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Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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Player Reincarnation
Does anyone think the 'old school' players, like PrayeR and rachman and DK or maybe even Cirenco, have reincarnated themselves as other players, and have mixed in so well, that now we would never know it? Like, what if one of the new studs that is swallowing up golds is really DK, back from the dead??
thedudeguy: OR, we just have alot of free time and beating other people is a good timewaster... but more likely the proving thing...

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Edit Forum Posts
On most forums, editing posts is a standard feature.
I've always wished we could edit posts the same way we can in the game submission comments box.

I just submitted a post with way too many empty spaces,
and I'd like to be able to get back in there and remove the empty space.

Sz, can this be implemented?
Mr.pickle.: I second the motion..
Comments From iPhone4 Owners
So I was gonna ask people individually, but then I figured it might be cooler to just open this up to everyone. There's a gob of info out there on the iPhone4. But I wanted to hear (well... read actually ) what my fellow bikers have to say about it. This would be useful for anyone who reads the thread, not just me of course.

So let's hear it folks, if you have the new iPhone4...

What do you like about it?

What do you not like about it?

How do you like playing BoD on it?

Mr.pickle.: Well fine then andrew, just go and burst my bubble I like it anyhow,haha but I am easilly satisphied.

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Let's talk about something controversial !
What about Mel Gibson? -->

Laser: Obummer indeed.

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I'm back!
And this time I have my very own palm! (got it on the cheap on eBay)

Anyways, just wanted to say hi to anyone who's still here that remembers me
Spence: I remember you. But I've been here way too long.

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I think it would be nice if there would be a page where I could see all my previous comments, and when I click on one it would bring me to that page in the main if I stop using the site for a while I could go back and see resposes to my comments, even if I don't remember wher I posted them.
Lee: Go to your "games on line" section in your profile
Click the "More" button in the top right.
Then after you have checked a page's worth of games, check "public"

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Palm Simulator
It's been a while since I used the simulator and I lost the file, and way I could get the simulator again? Thanks
Non hall of fame game replays?
Is there a way to post replays of games that aren't in the hall of fame?
SPiDeR: Thanks PMD, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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Works on Palm Pre!!
Bike or Die 2 runs beautifully on the MotionApps Classic emulator! Finally I've got a device I can play Bike or Die on again! Well, the keyboard is pretty crappy for playing the game so a native version with multitouch support would be welcome. And when my Pandora finally arrives, I'd probably prefer to play it on that. Still, this is fantastic! Now I need to buy another registration code because I lost my old one... Well, it's been 5 years...
Xuzz: As long as there is internet on the Pre/Pixi, you can just go to the menu and click "submit best times".

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touch bricks
Any chance of making touchbricks for iPhone / iPod touch
Lee: cheers fer the clarification ,mike

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Game Stats
Total Games Played: 500,022 (Can anyone beat that? Henoch?)
Completed: 11,475
Failed: 329,913
Restarts: 158,634 (Total - (Completed + Failed))

First Game Submitted: July 16, 2005
Total Days: 896 days
Average Games/day: 558 (many of them quick restarts)
Most Prized Gold: 8. Vertical Avenue - #1/848 (0:29,60)

Favorite Players: Mike Flips, Vega, Kristopher, Shane,
Smalls, Bones, Vin, Henoch, Th-Champ
(mostly since I have exchanged messages with them)

Favorite Developer: SZ for making a great game!

Here's to the next 500,000 games.

mike flips: I must be well into the millions. But no idea about the actual number. I am on my 4th (5th maybe) Treo (i have a bad habit of dropping them excessively), and this one says 115,094.

I think there were some comments on the level Floors from Standard Levels that also gave out numbers of games played.

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Multiple Accounts
Hello guys. I've been gone awhile and have definitely missed it as much as I thought I would. A couple of months ago, I moved my cell service from Sprint to ATT so I could get an iPhone. I absolutely love it and have dabbled a bit with BoD on it. The gameplay is exceptional. Of course, there is a learning curve for someone used to the 5-way, but I found that I could easily reproduce many of the times that I earned with my Treo. In many cases, I find it advantageous to have two thumbs controlling the action.

That said, I've noticed that  LouisIPhone is really climbing the ranks. It seemed strange that a new player could get to #25 in Standard so quickly, so I wondered if this could be the 2439 that is ranked #18 in Standard. Casey's H2H comparison shows that the times are very similar ID2=13994& Action=chart& SortIndex=0 .

LouisIphone, is this the case? That you were away from the game and when you came back with an iPhone, you created a new acct?

If so, I will restate the opinion that I expressed when PMD created an iPMD acct. I can understand that you may not have remembered your username or perhaps you wanted to have a separate acct just for fun, but this approach hurts any player with a lower ranking on any level and, if allowed, will damage the ranking system in this game. As I stated above, it is easy to reproduce times using different devices. It would be very easy for Mike to create a MikeTreo650, MikeTreo755, MikeiPhone, etc. and hold gold, silver and bronze on many levels.

The LouisiPhone acct directly impacts me on several levels. For example, LouisiPhone and Louis hold the 10th and 14th spots in Touch Bricks, while I am 19. If you beat me on a level, you deserve more points, but when the same person beats me on 2 different devices, it unfairly punishes me.

If it is true that these accts are the same person, my recommendation is that Louis asks Sz to merge the two accts and keep the fastest time in each level.

I would appreciate other's views on this topic.
BikerBrian: Welcome back, Louis. Thanks for understanding. Hopefully Sz can merge your accounts so you can keep your history (and faster runs).

Good idea about sending a PM. Why didn't I think of that?

Congrats on your first medal with your iPhone.

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Hello All!
Hello folks. I miss BoD. Might have to fire up my old palm again for some games. For those of you who don't know me I was number 1 in the hall of fame for one whole day many many years ago

So what's been happening? Missed anything interesting?
mike flips:

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15th Hall of Fame Levelpack
We can all use this thread to suggest our favorite levels and what we think would be good for the next HoF Pack.
thedudeguy: ok then never mind...

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Specific Track
I'm new to the game and site, so please excuse any ignorance on my part, but I was wondering if someone could point my towards any tracks in the Hall of Fame that have these features:

-one or more large hills/ramps
-A finite ceiling
-preferably without flags, though it's not necessary

On courses such as sinus mountain, you can go through the "ceiling" and have one tire ride along while the rest of the bike hangs down in the course, similar to when people do it on thin platforms. On that map, it's not useful at all, but I was wondering if there were any other courses it could work on. Thanks for help.
Mr.pickle.: Cydia is screwed up for some reason on mine...I cant get it to strt up :-\ Everything else works fine tho,its weird.. I probably got a virus with my ipod since it was so cheap,lol

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Re-install issues?
I need to re-install the game.. Will I loose all my riding data / times etc??
thedudeguy: if they are submitted to the website... no, after re-installing, in submitted games, find download best games at the bottom of the page
Is this game dead?
Has development of this game stopped? I have not seen updates for ages and the WM version Sz was apparently working on is nowhere to be seen.

Should I bother carrying on looking at this site once a week or is it not happening?
PiNerd: I don't just check back for the WM version, I like to keep in touch with what is going on too. Sz said in a PM a while ago that he had close to a playable version for WM, so I was thinking that it might be soon, but it has not happened yet

Before somebody says 'StyleTap,' I don't like it and you have to pay for it, and it runs the game slow too, and only 1.6 and earlier.

I have probably lost my level skill but I reckon I could build it back up again if a version I am compatible with comes out one day.

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Same account. New Phone.
Finally after the loss of my old iphone i have a 3GS.. How do I submit shaunnortho games from my new phone and have them appear in my regular old hall of fame account?
BikerBrian: Welcome back! Congrats on the new iPhone.

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TDG's best of the firsts
I put this at first in levels, but nobody responded, so i might as well make it an organized thread
I'm creating a tdg's best of the firsts levelpack, and I'd like some of your opinions on what levels are fun/HoF worthy that should be put in the pack... I will refine those levels to be smoother and better. A level needs 2 recomendations to go on the list.
The list:
None yet
The not list: (in my idea)
Spiral glasses
Re: love maze
Space invaders
A random old platformer
Mr.pickle.: lol, you should make some more packs, maby make a REALLY good one like pinerd did. That will get more attention for your leveles.

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Some Palm functionality that hopefully exists (?)
It'd be interesting, when the Palm is docked (or maybe through Bluetooth), if I could use the touch screen to control the mouse on my desktop. It would be like a drawing tablet, IE for handwriting on the screen or selecting parts of images in Photoshop.
Does anyone know if this has been done before?
the_hintern: intresting, i had the same idea a couple of days ago while looking at my old palms lying around here, but coulden't find anything.
i then wanted to program one, but after finding the 5 year old sdks, i didn't know how to build a connection to the pc
(exept from the emulator)

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