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Icecap Run
in  BikeForce: Elements
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Iv only played it 476....most hof levels I have only tried about 500 times or so,but if you average in all of the ones I have spent exess of 10,000 on it ends up at like probly 800 each...
also I havent downloaded this yet(I actully had a chance today but dident really think about it.....)
My most played level is probably RSP2, and i have 1025 tries....but you do have to factor in the bug i posted a while ago with restarting...

Here is a recording of my fastest Icecap run:

http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/uploads/1219078034.swf

I would vote for this one as a HoF level.
I got 1:01,40, but I know I can knock off a few seconds.
(I played it about 400 times)
Make that 59.30
mike flips
Does anyone see the things i see in this run?

1st flag. There is a scorpion with the head of a duck(wearing some weird hat). Flag is located between the head and the body.

2nd flag. Looks like an egyptian bird god. (or maybe falco from starfox n super smash bros). Flag is between his head and his arm.

Theres more too.
It's actually quite a work of art. I have to give PiNerd credit. Very cool and even smooth and fun to play.


This is the result of the new texturing capablilities. The good levels now are often the well-textured ones. Simply making a good track isn't enough. Also, a lot of people will probably put a lot of effort into textures when their levels are not so good. It makes level design much more complicated. On the other hand we do end up with beautiful looking levels like this one. Ignoring the unplayablility of Blackrock, this pack covers three different styles of texture:
Icecap: Arty
Sandspire: Realistic (ish)
Blackrock: Bleak and unwelcoming

This level shows how you don't HAVE to have smooth curves all the way through all of your levels to produce a quality result. I was keen not to return to the almost mechanical process of smoothing off levels which I did in the epic development process of the original BikeForce (altough that can't be bad because it made HoF).

I am developing more levels in a similar vein now. (I plan to do more three or four level packs though, because these take a long time to make)

I do still think that this level could have a bit more detail in the actual track part though. Some places are big flat faces. Reminds me of Dante's (although that's not too bad).
I honestly dont really like all the rounded edges, or think they play better... the old levelpacks are just as good and almost none of them have it.....
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