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Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...

(Over 300 levels have been released since the Sweet Fifteen levelpack was officiated.)

Around 70 levels have been nominated for the Hall of Fame. They are listed here:

These levels have been selected by several players (listed on the page). Anyone can add to this page if they want to, but I think it is fairly complete.

Now the list should be consolidated, until only 15 levels are left. Everyone should vote for or against the levels. The plan is to only have some levels with v1.4 features, because no one has mastered them yet.

It's the newest one. I renamed the file, but it still appears as "Vega's Movie Levels" in the game.
now, when the most pressing issues are solved (and "arcade reality" won't require so much attention like in the previous weeks) it is time for a new hall of fame levelpack!

you did a great work with the voting and selection of the best levels - thank you!!!

bones has just sent me the preliminary list of the levels:

1. Batman begins
2. Ribbon
3. Leap of faith
4. Puzzle
5. Jive in the five
6. Extreme sport
7. Christmas
8. Steps
9. Gun
10. Borszczuks delight
11. Bikes float
12. Alphabet
13. dirt jumps
14. FBI: hidden lair
15. Can you bike right?
16. Mario 1-1
17. Save the princess!!
18. Snake
19. Triple high jump
20. Freestyle
21. Mike's level
22. Inside building
23. Kansas city chiefs logo
24. Welcome to the jungle
25. Ice skating
26. King kong
27. So close to so far

should i assume most of you agree to these levels?

the next stage is assembling the levelpack. then it will be published in the levelpack explorer to see if everything works. and then - rush for gold!

PS.i haven't played all these levels yet i hope i can handle them...
this was a list for the pack. i have made one little change in the pack since then
Whoa!!! Slow down there bones and Sz. I am working on some levels for the next pack still. Please do not post the new pack yet!! I have some levels that were modified that need to go in there. The levels are not yet determined. bones list is good....but we still need to collaborate more on this!!!
oh, i'm sorry, i thought the list was already consulted among you

i do nominate this, or any other list as the official levelpack yet. i just wanted to check the status.
no i was going to send out my list but this is just as good. get on chat if you have a minute sz
No problem Sz. It's just that a lot a time and effort has gone into the making of and the voting of this new pack (or 2 packs ) and I must say I am pretty frustrated with bones right now because he didn't ask people before he sent you that list. Plus Kris and I decided it would be best to put the levels in an order that makes sense according to difficulty, and features. My plan is to send you the list this weekend. thanks Sz!
sorry vega i hope you'll forgive me. i was going to send it to you as a pack as well as kris and mike but i didnt have that done yet so i decided to wait to send it to you guys.hope you'll forgive.
of course bones. thx for being honest man. I'll send my version of the pack list today!
well you have seen mine and i just heard that i got mail. now please get on chat
also sorry to anyone else i insulted by sending this list to sz. i didnt mean to offend anyone.

Here is my suggestion for the next levelpacks, taken directly from the votes, with Vega's levels added. I have not sorted them, so they are sorted by voting score.


  • Jive in the Five and Leap of Faith will be Vega's modified versions.

  • I wish Hill Marathon, Pit and the Pendulum, and House Storming could be in the next pack, but they probably didn't get enough votes. (It depends on how many new levels we add.)

  • I'm not sure if Can You Bike Right? and Alphabet should get in, so I have put additional levels in the Second Pack in case they are removed.

  • We may want to replace a few levels at the ends of these packs with the levels Cirenco suggested, or the Default Genesis pack Vega played.


  • First Pack (All levels made before v1.4)

    Welcome to the Jungle 877
    Christmas 458
    Triple High Jump 1313
    Gun 1214
    Save the Princess!! 881
    Freestyle 671
    Leap of faith 565
    Dirt Jumps 1344
    Inside building 875
    Steps 389
    Borszczuks Delight 1079
    Snake 1393
    Fenway 1345
    50m Swim 1317
    Dantes 1400

  • Second Pack (All levels made after v1.4)

    [Vega's Four Levels]
    FBI: Hidden Lair 1622
    Puzzle 1552
    can you bike right? 1517
    Ice Skating 1435
    Jive in the Five 1654
    so close to so far 1535
    Mario 1-1 1657
    Mike's Level 1650
    Extreme Sport 1444
    Ribbon 1441
    Bikes Float 1428
    alphabet 1647
    Into the Tunnels 1656
    Hill Marathon 1600
    baseball 1533
    Pit and the Pendulum 1458
    Welcome 1436
    House Storming 1616

  • bones
    why not can you bike right??? it had lots of votes? plus i thhink one big mega pack is a good idea.
    Ok here is my recommendation for the next 2 packs in this order. I chose the order based primarily on difficulty level and also considered the type of level it is so it will usually vary in level style from one to the next.

    Pack 1
    1. Welcome to the Jungle
    2. The Default Cave
    3. Dirt Jumps
    4. Snake
    5. Gun
    6. Steps
    7. Like A Glove
    8. Borszczuks Delight
    9. Freestyle
    10. Triple High Jump
    11. Christmas
    12. Leap of Faith
    13. Rock Climber
    14. Inside Building
    15. Save the Princess

    1. Superman Returns
    2. Batman Begins
    3. Ice Skating
    4. Mike's Level
    5. Puzzle
    6. Ribbon
    7. Jive in the Five
    8. Extreme Sport
    9. Kansas City Chiefs Logo
    10. FBI: Hidden Lair
    11. Mario 1-1
    12. So Close Yet So Far
    13. Coal Miner Rescue
    14. Pirates of the Caribbean
    15. King Kong

    Most of the levels are the same. But I added "The Default Cave" and "Rock Climber". I just posted a replay of Rock Climber on the movie site. See for yourself and give me some feedback on my new modified version. I think it's a perfect for the HoF.

    I too really liked Hill Marathon and House Storming....quite honestly much more than Snake and Dirt Jumps and Gun. But this ain't no Vega anarchy so I know compromise is key. I am open to feedback. Bones you will need to finalize your Coal Miner Rescue before I can finish the pack though. I will make the pack on my palm and submit it to Sz when it's appropriate.


    see Rock Climber here

    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=rock%20climber
    mike flips
    Ur suggestions look good so far, i like rock climber.

    As for my suggestion of levels, i will post in the next day or 2.
    see final version of Rock Climber here

    http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=rock%20climber
    You know what I just realized.....I didn't put Can You Bike Right? in pack 2. Bones..... do you want that one or Kansas City Chiefs Logo? Either is fine with me
    i would keep kansas city chiefs logo. its better.
    Vega's list is great. Rock Climber is excellent, too. I would like these changes, if the voters don't mind.

    5. Gun - Replace with Hill Marathon
    8. Extreme Sport - Replace with House Storming

    ©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING