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New Levelpack! - 7 Year Itch

Alpha and I have put together a new levelpack intended for HOF competition. It includes levels developed by Alex, TDG, Th-Champ, and more.

We've been fairly quiet on the forum lately because we've been busy playing all 23,852 BOD levels! We also scoured all 29,060 forum comments looking for level recommendations.

We have selected 16 levels that are of the quality that warrant being included in a HOF pack. Since we started this venture during the 7th year of BOD, we have named this pack “7 Year Itch”.

1. City Errands – from TDG’s Different Levels
2. Great Wall – from 20’s ReDeux
3. Widget – from Th-Levels
4. Space – from Vicious Pack
5. Sharpener – from Alex’s levels
6. Ditch – from Vicious Pack
7. Easy Peasy – from Alex’s levels
8. Deep Down – from Alex’s levels
9. Plundering – from Alex’s levels
10. Pencils – from Thedudeguy’s New Levels
11. Ice cream! – from Alex’s levels
12. This is War – from Thedudeguy’s New Levels
13. Tweak it, Curve it – from Alex’s levels
14. Classroom – from Thedudeguy’s Newer Levels
15. Wishbone – from TDG’s Different Levels
16. Cube Planet – from Thedudeguy’s New Levels

We attempted to submit this pack to Sz, but our email to has bounced. Does anyone know how to reach him?

BB & Alpha

P.s. Alpha and I have tested out this pack on a Treo and an iPhone. If anyone would like to test out "7 Year Itch" while we're waiting for it to be official, message me your email address and I'll send it to you.

I vote yes!
Here is my best run so far on the last level in this pack: Cube Planet. m/watch?v=Gc6EeCEIWBI.

Btw, I found the email address of a guy that has partnered with Sz under the codename "Moonraker". He replied almost immediately that he would forward my email to Sz.
that awkward moment when you are sad because your ipod doesn't hold a charge anymore and a new levelpack is in the works. PERFECT!
Like oh my god girlfriend. I approve. I can't wait. Moonraker is a pretty intense alias.
Thanks for your hard work on this. Looking forward to it!
BB - you're practically YouTube famous with that flat tire video hahaha. Bring more levels - I've still got my T3!!
Fixing a tire is under 2 minutes is like beating CMR in 45.xx
Ha - our church youth group had a flat on our bus on the way back from a mission trip and waited forever. I made that video as a joke (sped it up). It's hilarious how many people have watched it thinking they can learn how to do it. I've added a disclaimer to try to prevent all of the foul language from people that feel like they wasted their 2 mins! Can't believe it has almost half a million hits so far, and growing.

Laser, good reference to CMR! Btw, that gives me an idea... stay tuned!
Nice on CMR, still can't believe I kept gold.

Also, if we're going to have another pack, why not make it bigger than 16? I remember looking through some other levels with others a couple of years ago, and making a list of the ones that (with some tweaks) could be "HOF worthy."
 Pack a lunch.


 Mountain ride


 Skate Madness!!




 Maccaroni and Cheese

 Roll The Bones

 Volcanic Drop

 Tinnus - Cave

 Dig Dug

Great thought, Laser. Since we already submitted this pack to Sz, lets get it up and running first. It'll keep us busy for awhile. We will them play and tweak the levels you suggested and get another pack going. Sz was eager to get another pack online for us.
Any word on when he's going to be putting it up?
I just got word that Sz is in the process of testing all levels of "7 Year Itch" to be sure the recording files will pass server verification. If everything goes smoothly, he would like to release it this weekend, so everyone will have time to play it.

Get your devices charged up!
Ahahaha I knew my years of lurking faithfully would one day pay off! Mad props for keeping the game and the community alive! This really brightened up my summer.
That's funny Gus because Summer hasn't even started. It was already getting dull? lol

BB - well played with the new pack. And now I have to go to youtube to see that video.
I see what happened here. I made that comment about "graph" thinking Laser has posted the levels for the new pack. Atfer revisiting the thread, I see that those are just some other levels. Are there links to the 7 year itch pack or do we have to go hunting for them?
Really brightened up my outlook for the summer. Better?
Vega, I didn't link the levels like Laser did. However, it should be active this weekend. While we're waiting, here is a link to get a trial version of this pack on your iPhone. Copy this and paste it into the Safari address bar. Once you paste it, you will need to remove 3 spaces (in https, in content, and after the & near the end). It will then open BoD and install the pack.

Special thanks to Spider for creating this install link.

bikeordie:install:htt ps://dl.dropboxuserco dl=1
Tried a couple different URL shorteners but they didn't seem to work. This one is a little shorter though. Just remember to remove the spaces.

bikeordie:install:htt ps://dl.dropboxuserco
I'm glad to see this game revived
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