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Biker's Cafe

This should be a good place for all purpose talks, better than interleaving our discussions with "Time Trial Champions" comments.

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Show Your Bike
I just decided to make a thread as i was customizing my bike- why not see what other's have done... this is what i did today
VoodooVyper: :O I reverted mine back to the original stick figure biker. It bothers me when he flails his arms.
I also took the 3D off, as I feel it hinders my accuracy.

If you guys are using iPods, just press the sleep/power button and the home button at the same time to take a screen shot.

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iPhone vs Palm physics
Hey guys I'm new to BoD. I've played it enough times to the point where I'd like to frisbee disc it out the window.
I had a question though, is the physics system identical on the iPhone when compared to the Palm version?
When watching some HoF videos, it seems like the bike physics are more forgiving, especially when falling from high heights or hitting a wall from high speeds. Typically in this case, my biker will hit the ground/wall.
Maybe I'm just seeing things :p
Spence: Palm

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External links of interest
in case you haven't heard of Danny Macaskill - he's an insanely talented trials rider.
Check out his last vid on youtube
thedudeguy: ooooooohhhhh, ur gonna need some ice for that burn, and some cheese with that whine (they do to)(i felt like being corny)

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Cool Player and Submitted Games Numbers
Since the forum has been really slow and i am really bored i found some cool player and submitted Games numbers

#666  Phred.
#1000  Brad
#5000  segroove
#1   Tester
#111   Lonnon
#1111  Benji
#11111 11111

Submitted Games
#1  Tester on Riding School
#100  RaNo on Vanilla Sky
#666  Mark on Underground
#1000  Dags on Riding School Part 2
#10000  Micha on Bottle
#100000  mike flips on Jump Over
#200000  Gus on Gravicorners this one happened on sunday
# Most Recent  J Dog on Me vs. The Gravity over 1500 games have been submitted since sunday

I'm more bored now than i was before, oh well
Carl China:  Letty C
  Carl China

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Winter Pack!
Its here! The fourteenth TTC levelpack, named Winter Pack, has arrived ! Here is a listing in order of all the levels with previews. Download link is at the bottom. Sz can add this to the HoF one we get everything worked out and all is ready. Times gotten before the levelpack is official will be made to NOT count in the actual competition .

Level Name: Ice Cave
  • Created by bones, modified by Xuzz.
  • Gray is sticky.
  • This is around a 20 second level.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: LaserTag
  • Created by Laser, modified by mike flips.
  • The side metal ramps have sticky in the middle so you can make it up and down easier.
  • You can cablecar the platforms and collect the flags.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Everest
  • BRAND NEW LEVEL by mike flips!
  • Each run should be easily reproducible, i.e. there is nothing that kills you for no reason.
  • Heavy use of portals, all invisible.

    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Fenway
  • By PMD.
  • This level has almost made the HoF three times before this pack, I think it deserves HoF this time .

    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Claustrophobia
  • Created by Cody, modified by Xuzz.
  • Smoothest level of the pack.
  • There are five flags that magically appear.
  • There is a portal to the left of the start (people often miss this).

    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Haunted
  • Created by Kris, modified a bit by mike flips, texturized by Xuzz.
  • There are many portals.
  • The ghosts are "italic pacman eaters ".
  • Easier than it used to be, as we have new iPhone players that want easier levels.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Bananas
  • ALL NEW VERSION by PiNerd.
  • Slightly changed by Xuzz (new updraft to make it easier).
  • Fun, fast level.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Planet
  • Created by Sz, modified and texturized by Xuzz.
  • Radial gravity.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Where am I?
  • ALL NEW LEVEL by mike flips, end by Xuzz (with clouds stolen from PiNerd)!
  • Another level based off a song.
  • There are portals.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Icecap Run
  • Created by PiNerd, edited by mike flips to make it slightly easier. I wonder if anyone will even notice the edits.
  • Mostly the same as before.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Artistic
  • By someone I don't remember , texturized by Xuzz.
  • Laser, mike flips, Gus, _alex_, and more all like it.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Bounce That
  • Created by Laser, edited by mike flips, texturized by Xuzz.
  • Much easier than before.
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: The Climb
  • By Mr.pickle., bombs to finish flags by Xuzz/mike flips.
  • MUCH better than before .
  • Fun level!
    Preview: Here!

    Level Name: Inspired
  • Created by Xuzz.
  • Will not show up right from the flash tool, so play it on the palm/iDevice.
  • One of Mike's favorite levels in the pack.
  • The Zodiac is purely decoration.
  • @Sz: Can you fix whatever the problem is with this level?

    Preview: Here!

    Levelpack Download (try it for yourself):

    For iPhone levelpack download type this into safari WITHOUT SPACES: bikeordie:install:http: //

    @All: Please download and try this levelpack to make sure there are no stupid bugs or any other issues . After a week or so Sz should be able to add it to the HoF .

    @Pickle: No, the finish flags are NOT being changed back into mines.
  • thedudeguy: i figured out who made artistic, izodiac

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    Carl China
    Hello players. Do you noticed someone's profile "Rank History" ran out a "JASON"?
    Carl China: Ouch. That "Example" Questions. Example is PMD.

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    iBikers or iPhod (iPhone/iPod) Players
    So, I have been trying to monitor the situation to see who are the up and coming players who have only played on an iPhone or iPod Touch. I think I have found the two best so far.

    In this corner we have another Canadian (what do they put in their water up there?):

      shaunnortho (Currently ranked #119 and with 2 top 10 times already) And thanks shaunnortho for the iPhod heads up.

    And in this corner a US player:

      Tyler (Currently ranked #122)

    Is there any other contenders out there?

    Which will be the first to top 100? Who will be the first to complete total race in all level packs? Will it be one of these two guys? Or will someone else beat them to it?

    Pickle, watch out, they're coming to take your spot.

    PMD: Ooops. Forgot to log my son out.

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    Searching for people :D
    A funny idea I had one day is to search in the search box for things only one (or mostly one) person says.

    Some examples:
    "cirinco" -- pickle
    "lovely" -- Lee
    "ffs" -- PrayeR

    Can you find any more ?
    thedudeguy: interesting, I'm the only one who ever said Fladoodles in the history of this forum.... I guess I should start to look up made up words and see who I find

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    Settling an argument...
    Alright here is a conversation between me and Xuzz through PM's. edited to make it easyer to read(there was a bit in there about getting my hotsinc to work..)

    Mrpickle: "Xuzz, I am somewhat smoothing out the climb, in my opinion, it makes tha level hardER but in a different way....
    Anyway, whats your email, and I can send it to you.

    I can let you change the BACKGROUND TEXTURE and such, but other than can't toutch a thing,or I will not hesitate to have a tantrum"
    Sent to Xuzz, Friday, 14:29

    " Check out what I did to it ."
    Friday, 20:42

    Pickle:"no xuzz.....You may not use that one...."

    Pickle:"I sent you an email with the smoothed out level on there,as well as explaining all the changes"

    Xuzz:"Yes, and I liked it. It is in there now as you sent it but with the bombs at the end as finish flags. No level should be that mean ."
    Today, 20:45

    Pickle:"What? You changed it? I will need to see.

    It is common curtesy,that the maker of the level gets the final say in what happens to his level, I will not hesitate to raise a giant argument involving the whole of BOD. And Vega would be on my side about the maker having the final say, and he counts for 2 in an argument,lol...I have seen him argue these things before...

    There are plenty of levels with hard endings, that one is a ton easyer than CMR, and cmr is one of the best levels ever made.

    Show me the level Xuzz..."
    Sent to Xuzz, Today, 21:13

    "I only just selected the mines, and converted to finish flags. Thats it."
    Today, 21:15

    From there we got on chat, heres the end of our conversation there...

    Mr.Pickle."I don't care what you think, change it back "

    Xuzz: "pickle, nobody is going to support you in putting an annoying level in the Hof "

    Mr.pickle. "Its my level, and they will support that I get the final say. "

    Mr.pickle. "Laser liked the previous one for HOF, he is one of the people who likes a challenge... "

    Xuzz "challenge != aggrivation "

    Xuzz "really "

    Mr.pickle. "No xuzz... "

    Xuzz "( != means is not the same as ) "

    Mr.pickle. "Change it back "

    Xuzz "g2g bye"

    Xuzz "talk later "

    Xuzz "once the pack is in with it my way "

    Mr.pickle. "It will be changed back Xuzz... "

    Mr.pickle. "I will make a post now if you make me Xuzz.. "

    Mr.pickle." Alright posting now..."

    Thatbrings us up to now, I will be uploading my level to krises site or something in a minet, so you all can see the difference, if youv played my level before, he basicly removed the 2 mines on either side of the finish flag. He replaced them with more finish flags.
    This is a little thing that he has canged,I will admit, but it is part of my design,and I am frankly going to fight with all that is in me,that it is changed back before the levels are put into HOF.
    bones: just to break the stupid tension if pickle removes his level (only option if he doesn't want it edited) use alphabet! it lost HoF appeal because of long load time but if you simplfy the bottom junk i did it loads in like 3 seconds. and i give complete permission for it to be edited

    @pickle copy and paste what i just wrote replacing alphabet wih the climb and everything will be fine
    @@pickle and bod community on a c.c. (lol) seriously though play alphabet it's fun

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    New Palm phone! /blogs/patterson/32611

    You guys were talking about this before, and I dident really know what you were talking about, then this popped up on the yahoo home page today...It looks like a step in a totally different direction for palm! more iphoneISH..
    Palm isn't gonna die for a while now,I think this will revive alot of old palm fans who had moved to blackberry...

    Is Bod gonna come out for this eventually Sz? Becuase if it did...awsomeness!
    Mr.pickle.: if only I had an hour to look at that video...

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    The 14th Levelpack
    If this isn't the right time for this, then let it sink into the depths of the Cafe and bump it when it is

    After reading all the comments on the BF:E page, I thought I might start a thread. Here is my ideas for levels:

    1) Ace of Spades ( ) - Might be a little short. Could have you go around twice. No texutrizing required.
    2)  LaserTag - Might want to make the platforms cablecarrable. Simple texturizing needed.
    3)  Another Degree
    4)  Mystery SpOt OR  Asteroid OR  Space Station
    5)  Fenway - Texturizing required. Need to slightly change the starting spot.
    6)  Haunted - Just needs some texturizing. AMAZING LEVEL!
    7)  canidate OR  platforms OR  bones
    8)  Waves - PiNerd has a new version. Needs some additional part of the level. Some easy texturization required.
    9)  Torture Chamber - Maybe too annoying (like Home Sweet Home), though it is short. Texturizing required.
    10)  Icecap Run - Good as is.
    11)  Planet - Needs to be smoothed and texturized. Everyone likes Sz's levels, right .
    12)  Dirt Jumps OR  The new 6 pack OR  Bannanas
    13) Inspired (Current version in development, old version: ) - Many routes. 5 flags required. New version removes the mid-left section and adds a new one high in the middle.
    14)  The Climb. - Remove the extra period at the end. Could be smoothed more.

    What do you guys think ?

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    Pic yourself
    I want this thread to catch on I have always wondered what other BoDests looked like. Like Kris, I have always thought he looked like a nerd xD PROVE US WRONG KRIS Or like Vega, it would be interesting to see what you look like AND DEFINITELY Mr. Pickle. I'd be shocked Post pics here

    (mine is on my display pic)
    Mr.pickle.: lol

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    Pickle awards!!!
    Alright everyone welcome to the 1st anual Pickle awards!!!

    Where I reflect my favorate things of the last year!

    Funnyest post of the year:
    biker brian, on the issue of playing while its cold,the biker goes in slow motion! Runner up:Biker brian on his post about the naked biker,lol.

    Best new route of the year: Lee on pick 5
    Runner up: th-champ on steps

    Best Big jump of the year:kris and th-champ, on so close yet so far.

    overal most impressive player of the year:Laser
    Runner up:Biker brian

    Hardest-to-take gold:Th-champ on steps
    Runner up:Laser on CMR(I havent submitted yet,so it still counts as gold)

    fastest iphone/itoutch player to jump into the action:shaunnortho
    Runner up:Tylerchr

    Best freestyle of the year:Casey Bike Or Die 2 intro
    Runner up: Mike flips, final frontier, Kl city center.

    Biggest nerd of the year: Tie for first place, Kristofer and Xuzz.
    Runner upinerd

    Most anoying player of the year:Carl china(no offence)
    Runner up:

    Biggest argument of the year: Polotics(big suprise,lol)
    Runner up: 45xx debate on CMR(I still say I won)

    Most argumentetive player:ME
    runner up:Xuzz

    Most effective in an argument:Vega(hands down)
    Runner up: um...Hmm..I'd say a tie with mike flips, and Biker Brian.

    Worst speller:

    Best game designer of ALL TIME?????
    SZYMON ULATOWSKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr.pickle.: I think kris is nerdier xuzz..

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    BOD on Centro?
    My beloved Treo has died. Or rather, it still works for Bike or Die, but the speaker and mic are hosed, so I can't actually make any calls on it. I can get a Centro through Sprint for free after rebates. I've also considered getting an iPhone, but I can't really afford one right now. Does BOD work on the Centro? Anybody using it? Worse case I guess I can keep playing on my Treo until it falls apart completely, and just upload my games through the computer instead. What's the cheapest you can get an iPhone for?
    Mr.pickle.: I could care less how hard,I would adjust, the thing is its around 300$$ cheaper...

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    Whats going on with that one game that was suppose to be done years ago? and the other mystery game in the making? I still regularly check to see if theres any news but i am always disapointed to see nothing new. Dont get me wrong I love all these BOD updates, and you're doing a great job! But I really wanna see these new games!!
    Xuzz: Arcade Reality on iPhone would rock though ...

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    How many hands do you use to play BoD?
    How many hands do you use to play BoD?

    I use one hand
    Yuzz: two hands

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    mike flips
    Happy Holidays
    I will likely be off forums (but not off BOD , its coming with me) for a week.

    Just wishing everyone:
    Merry Christmas
    Happy Hannukah
    Happy Whatever else is going on now!

  • mike

  • Xuzz
    Best Head-to-Heads
    A few eight-ways that were really cool to start with .

    what h2h's do you like?
    Kristopher: I think Smalls was ahead of you until you went the wrong way.

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    Carl China
    Pi Nerds
    Recite your pi:3.1415926535397932384626433832795. And you?
    Carl China: Recite your pi:3.1415926535979323 746264338327950288419 716939937510582097494 459230781640628620899 862803482534211706798 214808651328230664709384460955058223172, and you?

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    Favorite Levels
    Although I am familiar with all of the levels and how they are played,
    I am only going to name favorites of the levels for which I have submitted.

    * Standard *
    The Right Way
    Vanilla Sky

    * Summer *
    Grand Canyon
    Cave Dweller
    Jump or Die

    * Old School *
    Borszczuk's Delight
    Like a Glove
    Rock Climber
    Leap of Faith

    * NextGen *
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Batman Begins
    King Kong
    So Close, Yet So Far

    Of these my absolute favorites are:
    Vanilla Sky
    Grand Canyon
    Jump or Die
    Borszczuk's Delight
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    King Kong

    Shane: I like most levels, but top ten would be something like this:
    Braking School
    Double Sprint
    Red Murder
    King Kong
    Die or Die
    The Right Way

    in that order

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