played in total so far here...

I am at almost 100 000
Spence: im only at 35,500 but not including thosands more from my old palm, many thousands that got earased when i switched over.

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Bike or Die Chatroom
I made a free chat room at for Bike or Die. You can use the chat without signing up or downloading a chat program.
mike flips: i know about that, but no one actually uses it, if the same thing was done on the main BoD website, then people mite actually use it
King Koopa
treo 650 and adding level packs
I have tried a few different levelpacks (in prc format) and did quick install and ive tried transfering them over to my card using cardexport (which allows me to move files to it like a usb flash drive) and when i select more it says no levelpacks installed... im i doing something wrong?
Song.Shang: "don't worry, just wait for the next release (soon!)" ~eagerly awaiting!
~and can the records be saved to the card after next release?

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my idea for a new time trial pack
in it, it should include:
lava lamp (lvl 2 boordom)
dragon flame (lvl 15 ruroba's lvls)
beach (lvl 4 preston pack)
eruption! (lvl 6 psyco pack)
jude (lvl 2 siulun's 2ed lvls)
fall down (lvl 14 siulun's 2ed lvls
go to your room (lvl 5 boordom)
plumbing (lvl 3 preston pack)
rocket (lvl 18 RFKII)
king and queen (lvl 10 in 20's)
sharp corners (lvl 2 dieter's lvls 5)
jungle (lvl 8 hank chill chalenge)

if chosen the lvls will be edited and their names changed unless they are good enugh as they are =)
thank you for reading
mike flips: I am making a really good level pack i will submit it in the next few days, it has lotsa challenging levels and all are good for time trial

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If You Want to Edit the Standard Levels
Since I made the Standard Revisted, a few people have wondered if they could edit the standard levels, too, or use Bike or Design with them to practice parts of a Built-in Level. Now you can!

http://www.freewebs.c om/kristopherwindsor/built-in_levels.pdb
You Qi
BikeOrDie Score Counter
Too boring today, made this thingy while passing my time.

Kristopher: I finally got around to trying it.
It looks at your online games, apparently.
Notice the 1769 in the link to my profile? That is the Player ID. It finds out how you are ranked in each level and tells you your score (Although the scores here at this site are subtracted instead of added). Based upon the user ID number you enter, it also fills in the name text-field.

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HA! alright i'm back now
so yesterday was my birthday and for it i got a new Tungsten E2 so i should be updating my times a lot more.

Sz, i have a question. i had to format my old computer that had all my times on it and my old palm pilot. so my question is, when i'm playing and i get a time what will happen when i try to post my times?
Kristopher: You can't download your PDBs from this site, but if you still have them on your computer, you can open them with the Palm QuickInstall tool to save them to your Palm.

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New TTC lvl pack
I'm keen for a new TTC lvl pak and I would be interested to know the preferred lvls for it if anyone else wants it too.
I'd love Kristophers Underground revisited to be on it.
Kristopher: I'm starting a discussion in the other thread so post there instead.
You Qi
Fellow Icemans...
hey, where did you guys get those avatar? I mean... do they have names? I'm finding the full collection.
You Qi: forget it what I say, the code just don't work.

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The Right Way Level
It seems everyone really likes this level. If you like it, please post here to say why you like it. Maybe the other level creators and I will take the best parts of this levels into consideration when we create our own levels. Does anyone NOT like this level??
Here is why I like it:
* multiple routes
* fast
* easy for beginners
* different styles all get a good time
Vega: Yah, and I like it cuz I got the goldie medly but also -

*Very nice layout and design
*fun looking before you even play it
*landscape drastically changes as your skills advance
*must be very precise to get a fast time
*many different styles to land a good time
*Can climb your way into the top very quickly since most people have not mastered this level.

I know this post is not new, but I just found it

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Orkut - Bike or Die Community
JOIN! =) Community.aspx?cmm=3745307
Oldman: Would like an invite... Thanks...

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